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Chengdu High-tech zone launched mobile Internet industry special policy Sichuan News Chengdu September 24 (reporter Shangliang)

Reporter September 24 from Chengdu High-tech zone learned that the recent adoption of the "Chengdu High-tech zone to accelerate the development of mobile internet industry," a number of policies will be implemented from the date of publication, valid for five years. It is also reported that this is the first in China by the regional government issued to the development of mobile Internet industry policy.

In accordance with the new policy, all the benefits and bonuses superimposed after the theory of a business can be up to 50 million to 100 million yuan of support funds. "The implementation of this policy will enable the mobile Internet start-up team to achieve low-cost or even 0 cost of entrepreneurship, which not only for the development of local mobile internet industry in Chengdu, will also affect the national mobile Internet and the IT industry pattern," said Tang Jichang, director of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone development Planning Bureau.

Support Entrepreneurship straight to high-end

"Policy" is based on the future development direction of IT industry and Chengdu's IT industry base, the mobile Internet industry as the leading High-tech zone in the future development of strategic emerging industries to nurture support, the core is supporting innovation, entrepreneurship. "The same day, the Chengdu high-tech zone personnel Labor and Social Security Bureau, Development Planning Bureau, Economic and Trade Development Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Investment Services Bureau, Innovation Center, Software promotion office and Tianfu Software Park and other departments and agencies of the head of the full attendance, jointly to the" policy "interpretation and answer the

According to Ying, director of the Software Propulsion Office, the main focus of the policy is three: first, to stimulate and support the mobile Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, the introduction of foreign teams, projects and talents, while encouraging local enterprises to innovate and develop; second, in the key elements of industrial development, talent and finance, Give mobile Internet enterprises more support; Third, in the public service platform, carrier construction and industry exchanges, to create a suitable mobile internet enterprise development of soft and hard environment.

According to the Chengdu High-tech zone, the relevant responsible person, "policy" mainly from the financial and talent two aspects, is committed to excellent mobile Internet enterprises or teams to provide services. Which, went straight to the high end of the train of thought clearly. For example, in article II of the policy, it is clear that: in the industry representative, platform, its business is a multinational, international development trend of the provincial company, its headquarters from the overall relocation of Chengdu High-tech zone, can receive the following concessions: According to the maximum of 40 yuan per square metre per month of the standard to 3 years rent subsidy The original technology and management personnel one-time migrant, according to 20,000 yuan per person to grant one-time subsidy; after the establishment of the enterprise, the first 5 years of Chengdu High-tech zone to contribute to the economy, respectively, the key industrial projects to cultivate funds to support. For local mobile internet enterprises, "policy" fifth clear, to the rapid growth of enterprises to give priority to the support of industrial projects supporting funds, to reach a certain size above the enterprise, give 50 to 2 million yuan enterprise management rewards.

"Hope that through the implementation of this policy, so that mobile internet entrepreneurs feel that Chengdu is a can carry a dream, to achieve the ideal of the passion, but also a home as warm, with many friends accompanied by a warm place." "Ying introduced, in the creation of entrepreneurial environment, the development of industrial chain, the policy also made a number of provisions." For example, enterprises and institutions are encouraged to build intelligent terminal Application test platform, content storage distribution Cloud service platform, professional laboratory and other public technology platform for SME developers to provide convenient and preferential technical services. The approved platform will receive a maximum subsidy of $1 million.

In addition, the policy also provides protection for industry exchange activities: domestic and foreign relevant industry institutions and well-known enterprises in Chengdu High-tech zone to carry out specialization, internationalization, branding activities, after accreditation can be a certain proportion of activities funding support; To support the establishment of the mobile Internet Industry Association, and through research funds, Activities funded to encourage them to carry out domestic and foreign industry research, organize industry activities.

Gather top talent

"For the mobile internet industry, talent and teamwork are essential. For the introduction of talent, the policy also made a guarantee. "Chengdu High-tech zone," said the relevant officials, "the policy" embodies a number of mobile internet talents care, to solve their worries, to encourage their entrepreneurship, chasing their own dreams.

The reporter noted that the policy of the third clear provision, "to encourage the backbone of well-known enterprises entrepreneurship." "In the mobile Internet-related areas of well-known enterprises working more than 3 years, as senior management or the core staff to the high-tech zone, Chengdu, in addition to office room, rent subsidy, but also according to the size and nature of enterprises to obtain 1 million yuan to 5 million yuan of venture capital support."

For other entrepreneurs, the support that can be obtained after the project has been evaluated includes: Office room, rent subsidy, and 10 to 1 million yuan one-time start-up subsidy. In addition, the policy sixth stipulates that enterprises, organizations organize groups to the domestic first-tier cities, colleges and universities in the capital cities to carry out recruitment activities, each organization to participate in the recruitment of enterprises up to 10 and above, to give the actual activities of 50% of the subsidy, including a single subsidy of less than 150,000 yuan. In addition, the policy also provides a number of support for talent incentives, the introduction of talents, and the enrolment of business executives and children.

According to the introduction, Chengdu High-tech zone mobile internet companies are mainly distributed in the cloud computing and its applications, core devices, social networks, high-end industry applications, mobile networking, information security, E-commerce and mobile payment and other fields. In the first half of this year, Chengdu High-tech zone newly introduced 50 high-level entrepreneurial enterprises, mobile Internet enterprises accounted for 50%, nearly 2 years of the establishment of technology-based SME sales revenue for the first time to break 10 million of 32 enterprises, mobile Internet enterprises accounted for 47%, the introduction of 222 High-tech SMEs, Mobile internet companies accounted for 54% of the 33 public technology platforms identified, mobile internet accounted for 48%. In addition, mobile Internet projects accounted for 51% of the first 66 high level talent start-ups funded, and mobile internet projects accounted for 56% of the 69 start-ups funded by the first batch of incubator funds.

Target five-year scale 200 billion

Data show that the 2011 Chengdu High-Tech zone has realized the mobile Internet output value of more than 60 billion yuan. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2011, Chengdu High-tech zone has gathered nearly 200 mobile internet related enterprises, mobile internet start-up team of nearly 500. There are not only a large number of niche application service providers, but also including terminal equipment and technology providers, the industry chain gradually complete. This June, Chengdu High-Tech Zone Management committee issued the "on speeding up the development of mobile Internet industry views" on the development of mobile Internet industry planning.

The above opinion proposes that in the overall goal, to 2017 Chengdu High-tech zone to become China's mobile internet industry innovation Pilot zone, high-end talent pool, application service demonstration area, and strive to cultivate thousands of enterprises, new and innovative industrial carrier million square meters, the accumulation of talent over 100,000, industrial scale of 200 billion, The formation of innovative power (310328, fund bar) strong, superior industrial environment, industrial characteristics, enterprise scale, the brand effect of significant mobile internet industry domain.

As the leading and gathering area of strategic emerging industry development in Chengdu, Chengdu High-tech zone has achieved remarkable results through years of promotion and cultivation. Especially in recent years by the global high-end industry transfer and it westward pull, the rapid rise of the mobile internet industry in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone has formed the two characteristic industries of equipment and technology service, application and service, and at the end of 2011, Chengdu High-tech zone's core components and machine production value amounted to 59.5 billion yuan, and the application and service income was 7.5 billion yuan, Become an important driving force for the development of Chengdu IT industry.

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