China Telecom 1 billion push forward the development of mobile internet industry in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone

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Guests visit China Telecom room. Anyuan photo
China Telecom and Chengdu High-tech zone signing ceremony site. Anyuan photo

Xinhua Beijing, October 17 (reporter Anyuan) 17th, Chengdu Hi-tech zone and China Telecom Chengdu Branch signed Mobile "> Internet Industry Strategic Cooperation Agreement, The two sides will cooperate on the integration of the communications business area, speed up the construction of communication facilities and other issues such as the regional enterprises ' tariff concessions. China Telecom will invest 1 billion yuan to further accelerate the construction of communication infrastructure in Chengdu Hi-tech zone.

Chengdu High-Tech zone responsible person said that this marks the development of Chengdu High-tech zone mobile internet industry has been included in the market, including operators of affirmation and participation. As an important infrastructure of the industry's "Speed network", Chengdu High-tech zone will create a national first-class "mobile interconnection of the city" plug into the take-off of the wings.

Chengdu Telecom related officials said, Chengdu High-tech zone to join hands to speed up the development of mobile Internet industry, the initial plan to build 1G mobile Internet direct export, at the same time give High-tech zones enterprises and parks the best information products for mobile Internet park to provide first-class intelligent park services, promote the "Smart Park", "Intelligent city" construction. The first batch of nearly 200 recognized mobile internet companies to become Chengdu Telecom's internal partners. Among them, both Tencent, Alibaba and other domestic well-known enterprises located in Chengdu branch offices, but also include dream, Heng Map technology, such as the rise of the Chengdu Local mobile internet start-up enterprises. Chengdu High-tech zone related officials said, with the identification of the work of the promotion of future enterprises to benefit more than thousands.

At the commencement of the signing ceremony, the two sides also put forward, will rely on China Telecom Western Information Center "mobile Cloud Computing resource pool" platform advantages, to achieve common basic technology resources to share, reduce the small and medium enterprises technology base investment, reduce the enterprise in research and development and quality assurance of capital risk and technology threshold. China Telecom said it will gradually open up the existing resources of Telecom Sky Wing space for the mobile internet start-ups in Chengdu Hi-tech zone to provide a mature market environment and related purchasing and selling services for the whole country and even the whole world. Looking to the future, Chengdu High-tech zone mobile internet companies have been poised to send, teng "cloud".

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