China's 10th sailing day Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration to carry out various activities to enhance public awareness of navigation

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July 11 is our 10th sailing day. The theme of this year's sailing day is "the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and seafarers' service." In order to promote the maritime history of Shanghai Port, promote the culture of navigation, and arouse the public's awareness of navigation, marine awareness and maritime homeland awareness, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has celebrated various forms of activities.

First, organize the fleet to be covered with flags and whistles. Coordinate the implementation of the jurisdiction of the Chinese domestic civilian vessels, Chinese shipping companies owned or operated by non-Chinese ships with the flag on the day of sailing, and at 0900 unified one-minute whistle; coordinate the area of ​​shipping, ports, shipping agents , Maritime affairs, salvage and water transport projects, and other units involved in the administration of the sea, enterprises, institutions, research institutes, universities and transportation systems that are not involved in the operation of the sea, hoisting flags in the light of the vessel's flag.
Second, extensive "sailing day" publicity. Through the LED electronic bulletin board, short message platform, VHF telephone, government microblogging, websites and other channels to carry out "sailing day" publicity, through the government window and the area of ​​publicity materials dissemination to enhance people's sailing and marine awareness, carry forward Maritime spirit, propaganda shipping, shipbuilding, fishery, oceans, navies and other related maritime areas in China's economic and social development.
Third, organize the VTS "public open day" activities. Wusong VTS organized the maritime "Public Open Day" activities. 29 industry professionals organized by the Navigation Association visited the Wusong Maritime Exhibition Hall and the Wusong Vessel Traffic Control Center, and learned about the development of the Wusong VTS and the management status of the ship's transportation service system , Special jobs and service conditions, and the current maritime navigation situation in Shanghai Port.
Fourth, organize part of the workers and children participate in "into the maritime, understand the maritime, love the maritime" activities. Through visits to the VTS duty room, the East China Sea Patrol Corps command room, patrol boats, etc., so that workers and children understand maritime management knowledge, understanding of marine knowledge.

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