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June 2013 5 ~ 7th, under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information technology, National development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal People's government, cast, sponsored by China Electronic Society, China Association of Cloud Computing Technology and industry, China Electronic Society cloud Computing Experts Committee, CSDN and "programmer" The magazine's "The First China Cloud Computing Conference" was held in Beijing National Convention Center.

With the theme of "large data bandwidth to promote the application and innovation of cloud computing", this conference lasted 3 days, with more than 180 experts from the global cloud, more than 20 forums, with "International, industry, social, comprehensive and professional" five features fascinating. The first China Cloud Computing conference is the largest and most widely-attended it event in China in the 2013.

China Cloud Computing Conference site

, chairman of China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance, Honorary Chairman of China Electronic Society, former Minister of information industry, Jichuan, director of China Electronic Society, Lou Thrifty of Shaanxi Province, Deputy minister of Industry and Informatization Lihua, director of High-tech Industry Division of National Development and Reform Commission Ziqi infinitesimal attended the conference and delivered an important speech. From the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Deii, Ni, Huai Jin Peng, Li Wei, Li Bohu, Li Lanjuan, Gawain, Meihong 8 academicians on cloud computing and large data and other related topics made a keynote speech. China Electronic Society Cloud Computing Experts Committee nearly 50 experts, as well as from China Telecom, Chinese mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, Tencent, Taobao, Aliyun, Sina, Beijing-east, ICBC, China Communications Bank, Pacific Insurance Group, State Grid, National Disease Control Center, Eurocloud European Cloud Alliance, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Intel, SAP, LSI, PMC, LinkedIn, OpenStack Foundation, Cloudstack, Opennebula project, OW2 Association and other well-known it enterprises and academic research institutions of industry leaders, renowned scholars, respectively, in the General Assembly and special Forum made a speech report.

, vice president of China Electronic Society Rulin, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronic Society Renhua presided over the main agenda of the Conference.  Thousands of from all over the country government departments, enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and other units of representatives, CIO, CTO, technical managers, researchers, software engineers, information systems operators, product and procurement managers and other professionals gathered in the 2013 cloud computing and large data industry applications and innovation.

industry breakthrough, Hair-trigger

Successive Chinese cloud computing conferences have become a landmark event in the development of cloud computing industry. 2009, the first China Cloud Computing forum to discuss the field and scope of cloud computing; in 2010, the second China Cloud Computing Forum defines cloud computing hotspot technologies and applications; 2011, the Third China Cloud Computing Conference to discuss the relationship with traditional operators and share the practical experience of cloud computing; 2012, The Third China Cloud Computing conference formally defined the year as "cloud computing practice," the number of participants from the initial thousands of people quickly increased to nearly million people, cloud computing practitioners in the minds of the industry and technology event.

2013 is the key year for cloud computing and the big data industry to hit the ground. Since the 2006 concept of cloud computing, global cloud computing has flourished six of times and has made remarkable progress. At home and abroad, electronic information and communication manufacturers (ICT) have intensified research and development, active layout and implementation of cloud strategy. Data show that global cloud computing services will reach nearly 200 billion trillion dollars by 2014. As the industry leader, the United States and Europe gradually formed a cloud computing industry chain composed of software and hardware platform providers, system integrators, service operators and application developers.  The Governments of developed countries such as US and Europe are also actively guiding and promoting the development of cloud computing, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other governments have issued guidance documents in the past two year, the development of cloud computing into their national overall development strategy, and promote the government to demonstrate the application of industrial development

compared with the developed countries in the United States and Europe, China's cloud computing development still has a certain gap. Problems such as lack of core technology, incomplete industrial chain, small service and application scale and lack of innovation in business model restrict the development of cloud computing. To this end, the relevant national ministries and departments have introduced relevant guidance, support and encourage the new generation of information technology, industry and application including cloud computing development. Domestic research institutions, Internet enterprises, telecom operators, independent software suppliers and ICT hardware equipment manufacturers, such as active cooperation, cohesion, and the courage to practice, has effectively promoted the development of cloud computing, and made a series of progress. Cloud computing industry application gradually deepened, the industrial chain gradually improved, cloud computing services and application Scale further expand, large data bandwidth brought about by the industry breakthrough. China's cloud computing has entered a fast-growing phase.

International exchanges, cooperation and mutual win

This conference inherits the successful experience of the previous four congresses and continues to broaden its international horizons by inviting LinkedIn, Cloudstack, OW2, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Intel, SAP, LSI, PMC and other leading figures to share the international leading experience, but also on June 5, China-US cloud computing, China-EU cloud computing, cloud computing standards and other high-level international forums to promote domestic and foreign cloud computing industry exchanges and cooperation.

, EMC Executive Vice President Sanjay MIRCHANDANI,LSI President and CEO Abhi Talwalkar, Microsoft Platform Strategy Department general manager Tim O ' Brien,enomoly founder, Forbes magazine contributor Reuven Cohen, OW2 CEO of Cédric Thomas,mylab Healthcare Marvell CEO Ma Yunpeng, European Cloud Computing Alliance president Bernd Becker, European Cloud Computing Alliance vice President, European Cloud Computing Alliance Austrian Association president Tobias Höllwarth, European Cloud Computing Alliance Slovenia Representative Alen Orbanić, Secretary general of Taiwan Cloud Computing Industry Association, Professor Brook, Institute of Computational Science, Story Zhike University, Wuhan University, the chief Professor, ISO/IEC SC32 WG2 China representative Heching and other well-known cloud computing enterprises, cloud service providers and the domestic cloud computing representatives on excellent cases, strategic planning, technology development and business cooperation in-depth discussion, sharing from the international cloud computing experience.

on the same day, "cloud computing services innovation and development of the City Executive Symposium" and "The third Cross-strait Cloud Computing Cooperation Forum" to deepen the application of cloud computing in many areas, with exchanges and cooperation as the theme, to achieve a variety of complementary and win.

Forum settings, colorful

around the "cloud computing and large data, cloud computing data Center, open source cloud computing, cloud computing core technology architecture, cloud computing platform and applications, cloud computing security, cloud terminals and mobile internet" seven major technical forum, dozens of lectures, lectures, forums and professional training colorful.

Among them, cloud computing and large Data topic forum is very popular. Under the chairmanship of Lu Weifeng, director of the Computer College of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, vice chairman of the China Electronic Society cloud Computing Experts Committee, academician NI of China Academy of Engineering, Teradata Senior Solution director Jiang Xin, Baidu Big Data chief architect Lin Shi-ding, China Mobile Big Cloud project leader Changling, Friends of the system architect Kang Hua, Jin Shanyun CTO Yang Gang, Alibaba senior technical expert Chang on the large data application trends and practices made a keynote speech.

Cloud Computing Data Center Forum focuses on industry practices. Residency, deputy general manager of Information Technology Department of ICBC, Sho Jianyi, deputy general manager of Traffic Bank data center, Zheng, general manager of Guotai Securities and Information Technology department Yufeng deeply shared the experience of building and operating cloud computing data center.

Open Source cloud Computing Technology Forum to appreciate sentiment. OW2 CEO of France Cédric Thomas,cloudstack founder, si Jie company Cloud Platform Department chief technology officer Liang, Red Hat Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Greater China Technical Director Changchun, director of the OpenStack Foundation, Unitedstack CEO Chenghui, Liu Junwei, a cloud researcher at China Mobile Communications Research Institute, focuses on open source ecosystems, profitability and application cases, and appreciates the insights in practice.

Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Topic Forum strategically. LinkedIn senior manager of Business Analysis Wu Jiye, Baidu large data chief architect Lin Shi-ding, Aliyun flying open platform Director Sun, SI Jie company Asia Pacific Cloud Platform Director Li Guo-wei, NetEase Hangzhou Research Institute Deputy Dean Wangyuan, DotCloud Senior software engineer Jerome Petazzoni, Technical talent such as George Chu, a senior research and development director at Yahoo's Beijing Global Research and Development center, helped participants to gain insight into the business drivers of technological change.

Cloud computing platform and application based industry cooperation. Academician Li Bohu of China Academy of Engineering, Baidu Mobile Cloud Division senior Technical Manager Wang Jiping, China Electronic Society cloud Computing Experts committee members, China Mobile Communications Institute of Business Support Institute director Sun Shaoling, Tencent Cloud Platform department general manager Jishunyu, Gang, vice president and chief scientist of Jingdong Mall technology, analyzes the challenges of platform development and operation in different angles, and puts forward the importance of industrial cooperation.

Cloud computing security unlocks users ' concerns. Feng Deng Researcher, Institute of Software Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences in-depth analysis of cloud computing security challenges and coping strategies, Qihoo 360 Vice president, Chief Privacy Officer Dr. Tanxiaosheng about the cloud of corporate Security, Wuhan University professor Zhang Qi in-depth discussion on how to build a trusted cloud computing graduate School of Information Security state Key laboratory professor, Professor Lu Shuwang, director of Beijing Knowledge Security Engineering Center, analyzes cloud computing security from a knowledge security perspective, and Aloysius Cheang, managing director of the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Cloud Security (CSA), explains how to build a trustworthy cloud ecosystem.

In addition, cloud terminals and mobile internet have analyzed the integration and innovation of cloud computing and mobile Internet.

Industry seminar, practice sharing

"cloud computing and education informatization, cloud computing and medical information, cloud computing and Intelligent City," Three industry innovation seminar on in-depth discussion and practice sharing.

, president of the National Open University of Yang Zhijian, Cheixiaoyao, vice president of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Deputy Director, National Superintendent Roger, president of the Beijing Radio and Television University, director of the Association of Asian Open University (AAOU), Hu Xiaosong, executive member of the Institute of Computer Science, Arizona, State State University, Caivide, Panorama Seth Vice President, CTO and COO Hu Hundred Division, China Intelligent Transportation System (Holdings) Co., Ltd. Chief scientist Guan Jijian, national Network Electric Institute Beijing China Electric Information Technology Co., Ltd., director of Innovation Research Center Ning, Minsheng Securities technology Director Yianyang, PLA General Hospital Medical Information information director Zhaojunping, JQ, director of the Public health Monitoring and Information Service center of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dan, director of the Medical Technology Department of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, and Li Yuehai, deputy director of Shandong Health Statistics Information Center, discusses the integration process of business system and cloud computing platform from practice. And share the industry's observation and experience of new technologies.

technology, ecological construction

is also notable for Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud-speed future, EMC Forum 2013 "Lead change" and PMC "Future storage System Design" three technical sessions, from different dimensions to talk about the enterprise to build cloud computing ecosystem.

Microsoft "Windows Azure Cloud Speed Future" special session, Microsoft Greater China Region Vice president and Marketing strategy Department general manager, Greater China Chief Cloud Computing strategy Officer Shenwey, Microsoft platform Strategy Department general manager Tim O ' Brien, Microsoft Global Chief Security architect and China Chief information Security Officer Li Yu-ai, Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Group Server and Development Tools Division (China) Windows Azure Chief architect Xu Mingjiang from various perspectives to interpret Windows Azure's Landing policy, Windows Azure's dedicated technical content for open source support and cloud security.

EMC Forum 2013 's "lead change" session focuses on "EMC lead transformation" and "Software definition storage". Not only has the pivotal been described in detail, but there has been an in-depth exchange on topics such as cloud computing transformation, new strategies for large data analysis, backup and archiving business-critical applications.

PMC "Future Storage System Design" special emphasis on technical combat, PMC Data Center strategic development director Dave BERRY,PMC Senior product Development engineer, "Dahua storage 1&2" author Zhang Dong and PMC Research and development Vice President Liao Heng on high-density storage solutions and system design in-depth speech, Analytical design level experience.

in order to better highlight the theme of this Congress, so that users can intuitively feel the charm of cloud computing and large data, the General Assembly also released by the China Electronic Society cloud Computing Experts Committee organized a number of domestic universities, research institutes and the cloud computing field, the mainstream manufacturers of experts after many discussions and formed, Represents the latest cloud computing technology results of the "2013 Cloud computing White Paper", and set up a "live video and ppt sharing zone", "Yun Xiu field", "cloud computing and Investment salon" and large-scale exhibition experience area. Near hundreds theme lectures, lectures, forums and professional training, I believe that the formation of China's cloud computing ecosystem has a positive role in promoting, but also believe that experts and scholars, industry executives, industry elites, business representatives left a heavy harvest and innovative thinking.

(Responsible editor: The good of the Legacy)

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