Chinese company sues Siri infringement session yesterday

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Absrtact: From the beginning of the iphone release, fruit powder found that Apple products added a small secretary Siri features, users can read text messages through mobile phones, search for restaurants, weather, voice set alarm clock. But a domestic company accuses little secretary Siri of violating its patent

From the beginning of the iphone release, the fruit powder found that the "apple" product added a "Small secretary" Siri function, users can read text messages through mobile phones, search for restaurants, weather, voice set alarm clock. But a domestic company accuses "little secretary" Siri of allegedly violating its patent rights. This morning, Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court heard a public hearing of Shanghai Wisdom Network Technology Co., Ltd. v. Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Apple Inc. Infringement of the invention patent dispute case.

The Zhi network says it is the patentee of a chat robot system with a patent number of ZL200410053749.9. The chat robot can process the received user statement through the artificial intelligence server and the database, and give the intelligent answer. The patent application of a product known as "small I Robot" can be intelligently completed with the customer chat, weather inquiries, map inquiries, ticket inquiries and many other functions.

In recent years, Apple Trading Company has sold 5 Apple products in mainland China with Siri features such as iphone, IPhone5, IPad4, IPad Mini, IPod Touch5. On Apple's website, Siri features an introduction: "It understands what you say, it understands what you're saying, and you know what programs to use and what you're talking about." He found the answer through the Internet.

According to Apple's own description of the Siri technology patent and its application, the network believes that Siri's implementation has fallen into the protection of the Invention patent ZL200410053749.9, and appealed to the Court to decree that Apple Trading company and Apple immediately stop manufacturing, selling, The use of infringing ZL200410053749.9 inventions patent products.

Apple Trading Company and Apple have argued that the intellectual network in the patent rights requirements of the book, the manual does not clarify what is the format of statements, formatting statements and natural statements how to distinguish between content, so the scope of protection of the patent is difficult to determine. And the wisdom of the network involved in the patent listed in the Artificial intelligence server, query server, game server and other functions, there are mutual connections, these features in Siri can not find, Siri has only a single server. Therefore, Apple Trading Company and Apple do not constitute infringement, request to dismiss the Zhi network of all appeals.

After a day of trial, the fact of the case investigation has not been completed. It is reported that a Chinese court in Shanghai will be held again to hear the case

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