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"NET swims how much money, lose how much money", the net swims industry has circulated such a word.  Industry personage points out, in the big company scenery makes money behind, more unknown company already quietly disappears, unfortunately more people only see make money, did not see loses money, this is the net swims the profession to produce the risk the big reason.  More games online recently launched the first Chinese online game death file, according to the report data, the past ten years, for various reasons in China after the operation was forced to choose to shut down the server's large number of online games more than 120.  According to the Ministry of Culture's first published "2009 China online game Market white paper" data show that by the end of 2009, the Chinese market a total of 361 large online games in the open test or commercial operation stage, that is, every three successful operation of the game behind, will die a large online games. But there are still a number of analysts who say to reporters, "China online game death file," The death of data is slightly conservative, if counted on the death in a variety of large and small studios, has not surfaced in the market large-scale online games, the past decade in the domestic death of large online games in the number of more than 300, the basic and still in the commercial operation of the data  The probability of death is as high as 1:1. Industry insiders pointed out that, because of the external, agent disputes, capital chain rupture, product quality problems, research and development without thinking of the game, its loss of output value is no more than the existing online games industry small scale.  Of course, there is no way to prove the reliability behind the data, but just this one close to the real data has allowed us to imagine the industry behind the seemingly prosperous story. This decade, the overseas game masterpiece, the domestic game masterpiece Shijian, abound. In order to better look for the reasons behind the death, more play combed the "Chinese Network game death file" hundreds of faded game, sorted out the "Death game business Rankings", we have released the current like Shanda, Sheng and other operators of the familiar figure. In such a large amount of data, we can clearly see the hidden part of the death report. The death of the online games in China the boom in the online gaming industry began in 2000. That year, Xuzhou game snail set up, began to 3D online research and development. 2001, NetEase self-developed 2D online game products "Dahua West Tour" on-line.  The same year, "Stone Age", "legends" and other foreign products swim across the sea into China. 2001, the Portal rookie NetEase folding "elves" agent, began to resolutely embark on the road of independent research and development. And at this time entrenched Chinese online gaming industry boss position for many years, at the moment is concentrating on the "legendary" agent, business is big.  2002, Zhang Chaoyang with Sohu aimed at online games, to the agent "Knight Ol" as an opportunity, rushed into the circle; 2003, Sina Agent at that time, "Heaven 2", and Korea NCsoft joint venture to set up Sina Valley, trying to make a difference, domestic online games began to embark on multifaceted, the scenery unlimited 10 years. As of 2009, China's online gaming market has reached 258Billion RMB, (only including game operating income for players, excluding overseas export earnings and income through other profit models).  The number of online gaming users in China reached 65.87 million, and the number of paid online gaming users reached 37.15 million.  Still, according to a number of "Chinese online game Death file" survey data show: Every year more than 10 games for a variety of reasons to choose to stop the suit. Overall, the immediate cause of the game's death is the loss of the player. And behind the loss of players, there are often some mistakes or the last resort to the story.  These death stories can be summed up into 10 categories. 1, acclimatized. Almost all import games face this problem. Even the games from South Korea, like "Guild Wars", have a game theory that Chinese players can't accept. The ultimate price is that the player has given up the game.  This phenomenon in Europe and the United States most obvious game, operating in China's European and American Games, half died in the acclimatized.  The so-called acclimatized, including the cultural content of the game is not understood and accepted by Chinese players, game operation is difficult to be adapted by Chinese players, game world view and system paradox of Chinese players ' ecology. The most typical example of acclimatized is the game "Magic Sword", which is the interactive agent of heaven and Man. In a world without a war-bound worldview, Chinese players accustomed to following the rules of the game are at a loss and leave. The game in Europe and the United States has achieved great success, its gameplay has been affirmed by many Parties.  But in China, the game doesn't play. 2, the operator capital chain break. Online games is a business to spend a lot of money, and people who will spend money, often can be successful, in the current Chinese game industry, more than half of the market is born. Similarly, not spending money is likely to lead to failure, the most direct manifestation of the financial chain is broken. In the "Chinese game Death file" in the statistics of the 123 games, there are 37 death games involved in the problem of the operator capital chain break. But the operator capital chain rupture causes the game death the situation often also has one characteristic, namely must have "the complication". For example, "A3" and "big sailing times ol", these two games to investigate its root cause, is indeed the operator capital chain break.  But in a detailed survey of their death details, the former can be attributed to the death of irresponsible marketing, which is more absurd because operators have run away. 3, plug. Plug-in is the Achilles heel of the Korean game, but it does not mean that in addition to the Korean game will rest easy. Almost all operators have to invest a lot of resources to deal with the problem of plug-in. Plug-in shortened the game life, the destruction of the game and balance.  Like drugs, it stimulates the nerves of players and operators, and then corrodes the whole game. 4. Product quality problem. This is a big problem that can be subdivided into four categories.  And, no matter what kind of problem, as long as it is related to product quality, almost all players are voting with their feet, no room for redemption, will die. (1) Game version update. Online games and stand-alone game in the content of the huge difference is that online games can be updated and upgraded inUnified world view under the premise of constantly introducing new game content, and even some games can let the world Outlook evolution, and then derive more, "World of Warcraft" is such a master. Blue Port Online CEO Wang Feng once said: "Single game is like a movie, bought a ticket to read the good, perhaps like to see several times." But the game is like a TV series, if it is good enough, has been photographed for a long time someone to see.  "When there are no new episodes, the player's choice is to turn off the game and it's hard to pick it up again." Jinshan CEO begged Baijun has evaluated the agent game is "for others to do wedding clothes", for the agency operators, the worst problem is because of various reasons lost open business owned by the subsequent version of the game. This kind of thing, almost all game operators have met, Liansheng, nine city such big guy is no exception. At the product level, famous's "Peacock King ol" and "Broken Galaxy" are due to the product version of the problem, and in the domestic gorgeous to fall.  Even the "King of Kings" and "Yuan Jian ol" such a domestic masterpiece, in the game version can not maintain the speed of renewal, as difficult to escape doom. 2 The technical level is insufficient. This is a cause of death that need not be discussed. There is no diamond the ancient adage that does not hold porcelain alive is universal truth. Of course, the reason for the death of the online games, the popularity is not high, such as "Heaven and Earth", "Bucket ol", "Heroes century" and so on. It's worth noting that behind the game of technical reasons, there is often a small company that collapses.  Online games have become a capital-intensive industry, no doubt. (3) Bad user experience. User experience has always been a virtual problem, it is difficult to describe exactly what kind of performance is enough to cause the game to die of the user experience. Needless to argue, however, there are a lot of games that are dying of unresolved program optimization problems and server-side cards, or even bad Chinese. Of course, there are also counter examples of this problem. Dubbed by the players as "off the line city and the weak warrior" of "DNF", in the case of card machine still do more than 2.1 million of the same time online number. But remember, Tencent's demand for product user experience is harsh, there are few IT companies in China compared to (4) configuration requirements too high. Playing the game is like taking the balance beam, not only let the player play the cool, but also let the player play on. The first encounter because of high computer configuration requirements can not be popular may be "A3", in 2002, the Internet café to install the "A3" client is not an easy thing. And such stories continue to repeat themselves in 2009. So many of the two or three-line city of Internet cafes have to configure demanding 3D games at a distance.  This problem is not unique in China, even in South Korea, August 2009 also appeared the Dance game "Mstar" due to the high demand for the deployment of news. 5, the market strategy failed. The segmentation of the game market has been more and more in-depth. Product positioning, user training and marketing must complement each other, otherwise the direct result is that in the test period can not attract a sufficient number of players to lead to a direct outage。 "Empire Online", "Dream", "Secret Environment", "Magic Snake" and so on all died. In fact, the difference between the death of a game with too few players, the quality of the product or the marketing strategy really needs some analysis.  And in view of the general quality of the product in the case of the appropriate market strategy can still be successful-the best example is "Shu gate ol"-so the priority to determine its market strategy, such as the market strategy is not too big problem and the phenomenon of players too little, it is identified as poor product quality. "There are two main reasons for the death of the game: either the game itself or the development of a running company." The former, such as the game itself if too many of the bug, not only affect the player experience, but also will be a lot of malicious people to use, the latter, such as operators lack of capacity, or funds can not be linked to the operation will lead to the death of the game. "On the question of online gaming," says Eric game analyst Xufeng.  [Page] "Chinese online game Death file" released: NET game elimination rate of 1:1 Xufeng stressed that the reason for the death of games is very diverse, but the bottom of the game, the internal and external reasons are directly leading to the decline of the game until the final stop the key factors. But for the domestic net swims the company, whether is specialized in the research and development or completely walks the proxy route, the correct appraisal oneself, sees clearly the environment form all is very important.  Game Death list: 7 companies to become game graves in order to better find the reasons behind the death, more than combing the "Chinese network game death file" hundreds of faded game, sorting out the "Death game business Rankings", we found some familiar with the operation of the company's figure. Sheng, quenching on August 7, 2007, the capital chain of breakage and company management confusion led to the company closed, once a red fire "big sailing ol" thus died, and then shut down the server also has the same period of operation of another online game.  The probability of death is 100%. Jin-Wisdom Tower, has agent a lot of Korean games, contaminated with the common problems of Korean games, development to 30% out Xianchan, so the result can only be the relentless elimination of the market. The company operates four online games have no fruit and eventually, the masterpiece is "Athena."  The probability of death is 100%. Jin Shanhua, developers of the irresponsible and agent operators do not know the so-called, "Network of Jin Yong Group biography" of the outcome imaginable.  All three games into the "China online game Death file", the death probability of 100%. The third wave, its operation of the Dragon clan is a rather classic game works, but for the inability of the plug-in led to the final dim exit. The three games run by the company fade away.  The probability of death is 100%. Yu Quan International, at that time narrowband dial-up Internet and Computer Configuration in the low environment, "Smile Proud network Version" can only be said to be untimely.  The probability of death is 100%. Ogilvy Electronics, the deputy "Peacock King" is the King of stand-alone field. But underestimate the cunning of South Koreans, overestimate the use of stand-alone sales experience in the online gaming industry. All two gamesEnter the "Chinese Network game death file", death probability 100%. Huayi International, under the "Stone Age" to become a generation of the common memory of the players, but in addition to the face outside, operators of all kinds of God beast bag, pet bag sale of the game, finally 5 years of dust settled, finally collapsed.  All two games into the "China online game Death file", the death probability of 100%. Asian Union Interactive, late product line single, follow-up products do not have the advantage, the agent's game life is short, resulting in the game end operation.  Masterpiece "Red Month" quenching on May 12, 2005, four products entered the "Chinese Network game Death file", the death probability of 80%. Vientiane, in the play and settings, and the game operation strategy are not very, in the game industry competition gradually fierce environment, only failure.  2 of its products into the "Chinese Network game Death file", the death probability of 70%. Grand, "Crazy Tank 2" is a good product, unfortunately, business model positioning errors, can only be the end of the failure to operate.  Its 4 products into the "Chinese online game death file," the death rate of 6%. Perhaps we find a concern from the word: grand, the once-leading China's online gaming industry for many years, "big guy" has been listed in the top ten of China's death game companies list. In fact, in the grand implementation of the Platform strategy, at the same time the operation of the game dozens of, inevitably appear mashiqianti. [Page] We found an interesting phenomenon in the death game business rankings Sheng, Kin Zhita, Jin Shanhua, the third Wave, Yu Quan International, Ogilvy Electronics, Huayi International seven companies, the operation of the game, all entered the "Chinese Network game Death file", the probability of death as high as 100%, Become the tomb of the network game, become the game operation must die enterprise. Servers and hackers swallow the net worth of billions of dollars in the game network of "Chinese online game Death file", we can not find that China hundreds large online games behind the death of two big hidden power: hackers and servers.  From the date of the birth of the online games, these two special existence, such as shadow attendants, whether it is the game of death or the game after the death of the development, have a small impact. Former Grand CEO Yu in the 2009 China Gaming industry Annual meeting said that the overall size of China's online gaming industry around 24 billion yuan, light hackers to the entire industry, the loss is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.  In addition, it is not a good game, this has become a common understanding of the operators.  From the Baidu index to the "illicit" word of the correlation analysis, you can also see the concern of the Internet users: the highest number of searches is "legend", followed by "Magic Field", "Tianlong Eight", "miracle", "Blood Rivers and lakes", "World of Warcraft", "Journey", are the most popular online games. It has to be said that the grey industry begins with the legend. In China's development, "legend" occupies an important historical position. Not only is it the first commercial online game to be of interestTo this day, netizens still have a higher interest in the legend than any other game, although the business operators are also saying, "Now do not make money", but the "legend" is still the largest number of the most well-known servers. 2001, Chen Tianqiao Bite, with the last 300,000 dollars from the South Korean developers bought the "legend" (also known as "Legend 2", "Blood Legend") the right to operate and formal commercial operations, the price of 35 yuan per month. This was the highest price in the market, sweeping the Chinese online games market, creating a Chinese undertaking "legend."  2005, the grand announcement "legend" free operation, this move in addition to because after 4 years of operation, "legend" has entered the recession factor, free of the impact of the "legend" is also one of the reasons. The legend was first seen in the year 02.  The disclosure of the legendary server-side source code facilitates the assumptions, it began to spread rapidly throughout the country, and by 03, the national operation of the "legend" server servers reached thousands, in the following two years, the legendary servers to develop at an alarming rate, every day hundreds of new district open area. Unlike the grand time billing, the legend is a business model of "charging by props". It is said that in 2003, Chen with the largest "legend" of the provider "Doodle" had a private meeting, when Chen prepared to use 4 million yuan to buy the value of the company only 1 million yuan, but was "toot" refused.  He advised Chen to learn the business model, Chen Tianqiao naturally did not take this advice to heart, because in his view, "Grand present business model has been very mature, do not need to change." But only two years later, Chen will have to make new choices.  Even before the decision was made free, the royal executive and the servers, including Tang June, had "learned", and the information from the servers had made the determination to be free, and most of China's online games today had adopted the business model of charging for props.  On the Internet, a wide variety of servers began to appear. And the rise of private computer has also bred a lot of related network companies, in the recent relevant departments to investigate and deal with many of them, including in the form of companies in the business operators, which also marked a clear business has become an explicit division of labor and organization of the industry. Behind the proliferation of a game, hackers can be said to be "work." For example, there is a hacker's shadow behind the popularity of the legend. September 2002, the game's early English version of the server program source code leaks and into the United Kingdom, the UK's largest two games website "Dragon Station" and "Phoenix Station" opened free download channels, the end of September 2002, the source code quickly into the, The folk Masters unite together, quickly Chinese the game. To 2002 National Day period, "Legend" "Folk Han" basically completed. [Page] who actually leaked the source code, grand, ACTThe three sides of Oz and Wemade have been arguing, but they have never been given an answer. However, due to improper prevention measures, so that hackers steal the program source code, and ultimately lead to Grand, Actoz, wemade three sides of the loss and contradictions is an indisputable fact.  In addition to the legend, the game history of many of the masterpiece, such as "DOOM III", "Half Life", "Thor Hammer", "Hell's Gate: London", "World of Warcraft", and so on, have been caused by hackers and other causes of the source code was stolen information. In a sense, it is the hacker's presence that spawned the game. The impact of this hacker attack on game developers is enormous.  But to steal a high-profile game source code, only the need for sophisticated technology and experience of senior hackers to do, for the level is not enough to steal the code of the small and medium-sized hackers, they still have a wide range of profit paths. In the online gaming industry, the hacker's cooperation is more embodied in the use of Trojans to steal game accounts and passwords, looted virtual property, to provide advertising, to combat other providers and so on, hackers and their respective roles, both division of work, and mutual attack competition,  Formed a special theft-sale-promotion-operation of the gray industrial chain. is closely related to the hacker, is derived from the piracy, plug-in and many other issues.  In foreign countries, many game people think that China's game development environment is quite "bad", because almost all publicly released content can be found in the domestic piracy, all seemingly impossible things can be in the hands of the players through various means to be achieved. Recalling the history of the death of the network game, there are no lack of influence, there is no room for survival products, there are also forced to plug the pressure, can not effectively control the product to stop the service. Their departure cannot but be said to be a kind of sadness with Chinese characteristics.  Behind the sadness, there is another layer of meaning. More than a reporter to investigate the survey, some have been announced by the agency in China to stop the game, but still can find the game to download, but also find gathered together to share the game happy players. Their destination is on the other. At the beginning of 2005, the game of "The Inferno of Heaven", which was announced at the start of the outage, appeared in 2006 as a number of servers, and there were indications that the server was operating in China. A stop for nearly a year of "death" game, with another shell "servers" survived, but also live very "hot".  This is worth thinking for everyone. The conclusion is obvious, the game still receives many players ' likes and sought after. Failure is the wrong operation of the agent.  Sometimes, a little more investigation, a little bit of adjustment and perseverance may change the history of a game completely. In the multiplayer "Chinese Network game Death file", also recorded three paragraph once in the jaws of life wandering before the game. They finally did not "die", but in a change after a makeover, out of the siege, in China's online game history left a thick。 Among them, including NetEase classic Big talk West Tour series, Sohu independent research and development of the first game "Tianlong eight" there is also an almost grand abandonment, but was the giant picked up the transformation from the "Journey." Their story is different, but there is a same place: The game has been very failed, in the face of the pressure of failure, the developers did not give up, after careful adjustment, the game on the market to regain success.
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