Chongqing Cloud computing base to implement 50,000 servers this year

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This news (reporter Guoxiaojing) wide road on both sides, flat good land at a glance not to the edge ... In just a few months, the cloud computing base in the water and soil industrial Park took shape, from the hilly area to the criss traffic, green trees in the "plains." One months ago, Chongqing "Chivan Chiva" power generation engineering for the cloud computing base matching Huaneng Two Rivers Gas turbine project here, in this year, 50,000 servers will be implemented in the cloud computing base.

It is reported that our city covers an area of 10 square kilometers of cloud computing base for international offshore cloud computing Special Test Zone, will carry out offshore and on the data storage and processing business, and drive the development of related information services outsourcing industry. The project plans a total investment of 7 billion yuan, all put into production to reach 500,000 server size, of which 80% of the server to provide data storage business, the remaining 20% servers for the provision of cloud computing services, the formation of direct output value of 17 billion yuan/year, by 1:5 percentage of the relevant information services outsourcing industry calculation, the :// "> Cloud computing industry chain value can achieve more than 100 billion yuan/year, driving new employment of nearly 50,000 people."

It is understood that at present, our city cloud computing base has been introduced to China Unicom, the United States new cloud company, Singapore Pacific Telecom, China International E-commerce Center, Tencent, China Mobile, the United States and other well-known international and domestic companies.

The municipal commission said that, unlike other cities in the cloud computing base, our city cloud computing base has five characteristics: in the shore and offshore business development, not only for the local information upgrade, more participate in the sharing of the world's "cloud cake"; Hardware and software development, with data center platform, value-added services to maximize value-added , centralized layout of the cloud data center to achieve infrastructure sharing and data center compatibility, the comprehensive cost is reduced by 20%, the system innovation realizes the "double guarantee" of safeguarding the national information security and protecting the data privacy of the transnational corporation, and realizes the sustainable profit model of the next side of the data, the running data and the Chongqing multi win.

At present, China Unicom, Singapore Pacific Telecom, China International E-commerce Center and other projects have been started construction, this year will strive for park planning and related technical programs to obtain approval by the Ministry of Technology as soon as possible, to achieve 50,000 server operation, the new layout of Microsoft, NTT, Tencent and other 500,000 server data center.

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