Chongqing Yunqi Conference opens soon, gathering industrial Internet and industry AI

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2017 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference will be held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou on October 11-14. As one of the most influential technology exhibitions in the world, this year's Yunqi Conference is larger and more content. In order to help you solve some problems in the registration and participation, Xiaobian specially compiled the relevant FAQs for the conference, for your reference. If you have any questions, you can also leave a message directly in the comment area. Xiaobian will try to answer your questions.


· Purchase related

1.Q: What kinds of tickets are there for the Hangzhou Yunqi Conference in 2017? When will the recruitment of the conference end? A: The 2017 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference is currently divided into three categories: ticket A, ticket B and VIP tickets. Tickets can be purchased before September 1st. For the specific price, please refer to the official website of the conference. The deadline for registration is September 30th. (It is not excluded that the ticket will be sold out early. Everyone has the need to participate in the conference. Be sure to start early.) .

2.Q: Why do I have to register for the official website and submit my ID card? A: According to the overall requirements of the relevant departments for the safety of large-scale events, all participants must register in real name. The official website registration data has been connected to the security verification, and the on-site ticket collection is subject to the identity card of the person to obtain;

3.Q: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan users do not have an ID card. How do I purchase tickets? A: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan users can purchase tickets through the English website of the official website of the conference. Go to the English station to buy tickets

4.Q: When will I receive a notification of successful registration after purchasing the ticket? A: The registration success notification will be sent to the mobile phone you filled in when you signed up. Starting in August, the successful registration SMS will be sent once every two weeks.

5.Q: Where can I view my ticket information after I purchase the ticket? A: You can view your ticket information by clicking “My Tickets” in the upper right corner of the official website.

6.Q: How do I apply for an invoice after purchasing a ticket? A: You can apply for an invoice directly in “My Ticketing”, or you can log in to [Alibaba Cloud Official Website - Console - Expense - Invoice Management - Invoice Request], check the corresponding order and apply for an invoice.

7.Q: Can tickets for the conference be refunded or exchanged? A: The VIP ticket refund deadline is 24 o'clock on September 1. The deadline for changing participants is 24 o'clock on September 30. Tickets will be purchased before August 31. The deadline for refund is 24:00 on September 1. Tickets will be purchased from September 1st to September 30th. The deadline for refunds is 24:00 on October 1st. Tickets cannot be exchanged.

8.Q: How do I need to refund my ticket? A: You can get a refund by logging in to the Alibaba Cloud Membership Center to submit a work order. Please indicate the bill number you need to refund when submitting the work order. [Submit Work Order]

9.Q: I bought a ticket B, now I want to change the time of the festival, how to operate? A: I am very sorry, we do not support the change of time, you can refund the ticket and re-purchase.

10.Q: The mobile phone number filled in at the time of registration is incorrect. Can it be modified? A: Can be modified. Please log in to the Alibaba Cloud Member Center to submit a work order, and the second will help you make corrections.

· Participation related

1.Q: After the registration is successful, will the SMS notification message be sent? When is the time to send? A: The two-dimensional code text message of the conference will be sent to the mobile phone you filled in when you signed up for about 7 days before the meeting.

2.Q: I only chose one day's participation time when purchasing tickets. Will it affect the participation, do I need to modify it? A: You can participate in the meeting for 4 days without your participation. You can enter and leave the venue multiple times with your ID card. In the latter case, we will control the flow of people on the spot. Participants are required to select the first day of arrival on the official website, which is subject to the arrival date on the first day. (It’s still the same, there is a need for participation, parents have to start early)


3.Q: How to get the registration certificate? A: Participant card: The guest card of the Chinese mainland is required to receive the ID card at the conference site and collect it through the self-service machine. VIP documents can be claimed in advance or at the VIP check-in counter at the conference site. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas guest IDs are collected by Alibaba Cloud Overseas Team or collected by live artificial channels.

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