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Now IDC service providers more and more, we do not know how to choose. The friends who do the station know, host is the basis of the site, the host of good or bad directly affect the fate of the site, so in the choice of virtual host must be cautious, in case the wrong host, not only your site has not been built, but also a waste of human and material resources, in order to avoid webmaster blindness to choose a virtual host Here to mention some of their own experience for your reference:

Try not to use a free host

As the saying goes, there is no free lunch, free hosting is really very affordable, but the free is not suitable for us to build a station. Free host without any protection, out of the problem can only be their own, and free space without any customer service and technical help, out of the problem is not good to solve. Of course, not all the free host is not trustworthy, such as webmaster Encyclopedia of the provision of Freehost4life free host is very good, speed and stability are compared to the ideal, Freehost4life Free host the specific situation can go to its official website see, in the case of insufficient funds, the webmaster can choose free virtual host, but, must pay attention to the choice of a reputable free host, reputable free host will be to a large extent, It will relieve some of the unnecessary trouble during the construction of the station.

Host access speed and stability is critical

The speed of the host is related to the experience of the user, the website develops to a certain degree, must not lose the customer because of the speed problem. Host stability is also very important, host stability is not enough to first affect user access, host stability to ensure customer base. So webmaster in the selection of virtual host when you can first ask friends around, as far as possible choose more well-known IDC service providers, such as the world's largest domain name host company Godaddy, is a good U.S. virtual host, its virtual host has been to access speed, management flexibility, host stability, The advantages of cost-effective in the domestic IDC market has a high reputation, and through its release of preferential promotional links purchase annual Virtual host can enjoy 30% discount, the purchase of virtual host to try to choose the fastest speed, good stability, cost-effective virtual host.

Customer service response time is also a key factor

Under normal circumstances, we do not want to find customer service, but if the space out of the problem, or to find customer service to help solve, then the reaction speed of customer service, to a certain extent also reflects the host is trustworthy factors, only the first time for users to serve the host will ultimately win the trust of customers, The United States virtual host ixwebhosting in this respect, they have launched a Chinese website for Chinese users and Chinese customer service, ixwebhosting customer service has a professional knowledge, response speed, 7x24h online, and customer friendly, ixwebhosting in the Chinese customer services has won a good reputation.

The correct choice of virtual host is one of the prerequisites for building a station, only choose a good fit for their own station to build the host will be a lot easier. The above several suggestions hope can help the user, lets the user when chooses the host not to be very blind. Webmaster selected the host, will not make the host to become a stumbling block to the development of the website.

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