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"工欲善其事, prerequisite"-blog platform will not only affect the efficiency, but also directly related to your long-term development.

when you decide to join the blogging, how to choose a suitable blog platform should be the next important question you should consider. On the choice of blog platform, we can often hear the beginners raised these questions:

"What kind of blog platform should I choose?" ”

"Should I use the free blog provided by BSP or do my own private blog?" ”

"Can I start with the free blog before I do the upgrade plan"

This article can not directly tell you what kind of blog platform you need, because any platform has its own advantages and applicable objects. How to choose a blog platform depends on yourself.

The following content is a professional blogger Darren on the scholar to choose a blog platform is a guiding role of several suggestions. Yee translation and abridged and partially modified.

Some problems to be considered before
choose Blog Platform

as with any major decision, choosing a blog platform is also a matter worth taking time to consider. Suggest that you do not head into your first choice of the blog platform-to do a little research, through a period of trial, comparison before making a decision. Before you start choosing a blog platform, there are a few questions to answer:

What is your goal? -The most important thing to choose from the blogging platform is to think about what you expect from your blog. Of course, it takes a little time and imagination to predict your blogging future. Please try your best to answer the following questions:

will I stick to blogging for a long time?

What is my blog theme?

I blog because of interest or to the professional development?

expect to add ads to blogs in the future?

you may have a lot of other questions to answer, but keep in mind your answers to these questions. They are for you to find a blog platform is very instructive, because a little blog platform is more suitable for ordinary enthusiasts, some are more professional.

How much is your budget? -The blog platform both free and expensive (alluding to movable type-yee supplement). You may need to pay the following "piece" Fee:

Blog program itself

storage space (typically a virtual host)


different blog platform solution corresponding to different service levels. Like and not only provide a blog platform, but also provide free domain names and storage space. Other things like (not, different domain names) provide free program code but you need to buy your own storage space and domain name. There is also a more troublesome way to charge the platform through a license than MovableType (the charge depends on the number of blogs you use and whether the blog is for commercial, personal, educational, or non-profit use). The last free version is 2.661-yee, and then you have to deal with storage space and domain name yourself.

you may have to face other expenses in the early stages:

Design-Although all platforms have free templates, if you want personalized visual effects, then you either learn to design or ask someone to make a template (possibly money).

Blog Tool-You can spend money to buy a lot of tools to help you blogging. This may include access to the statistics system (you can apply for free, but paid edition features more), blog offline publishing tools and so on.  If you're a beginner, there may be a lot of blogging tools that you won't be able to use for a while-but when you go deep, you'll find these tools helpful.

How's your computer technology? -This is a critical reference factor for choosing a blog platform. If you don't have a blog or Web site experience and lack of understanding of computer technology, you should choose some of the easier platforms (recommending Pjblog-yee supplements), and you'll need to add some basic knowledge. ( provides this content)

In addition to self-reliance, another way is to find some technical experts to help you (charge or friendship). In fact, one of the greatest places of blogging is that most blog platform has formed a good atmosphere of the community, many enthusiastic netizens will help us solve various problems in the forum.

Blog Hosting service (BSP) v.s Independent Blog Platform

now is the time to consider your options and answer questions you may encounter in the process.

will you choose a blog hosting service or a standalone blogging platform?

above mentioned about the different blog platform program budget issues, in fact, blog platform is divided into two major camp BSP and independent blog (some of them are in between, quite troublesome).

Blog Hosting service (BSP)

Most bloggers are starting to touch blogs in this way because the BSP is easy to operate and the service is free. Now the most popular BSP in the world is of course there are other, such as MSN MSN,, Donews, and so on.

Common features of these BSP services are:

only after several simple application steps can complete the establishment of the blog

you will be given a URL, usually in front of or behind the BSP domain name plus your username. For example, Blogbus on the small famous Female Blogger Lianchi-her web site is  As you can see, this domain name consists of two parts, the first is the user name followed by the. this suffix.

Advantages and disadvantages of


low cost-most BSP is free. (TypePad is charged, offers free and charge two kinds of services.) )

easy to set up-usually just a few minutes to apply to a blog. It's not difficult to set up, follow the prompts, select the features you need and then choose a template on it.  If you don't understand technology or know very little, this kind of blog is your first choice.

easy to operate-if you apply and set the blog process is very smooth, then this blog operation should not be difficult. Of course, you still need some basic knowledge, but now the BSP provides a more user-friendly function, the user's technical requirements are getting lower.  Publish a blog just fill in the box and click "Publish", it's as simple as that.

Automatic upgrades-your blog will automatically upgrade to the BSP upgrade.

fast by search engines included-one of the benefits of using BSP service is that their domain name has been indexed by search engines and has a good PR value. Many bloggers found that the new registered on the BSP blog than the newly established independent blog faster by search engines indexed and get the PR value.  Although in the long term, this kind of blog PR value may not be higher than independent blog, but in the short term is included is a fact.


can be poorly developed-because BSP is a popular product, they can only provide a limited number of functions to ensure their security, low resource consumption and user loyalty.  The most typical example is the domestic several big BSP Resolute does not provide the data output function, is afraid you job-hopping.

Default Template Limited-take a closer look and you'll find that many blogs look too similar.  No matter how the classic template to see a lot of people will be aesthetic fatigue.

lack of security-often hear some friends complain that their articles have been deleted by the administrator or filtered out, although there is no violation of the state policies of the content. In addition, some BSP service is very unstable, three days can not access, data mysterious missing, slow access, Web site was seized ...

domain name is too general-have their own domain name can give people a professional feeling and help memory.  BSP issued to your domain name does not have this effect (the extreme example is Sina Blog, followed by a large series of Arabic numerals is almost human life).

not easy to move to a standalone blog-before you decide to a BSP, you might be very interested in this question: What if the blog data is getting bigger or if you're having a lot of bugs in the blogging that make it difficult to move to a standalone blog? One of the problems with blogging is that when you want to move to a standalone blog, you'll be forced to say goodbye to the amount of traffic you've made before.  This is not to say that the number of visitors will not return to the previous so much, but this process is quite cumbersome: to inform your fixed readers new URLs, to be patient to wait for search engine re-indexed your article and evaluate the PR value, but also to let you exchange links with the blog update links point.

who should use the blog hosting service (BSP)?

If you just want a blog, don't care if you use your own domain name, to get the latest best blog function is not very interested, then blog hosting service is your ideal choice. In fact, although many people laugh at the BSP blogger is not serious enough professional, but still some well-known bloggers are rooted in the BSP. For example, Keso, dancer Wood and so on.

Independent Blog

Another form of blog is to use their own domain name, storage space, independent blog. The current market on the blog program is very much, you can see the user listed part of the blog program. One of the more popular is the WordPress MovableType.

Advantages and disadvantages of
Independent blog platform


can completely control the template-depending on the ability of your web design, the templates for stand-alone blogging programs are usually relatively easy to edit.

scalability-One important reason many people choose to Wordprss is because it has a large number of plug-ins used to enhance functionality.  Similarly, other independent blog programs have a corresponding group to develop enhancements for their plug-ins.

enjoy full freedom-as long as you are skilled, want to change the blog to what kind of.

Domain name-There are many benefits to owning a domain name that belongs to you. One convenient memory, and secondly appear professional, typos conducive to the formation of your own "brand"


is complicated-it depends on your skill level and your ability to understand the web, but when you go deep into a standalone blogging platform you find things are getting more complicated. First to find an available virtual host and set up a database, and then download the blog program source to their own computer, and then through the FTP software upload it to the server.  Fortunately, there are a lot of good on the Web Installation Guide, in strict accordance with the steps they tell, it should be easy.

need to spend some money-most blogging programs are free in themselves, but domain names and storage space (virtual hosts) are for silver.  Different programs require different costs, according to the experience of Yee a year hundred RMB is not escape (domain name about 60 yuan/year).

upgrades-over time, most blogging programs will continue to release upgrades or new versions.  Still, the old saying is that the lack of a certain ability will make the matter very complicated.

Server-The lack of security in BSP has mentioned server instability. In fact, independent blog will also encounter similar problems. Just even when the worst happens, independent blogs have a relatively large margin of manoeuvre-you can back up your data on a regular basis, and find a server to import the data, and everything is back to normal.  Of course, we should be proactive, to find a safe and stable server is the fundamental solution.

who should use a standalone blog?

If you want more control or greater flexibility, a standalone blog is your ideal choice. By optimizing your configuration, you can make your blog look more professional, run more smoothly, and make it a unique super blog in the world based on your imagination. Of course, using the standalone blogging platform does not necessarily mean you can make a blog that looks professional. If you don't have the ability to control an independent blog (or find someone who is willing to help you), it's a natural mess ...

about Remote Publishing blog

Some blog platforms can both be used as BSP and provide remote publishing capabilities, such as TypePad and The principle is to write a blog using their system and then post it into cyberspace under your own domain name. The advantage is that without installing any software, even if your virtual host only supports static HTML files, you can use this method to quickly generate a powerful blog site. How to FTP publishing


This article is very long, I hope you did not see the dizzy fireworks. But really, for beginners, this topic is worthy of deep thinking.

well, now to sum up.

If you want to seriously run a blog and have become expert blogger's lofty goals, the proposal to the direction of independent blog development. If you are not very skilled in this area, it is worthwhile to devote some time, energy and money to study.

If your blog is for fun, record your life with friends and family pieces, and no time, money or patience to build a stand-alone blog platform, then choose BSP Bar.

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