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In the eyes of most business leaders and CIOs, the process of building cloud computing is not a thoroughfare, or even a distraction. In China, CIOs still devote 70% of their energy to business continuity and crisis management, with just 30% of the time and money that CIOs are making the road to cloud computing business more difficult.

Now, as the fastest-growing Chinese infrastructure provider in the industry, world-wide cloud is looking for opportunities to make it easier and simpler for companies to build their cloud-computing infrastructure.

The second year of the establishment of the launch of the 25 Cloud series server sky-Cloud, in the technology surprised four at the same time, also marks it as the first cloud base enterprises to achieve industrialization and benign sales enterprises. In the server market, especially the x86 server market competition situation has long maintained the balance of the situation, the Chinese server market has become a rare new show in recent years.

And with the rich product line, coupled with the Beijing development Zone and the cloud base of resource integration and strong support, the company now customers throughout the Internet, traditional enterprises and telecommunications, government and other key industries, but also in the "Applause" of the sound at the same time, the real gain of substantial profits.

But Dong Xin, vice president of the company, believes that the world's super cloud should not be seen as a traditional server vendor, as an important pillar of the cloud infrastructure in the cloud base, Dong Xin that the core business of the world's Super cloud will revolve around cloud servers and cloud infrastructure, rather than the traditional server market, which is the strategy of the cloud, on the other hand, Beijing is also a cloud base of the development intention. From the cloud infrastructure level alone, sky and cloud are moving towards the industry leader.

Dong Xin, vice president of World Super cloud products market and business development

December 12 at the 2011 Cloud World Congress scene, as the Beijing also cloud base successful incubation enterprise, world super Cloud In addition to the release of cloud services for the ultra-high density cloud server sc-r6380, a breath released Yuncang, cloud cabinets and Yun Hui Three cloud computing is and application solutions. This not only marks the enterprise in the cloud server market further, but also the Beijing cloud base industry ecological environment integration of the dawn of the beginning.

Doit reporters interviewed Dong Xin, the company's vice president, before the world Super Cloud officially released high-density cloud servers and three cloud application server solutions. This August, doit reporter and Dong Xin have had a face-to-face in-depth exchanges, to explore the "cloud computing Infrastructure Navigator" of the world of the development of the cloud. After just four months, the sky and earth exceed the cloud on this road again take a solid step.

Also Chuang Yun Base: the integration of ecological chain in the beginning

2011 Cloud World Congress scene, Beijing also Zhuang cloud base of influence and appeal by a hot General Assembly confirmed, in addition to also Zhuang Development Zone Committee director Zhang Boxu, Broadband Capital chairman, Cloud Base founder Tian, Microsoft Global Vice President Zhang, Ufida Group chairman Wang Wenjing, Trend Technology founder Ming and other high specification guests to the meeting, Beijing deputy Mayor Gou Zhongwen's arrival is to strengthen the confidence of the cloud base.

Gou Zhongwen in the speech: "Cloud computing is the future of information technology, Beijing's information technology development focus, Beijing to build a cloud as the core, facing the global industrial pattern, the establishment of the world's leading cloud industry, cloud computing and cloud services in 2015 to form 50 billion industrial scale, led 200 billion industry growth." "This speech caused a commotion in the audience, the future development of the cloud base is bright, the Beijing municipal government into the cloud computing is unprecedented."

Beijing also Zhuang Yun base of the more than 10 enterprises also in the Conference submitted to a decent answer, almost every enterprise has taken shape and formed its own unique market, harvesting a large number of large-scale enterprise customers, and many innovative products, technologies and solutions, but also to let the guests see the dazzling- Cloud innovation blossoms and results at the 2011 World Congress.

Heaven and Earth over the clouds in the dedication of the fruits of the conference, in addition to the ultra-high density cloud server sc-r6380 and earlier this year has released 25 of the World beyond the cloud server, the most eye-catching is three cloud application system: Heaven and Earth Super Cloud "cloud bin", Heaven and Earth Super Cloud "cloud cabinet" and the World Super Cloud "Yun Hui" three major solutions. This is a widely distributed Application System (appliance) product that has been used by local servers and infrastructure vendors to date. "(these three products) will be more innovative, more localized, more high-performance cloud products and services in the domestic enterprises to form a popular trend." ”

Ultra high density cloud server sc-r6380

The success of heaven and Earth is inseparable from the cloud base in Beijing also built for its cloud computing industry chain, in this industry chain, not only the investment-oriented broadband capital, broadband funds and a series of such as the trend of the founder Zhang Ming investors, as well as friends of the system, Netcom broadband and other software, infrastructure providers, The complete ecological environment has laid a solid foundation for the development of Heaven and earth, and the announcement and the successful convening of the cloud World Congress all show the clue of the integration of the ecological chain of the cloud base in Beijing.

"We have done a lot of work for cloud tuning, while combining the eco-environment with brother companies in the cloud base, we also have plans and partners for the late development of the cloud-comet platform for Hadoop." "Dong Xin says that with the help of the entire ecology of the cloud base, heaven and earth over the cloud has been the rapid development of opportunities, although with the international and domestic well-known manufacturers compared to the sky and the gap is large, the scale can not be compared with it, but the world of clouds in the cloud base in the industry chain has its own unique value, not only for the" Cloud base to make a positive contribution to the development of the world's Super cloud will also become a unique market positioning cloud infrastructure suppliers. ”

Introduction of Cloud Application System: World Super Cloud lowers "cloud threshold"

The introduction of three cloud computing application system, will be the first time in the world of cloud computing in the forefront of competition, in the cloud market appliance products emerging, but domestic server manufacturers are still the same time, heaven and earth over the cloud This means that the unusual server manufacturers of the "cloud infrastructure provider", are looking for unique and high-value growth growth points.

Three cloud application system, the main focus is the current cloud application hotspot.

"We are the cloud base enterprise, is facing is the cloud computing market, we want to embed our ability in the existing solution, serves our user (cloud computing)." Dong Xin said, since it is the cloud base of the enterprise, should do is cloud technology, cloud products, and the world of cloud itself "cloud infrastructure provider" positioning, not to do "cloud computing Application System", is almost impossible. However, the world's Super Cloud launched three cloud application system, or let many people surprised.

As the world Super cloud "to the soft and hard one-stop development of the transformation of", Cloud warehouse, cloud cabinets, Yun Hui represent three unique application environment: Cloud Warehouse is a set of out-of-the-box private cloud storage solution, mainly for the desire to build private cloud storage enterprises, is "Create Enterprise network Disk" of the appropriate products , the cloud cabinet is facing the enterprise to the soft and hard one infrastructure solution demand, the whole cabinet delivery mode helps the enterprise to build an IaaS platform containing servers, storage, network and secure access; Yun Hui is the "Big Data Machine", is "world Super Cloud version of the Hadoop all-in-one machine", cheap, simple deployment , according to Dong Xin, the price will be the same as foreign manufacturers of "a fraction of the configuration."

Cloud Cabinet--iaas Integrated Products

From the configuration of the virtual machine, we suspect that the world's Super Cloud uses 2:1 of the virtual machine high availability protection.

Three appliance for cloud storage, IaaS cabinets, and Hadoop large data applications are the most important products after 25 cloud servers, which means that the world Super Cloud is based on the ecological chain integration of cloud base, upgrading from infrastructure hardware service providers to infrastructure and application system suppliers, But it has also caused people to "how much software does the universe have to do?" The question of whether to be IaaS or SaaS "--mastering the meaning of the word" application "in appliance is extremely important to the newborn sky and cloud.

In this respect, Dong Xin said: "The integration of software and hardware can significantly reduce the cost of landing the cloud, but the world of cloud or hardware-oriented, cloud infrastructure or the direction of the sky and cloud, appliance" application from the Third-party ISV and cloud base friends of the product integration. He believes that the most important thing is to "optimize the software for the hardware and realize the integration and optimization of the cloud infrastructure and applications." ”

"We do not want to make our own industry chain-like companies, we do not have the ability, our greatest hope is to conquer the industrial chain of infrastructure and infrastructure appliance, we more hope and software companies to cooperate with the application service provider." "Dong Xin revealed that with the introduction of the three application systems, the future customers will focus on not only the government, the Internet, telecommunications, large SI and ISVs will also be world-wide application system customers," We want to add their ability to our products (as we embed our capabilities into our existing solutions). ”

The launch of the three cloud application system is not just the beginning of a cloud-or a giant leap in the sky, it is also the beginning of the threshold for the competition to set up the world, for doit reporter about heaven and earth as the cloud infrastructure provider, cloud application system supplier of this unique Chinese manufacturer positioning, How to "set the threshold" for competitors, Dong Xin said: "Heaven and earth over the cloud even with domestic manufacturers to do the competition, but also has a big gap, do a good job of the core cloud business is the urgent matter, talk about setting the threshold for competitors, it is still early." ”

However, Dong Xin confirmed to talk about the "threshold" of the topic, heaven and earth over the cloud is still a "little ability" is superior to their competitors.

Sky Super Cloud Speed: Market smell can't replicate

"Our market olfactory opponents cannot replicate. Dong Xin said that if the world of cloud has its own significant advantages, or the "threshold" so that the world super cloud leading competitors, then the sharp market sense of smell can be regarded as one.

Dong Xin, who has worked in Microsoft for five years before joining the world's cloud, is one of the early market-driven providers of Microsoft's cloud computing technology, and before Microsoft, the experience of Netcom International and China Netcom has made him familiar with the IT and communications markets, both of which are the basis of cloud computing.

Like Dong Xin, most of his colleagues came from well-known it and communications companies, and it is these people's existence let Dong Xin think "the World super Cloud market smell cannot replicate", and brought two years 26 cloud computing server, three cloud computing application system, more than 10 domestic well-known internet, communication, High-performance computing domain Customer " Sky Super Cloud Speed ".

Based on the Ubuntu system Cloud storehouse, the promotion color page main selling point is the price superiority.

World Super Cloud "Big Data Machine"

1.2TB SSD caching guarantees product performance.

"Many of us are from foreign companies or domestic large manufacturers, but the difference is that we are entrepreneurial mentality, we believe we can rely on their ability to seize market opportunities." Dong Xin said that the "cloud computing market is the key market for the future" view of the world's Super cloud employees, recognition of cloud computing is now in its infancy and the future will become the mainstream it application of the development opportunities, therefore, the first challenge is how to grasp the market, how to create a "world super cloud speed."

"[We] all the technology, products, markets and even users can be emulated, can be replicated, but the market sensitivity is not possible to learn, we have the mentality of entrepreneurs, excellent staff, we in order to ensure that the sky Super cloud speed, as far as possible in a short period of time to provide products and solutions. So we launched the server in such a short time last year, and this year soon launched the appliance products. That's why "market smell is a threshold," says Dong Xin.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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