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While the cloud computing industry as a whole is still in the conceptual phase, cloud computing based on SaaS mode has been applied to the call center field. Last year, the cloud Computing call center industry developed quite quickly, not only the application is mature, the coverage is extensive, and the business model is more and more mature.

2012, with the cloud Computing call center in the field of business model, application technology, service capabilities and other aspects of continuous development and innovation, cloud computing in the industry's development is expected to achieve a greater breakthrough. So what is the trend this year?

Increased risk capital

In the 2012, the field of cloud computing remains the focus of venture capital. The new year has just arrived and investors have not slowed down their investment because of the holidays. January, Intel Investment first announced investment game cloud computing solutions provider Cloud technology. Joyent, a cloud-computing software provider, also announced a 85 million dollar investment.

Affected by the trend, cloud computing SaaS Domain, because of its application model relatively mature, more attention. The dragon has just arrived, China's leading call center cloud services to the day, access to the Zhongguancun development group of large capital injection. As a pioneer in the field of China's cloud call center, Tian Rong sang the opening of the Dragon's capital injection. This year, more venture capital is expected to invest in the cloud call center area.

Application continues to spread and deepen

According to Frost&sullivan, a renowned market research institute, the SaaS Market for the 2012 Asia-Pacific Cloud computing market will reach $1.028 billion trillion, while China will occupy 16% of it and reach $164 million trillion. China has thousands of companies using the call center cloud services, including Baidu, HC network, Ping An insurance, Qihoo 360, amber education and other large enterprises. This year, with the popularity of call center Cloud service knowledge, as well as the use of large enterprises, there will be more enterprises to apply.

At the same time, the State Council Development Research Center Enterprise Research Institute "China Enterprise Development Report 2012" recently pointed out that the development of SMEs this year is still very prominent. Iris data also shows that the total number of small and medium-sized enterprises and websites will reach 56.51 million in 2012. Based on this, the cloud call center relies on its flexible seat, low cost, flexible deployment, open compatibility and other advantages, such as marketing, service, management and other functions, will become an important tool for enterprise differentiated competition, is expected to be quickly popularized in small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition, cloud computing and other related industries by the State Council included in the strategic emerging industries, a comprehensive increase in the level of information is written "Twelve-Five" planning, which will promote the technology based on cloud computing information products and services, especially the cloud call center industry will usher in an important development opportunity to promote enterprise application to the depth of

More Mature service Mode

To the cloud call center, not only is the technical connotation has changed, more importantly, its business model from "Project integration mode" to "service operation mode" has changed. As the cloud computing service itself is through the network to achieve the allocation of resources, customer access to service chain lengthened, adding a lot of intermediate links, such as: Network systems, communication systems, business systems of their own, service providers services platform, these and the traditional call center single call system model is completely different.

In the process of using Call center cloud service, whether it is from cloud platform fault or Simple network fault, the loss to user's business is immeasurable. Therefore, the cloud Call Center's service and the safeguard ability, becomes the test service provider's important factor.

The cloud call center provider has begun to work on service model creation and capability enhancement. Last year, the industry's first call center service brand T-care was launched by the day-run facility the integration of Call resource management, network management, telecommunications resources management, security management, day-to-day maintenance and other services, can guarantee the operation of the enterprise call center stability, reliability, security, so that enterprises focus on their own business operations, no need to put manpower, Material and financial resources for call center system maintenance.

Social trends are more pronounced

Recently, a Gartner survey showed that 40% of consumers prefer to receive customer service through non-traditional contacts (i.e., online chats, text messages, etc.). 18% of consumers said that in 1-2 years, online chat will be their preferred way of contact. This brings a great challenge to the traditional call center market, which is mainly called voice and SMS.

Min, senior manager of Shanghai Rung, said 2011 is "surging" year, the advent of cloud computing, so that social media, microblogging and other widely used, these applications need to be introduced to the call Center center, so that the content of the call center richer, increase the enterprise and customers more "contact point" to enhance customer experience, Achieve a broader "customer mix".

Recently, global collaborative communications leader Avaya launched a social media manager, automatic monitoring of social media customer feedback, according to the Enterprise preset keywords, the system to allocate business to the contact center of the most suitable operators to facilitate customer support. In foreign markets, the platform has achieved a docking of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Lenovo, the leading laptop supplier, notes that the interactive communications incident at its focal point has decreased by 20%, and many of its 50,000 clients have turned to the corporate forum community for support Services. As a result, the trend this year to support customers with call center platforms through social media will become more pronounced.

Today's consumer interaction is done through a variety of communication methods, which requires the call center will voice, video, pictures, text Unified, with the help of e-mail, IM, Web applications to provide customers with more humane services. The Cloud Call Center service provider, which needs to communicate seamlessly across all communication modes, is the future trend.

The marketing ability is more protruding

Today, "Customer service" as the center of the business philosophy, recognized by many enterprises, which ushered in the construction of call center a new opportunity for development, so that its status has been greatly improved. The cloud call center is ubiquitous, whether it is for personal necessities, for emergency treatment, or for government public service.

Industry analysis, call center to the "profit Center" change, is the general trend. The current call center needs two kinds, one is to answer the demand, more customer service center, mainly to deal with customer calls, including sales consulting, after-sales service, to stabilize the company's performance and enhance corporate profits.

The other is called Call center, also known as electric Sales Call center, more emphasis on its marketing function, for its construction unit to provide the use of telephone marketing, customer maintenance and other means brought about by the new profit growth point, the ultimate goal is to bring profits for enterprises. Banking, insurance industry, e-commerce, education industry and other applications.

Especially this year, in the overall economic situation is not good, call center has become a tool for enterprise marketing. Therefore, call center as the profit center of the Enterprise, in the marketing ability performance will be more obvious, it is more important.

In a word, the large-scale construction of the cloud call center conforms to the demand of the whole economy development, also conforms to the enterprise's own request. In the process, the demand for a large number of call centers will continue to be generated, which will lead to continuous innovation and development of the industry. 2012, the industry is expected to usher in a new development face.

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