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"In the big Data age, cloud computing has become the main theme of the current era. "The security issue is no longer a stumbling block to cloud computing," said Li Deii, a member of the China Academy of Engineering's cloud Computing committee, a member of the Chinese Institute of Science and Technology, and the mobile internet will make cloud computing come faster.

In the "Third China Cloud Computing Conference" hosted by the China Electronic Society, gathered from Microsoft, China Mobile, IBM, China million network, Baidu and other well-known it enterprises and academic research institutions of the industry leader, renowned scholars, on the core of cloud computing technology at home and abroad and the application of innovative practice in the industry in-depth discussion. The mobile internet, which has been hailed as the focus of the next era, has become a well-deserved focus of the conference. Some industry experts believe that mobile application developers will become one of the largest consumer groups in the future of cloud computing.

The 2012 is a year of full application of cloud computing, the concept of cloud computing has been deeply rooted in the global electronic information industry as the central theme. At the event, Fan Chunying, vice president of China's million-net, focused on its "cloud computing accelerated IDC Operational Services Innovation" keynote address, highlighting the innovations and fission that traditional data centers have made in operating services with the help of cloud computing. Among them, million network in the field of mobile Internet development and success stories, let us see the traditional IDC enterprises in the "cloud" collision, the burst of innovative energy.

This transformation of cloud computing, industrial chain upstream enterprises are always prescient. According to Fan Chunying, 2010, China million network release cloud strategy, IDC business overall began to tilt to cloud computing, after two years of research and operation, has formed a Beijing, Hangzhou, two interconnected cloud computing center. At present, China million network has helped nearly 300,000 small and medium-sized enterprises successfully applied cloud computing services. In addition, China's network also keenly identified new market opportunities, will become the cornerstone of the new Internet industry Ecological circle as one of its development vision, the establishment of solutions division, facing four high-growth industry markets: Open platform developer Market, mobile Internet, e-commerce and traditional large enterprises of the Internet transformation, Provide professional cloud computing solution Services for these four types of enterprises.

In terms of mobile internet, China million has provided cloud computing and cloud CDN services to many new mobile Internet applications and development platforms including Jifeng nets, wooden ants, Egypt Mobile, Mushroom Street, and supported the daily millions downloads of these customers.

According to the introduction, Jifeng Network is the most comprehensive, the largest Android application download and mobile community platform, currently has more than 100,000 users to share the Android application, which also makes the site a daily increase in the number of visits, and the user's download experience for the development of the site is critical. Fan Chunying said that million network for them to provide a high-level cloud CDN Download Accelerator Services, through the docking between research and development personnel, making the Jifeng network accelerated service Refresh cycle more flexible, application release is also more convenient.

"Mobile internet is emerging markets, but also the hottest Internet keywords in the last two years, the common characteristics of customers is the high degree of dependence on the Internet (relying on the internet to survive), growth is good, the elasticity of resource demand, the quality of service and the level of critical strict." These features are precisely the target customer features of cloud computing, and the first customer base to benefit from cloud computing. "Fan Chunying firmly believe," in these developers and entrepreneurs, there will be a lot of great enterprises in the future, and China's network to do is to become their shining behind, to help push its continuous development. ”

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