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Human activities are limited by the scientific and technological capabilities mastered. Although people can design beautiful stories in the field of ideology, in real life, these stories are difficult to use material form to present.

Human civilization is not continuous, but developed in the form of a hierarchical structure, as described in the I Ching structure of the natural number model, although the natural numbers are continuous, but they are distributed in different layers. High-level civilization contains the technical characteristics of low-level civilization, but it also has some unique technical characteristics.

Each level of product form is determined by its applied technical form, which shows that each technological revolution will raise human civilization to a level, this change is a leap-type, not a continuous change. This feature shows that the products in a high-level civilization can not be achieved using the technology of low-level civilization.

Smart city is a new product built on the cloud computing revolution, and it is impossible to achieve the functions required by the "smart city" without a revolutionary technology that fits the cloud's requirements.

An intelligent city strategy in a dilemma

October 24, 2013, the daily report said yesterday, by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Urban Development and environment, "intelligent City Construction" High-level Forum and "Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Urban Information integration and dynamic Simulation Laboratory" Development symposium held in Beijing. Wenyuan, academician of the State Council and the Third World Academy of Sciences, introduced that as of the end of 2011, China had 154 urban planning inputs of 1.5 trillion capital to build intelligent city, but the real embodiment of its connotation, the current one did not see.

Today's world is in the cloud computing revolution, the chaotic change phase, this revolution will bring about a major change in human society, if not seize this opportunity, will be in the future longer time to face greater challenges. So for governments, how to master cloud computing core technology as soon as possible, how to develop cloud computing application products as soon as possible, is the key to decide the future international discourse power.

1, the wisdom of the city belong to a higher level of civilization products

The purpose of Intelligent city is to manage the real things and various behaviors (human, biological, natural) effectively through information technology, so that people can live in a predictable environment, reduce the quality of life because of fear of the future.

This kind of the computer, the Internet for the existence of the carrier of the virtual world and the physical world of the relationship between the civilization, its technical requirements have been far beyond the current human capacity of civilization, belong to a higher level of civilization.

The level of civilization is embodied not only in technical changes (such as the power of the steam engine), but also in the human world outlook, values, philosophy of change.

2. The real meaning of building a smarter city is to seize the opportunity rather than gain short-term benefits

Every technological revolution in human history has been aimed at improving the quality of people's living environment and solving the increasing demands of people. The purpose of the cloud computing revolution is also to solve people's application needs.

The biggest difference between the cloud computing revolution and the previous technological revolution is that the cloud computing revolution is a social change brought about by the impending technological revolution, bringing humanity into a new stage of civilization. The impending revolution was predicted by human beings in advance. The correctness of this prediction comes from the development track of modern science and the natural Law of human civilization development.

As people have learned the extent of the changes in civilization brought about by this revolution, and although they do not yet know the specifics, the importance of opportunity has been known, and if there is no opportunity in this technological revolution, there will be greater challenges for a long time to come.

The greatest value of intelligent city strategy driven by government is to put forward the application demand which belongs to the higher civilization. Driven by interests, enterprises will find ways to participate in the construction of intelligent cities in order to gain more benefits. This stimulus makes it possible for the government to seize the opportunity to gain the right to speak of future competition.

But for the government, because the main technology creation is the enterprise, the Government is only the investment of funds, so the enterprise's technology creation ability is the biggest risk source of the intelligent city. In fact, because the current international IT companies do not have a revolutionary breakthrough in technology, so only the use of current traditional technology, it is absolutely impossible to build a truly intelligent city. As with the current cannon technology, it is impossible to do anything to combat the need for the use of space satellites.

3, Smart city strategy is forward-looking

Although the present intelligent city construction has not achieved the anticipated result, but the government promotes the intelligent city construction strategy to have the important significance, is forward-looking.

Cloud computing competition is actually to seize the future competition, the future is not far, perhaps within 5 years, perhaps within 10 years. Smart city strategy is not short-term benefits, but long-term interests. For the government, the loss of short-term benefits is only a sign of a reduction in the monetary dimension, which can be compensated by the issuance of symbolic currencies, but with the opportunity to have a future global competitive discourse.

Therefore, in the process of promoting smarter cities, the government should build a market environment without discrimination, so that small and medium enterprises with scientific and technological innovation ability can participate in it. So far, those with economic strength at home and abroad have not mastered the core technology of cloud computing, they can not really help local governments to achieve intelligent city, the most let the local government in the cost of "face". But this "face" also has the potential to lose the government's chance of competing for global cloud computing competition.

Second, the technical difficulties of the City of Wisdom where

IBM's wisdom of the Earth, and the use of intelligent city approach to promote, this model is a strategic vision. But the realization of a smart city needs revolutionary technology to support it. These technologies may have gone beyond the current category of scientific theory and need some new scientific theories to guide them. So so far, people do not seem to see the real wisdom of the city appears.

1, different definitions of cloud computing bring different "intelligent city" design ideas

Cloud computing is not a simple technical concept, is a sociological term, its connotation contains the technical content. It is more difficult to make a clear and unified definition of cloud computing. This is also where technical experts are confused, because any technical term can be defined in a clear definition. So different companies and experts because of the different angle of observation, the definition is also different.

Intelligent City is a cloud computing product, so under the guidance of different definitions, the design of its products is also different. IBM as the representative of the emphasis on hardware, software technology functions of enterprises and experts and scholars, its intelligent city design focus on the number of hardware and solve a single local application functions, such as medical, education, transportation and other isolated needs, do not consider the wisdom of the city in the complex relationship between the various things.

Chaoven, a member of the Cloud Computing Experts Committee of China Electronic Society, thinks that cloud computing is a collection of virtual resource services with minimal internal friction and maximum efficiency, which is based on the use of the Internet to connect a large number of necessary hardware and software according to certain organizational forms, and to dynamically adjust the organization form with the change of

According to this definition, the intelligent city is not to solve the simple application needs that people abstract out, but to simulate the complex relationship between the things in the real city, and to help people find the whole quality of life. Hardware, software is only to achieve the specific function of the parts, the real decision of the Intelligent City shape and effect is to connect these hardware, software organization.

2. What kind of city is a smart city

The future of Intelligent city is not the current population of Multi-functional city, but a virtual world information system management, by physical means of transport for the measurement of decentralized, multiple functional communities formed by the regional circle.

Wenyuan, a member of the State Council, a Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, pointed out at the "Smart City Construction" High-level Forum and the Development Symposium on urban Information Integration and dynamic simulation Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, "The intelligent city is a highly digitized and networked , accurate and intelligent information collection. Intelligent city involves a series of key technologies, such as super large capacity, ultra-high speed computing center, related computing technology and so on "," the strategic thinking of intelligent city construction to achieve two of the most basic revolution: One is the mode of production, lifestyle, flow mode and the great changes in public services, the second is the government decision-making, social management, The revolutionary progress of public service and social livelihood. ”

If the natural world as a cloud computing application system, then each region is a distributed server, running different application functions, such as animal and plant ecological activities, atmospheric changes, water resources systems. For a particular region, its operational capacity is limited. Large cities are equivalent to using ordinary servers as supercomputers, which not only occupy the energy resources of other regions, but also make other regions (such as rural areas) lose their vigor because of lack of energy. If this kind of running state exists for a long time, it will cause the problem of the operation State of the ecosystem in a larger scope, which leads to the crisis of human survival.

Intelligent city as the future of human ideal life model, its shape must be different from the current urban model, that is, the intelligent city is not in the current urban model based on local improvement, but a new more in line with human habitation model.

According to the distribution of natural resources and the State of human capacity, the future of intelligent cities is not divided by distance, but by the time of arrival. With the advent of a new science in the cloud computing revolution, humanity will enter a new era of technology, perhaps a cheap motivator that will allow people to reach destinations within 1 hours, 1000 kilometers or 3,000 kilometres away. People take small towns as the center point, choose the beautiful environment of the small area of the gathering life. Because of the demise of the big cities and the progress of science and technology, the natural environment will also change greatly, and the human being really grasps the way of harmony with nature.

3. What are the technical problems of the intelligent city?

The hierarchical nature of civilization is also a natural law, this rule is not unique, but for the universe of human beings, the current rules are only formulated. For example, the computer uses the binary system, belongs to the calculation rules of the in-situ cycle, every two return to zero, and the "I Ching" contains the mathematical rule is two of the power system, every two up a level, and then from the beginning, belong to the spiral rise of the cyclic calculation rules.

So theoretically, the development of human civilization can be a variety of ways, but for the current universe, its rules are determined, so the development of rules is unique. The same is true of biological genetic rules, and scientists who study genes find that they can change their genetic position to alter their biological characteristics, and that they are important discoveries, so that they cannot wait to gain personal benefits without considering the ecological crisis caused by ignorance. As a software engineer modifies a software system's parameters, it produces a local effect, but it leads to more problems with other functions, namely the software NP problem (complete polynomial non-deterministic problem).

The intelligent city is the product of the high fusion of the virtual world and the physical world, and it is a huge and complex dynamic system, so realizing the intelligent city must solve two technical problems, software crisis and quantity growth crisis. The technical specific performance of the following aspects.

(1) The Software programming method needs to have the revolutionary major breakthrough. The current programming method is based on the defined demand model, while the functional demand in the intelligent city is dynamic, that is to say, the application demand model of Intelligent city is nondeterministic.

(2) A revolutionary technical approach is needed to solve the problem of system complexity. Intelligent City contains a large number of nested software systems, with complete polynomial nondeterministic features, different users choose different paths, can obtain different application results.

(3) How to solve the large data processing problem of infinite growth. The data of Intelligent city is distributed in multi-dimensional space of different levels, not only the quantity is huge, but also the relation between data is very complicated. Without revolutionary data management techniques, it is not possible to quickly process the required data.

Iii. How to seize the opportunity brought by the cloud computing revolution

Every technological revolution of human society will bring about redistribution of social wealth. The information technology revolution has accelerated the pace of redistribution of this wealth. On the internet stage, the wealth hero merry-go like to change to go, the audience is surging, the excitement, the excitement, the actor, the heat and the hard, sigh life difficult.

No doubt, the cloud computing revolution will also promote the redistribution of social wealth, the so-called "three generations", the reason is not the wealth of the owners themselves, but the trend of social change. If the owner of wealth can not adapt to the trend of social change, it will be eliminated naturally. So in the era of cloud computing, now these high-spirited rich are still able to be radiant, but also look forward to the life stage drama.

Social change brings hope and opportunity to most people. But if we can seize the opportunity, we need the right way and more effort. Because the cloud computing revolution solves the information symmetry problem, so the current opportunistic, cheat method will be difficult to obtain wealth, only through their own wisdom and labor to create wealth.

1, how the Government to promote the development of cloud computing industry

The government is the leader and the designer of cloud computing industry development, the enterprise is only the concrete implement in the rule that the government set up. If the government does not provide the cloud computing development policy and the good market environment, the enterprise cannot have the result. So for the government departments, can be from the following aspects to promote the development of cloud computing industry, enhance local economic vitality.

(1) Formulate policies conducive to the development of cloud computing innovation and create a fair and impartial market environment.

(2) In providing financial support, the Government should take the scientific spirit as the guide, objectively evaluate the project effect and risk, and break the custom of blindly superstitious authority. The core technology of cloud computing is not a simple innovation in traditional technology, but a revolutionary breakthrough in theory and methodology. Therefore, if there is no specific technical method, then even if the project team has well-known experts and scholars, scientists, academicians, celebrities, or the project unit is a large enterprise at home and abroad, it is difficult to develop a real cloud computing products.

(3) The Government should have an overall plan to promote the development of cloud computing industry, which is not a requirement for specific technologies or products, but a demand for applications designed according to the resource situation in the region. For example, the advantages of agricultural resources, cloud products mainly around the agricultural development in all aspects, there are advantages of tourism resources, its cloud products are mainly used to manage tourism-related information and activities.

For the government, investment in intelligent urban construction is a long-term strategy and basically does not produce significant short-term benefits. The current land and real estate interests do not belong to the real interests of the intelligent city, on the contrary, the real smart city will change people's use of land and real estate to obtain high benefits of the status quo.

2. How to develop competitive cloud computing products

Although the wisdom of the Earth is the future direction of development, but now the world does not have the technology to achieve intelligent Earth system. Europe and the United States developed countries to grasp the advanced technology still belongs to the level of industrial civilization, these technologies are currently not really create cloud computing civilization needs of the product system.

According to the current technical situation, the wisdom of the earth can be in accordance with the order from simple to complex into four stages to implement, enterprises can be based on their own technology and product characteristics to choose the direction of development.

(1) To create a large-scale information management system. In other words, the establishment of a large data management system containing all the information in the world, such as management information (such as according to administrative divisions and industry classifications, aims to create a corresponding information management form in the virtual world by simulating the distribution of information in the real world.

Most of the technology used in this phase is the current traditional technology, where current IT organizations can participate, such as data centers, servers, storage technologies, information sites, SaaS services, and so on. The standard of distinguishing between cloud products and traditional products is the scale of information and the scope of application. For example, the cloud site is a large-scale site cluster, the number of millions above, and the coverage of the region and the industry is very wide, the data has an association between. The traditional website is small in size, the number of websites is below the level, the correlation between data is lower.

(2) Information-centric development of different application functions, to create a simulation of the real world of the giant complex software management system. Because the real world application demand is dynamic change, so its corresponding software system is also dynamic change.

This phase is to solve the complexity of the software system problems, for example, people's information in different environments have different application requirements, and its corresponding software function system is also different, such as medical system, social security system, tourism system, financial system, business system, education system, transportation system, etc., the system is interrelated.

(3) Connecting the physical world through the Internet of things and collecting information for the system.

This stage is for the virtual world's information ecosystem to build a link to the physical world of the channel, its related products are sensors and information acquisition equipment.

(4) Integrating the virtual world and the physical world, making them an interdependent whole and creating intelligent earth.

The intelligent city belongs to the local part of the Wisdom Earth and is also the concrete fulfillment point. So smart city construction also needs to go through the above four stages. Before creating a city information management system with complex correlation, it is impossible to achieve the desired effect of the intelligent city simply by connecting the physical device with the system that solves the local information application.

So for enterprises, should try to grasp the opportunities of intelligent city construction, to find suitable for their own development direction in order to get the future of Cloud computing competition initiative.

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