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From the birth has been considered to be the concept of hype cloud computing, is attracting more and more "real money" input.

Reporter learned that, at the end of November, by the National Development and Reform Commission 660 million yuan "support cloud computing the first batch of special funds" has been in place, including Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Kingdee software, including more than 10 enterprises, have been tens of millions of dollars and even hundreds of billions of support funds.

According to the reporter understand, is also in November, Ufida Group, Wave group has announced the financing of billions of dollars to set up a cloud business company. Previously, the industry's well-known investment agency Yunfeng Fund also launched a total of 1 billion yuan of cloud funds.

Sadie consultant issued the "China Cloud computing Industry Development White Paper" shows that by 2012, China's cloud computing market will be more than 60 billion yuan, "Twelve-Five" period, China's cloud computing industry chain can reach 750 billion to 1 trillion yuan.

Facing the Government and enterprises in the cloud computing investment in the "big money", as a High-tech industry active element of venture capital (VC), but also how to view the development of the cloud computing situation?

In the December 12 "2011 Cloud World Congress", venture capitalists have said that the time has come to invest in cloud computing, in many investment direction, more optimistic about the development prospects of cloud computing applications.

Application is the King

Over the past more than 10 years, the rapid development of China's internet industry has not only made a number of tens of billions of dollars of companies, but also to invest in the Internet venture capitalists are making pots full. One of the important reasons for the Internet's success is that hundreds of millions of netizens in China have provided a wide market for Internet applications.

Therefore, in the face of the burgeoning cloud computing industry, VC invariably, again focus on the application of this link.

"Venture capital does not see what concept, or see your application, you solve the customer what problem." Deng, the founder and managing director of Northern Aurora, said at the meeting.

Ding, managing director of Jinsha Venture, said that now everyone is more concerned about the high investment in the cloud computing base, but from the perspective of VC, the future development of cloud computing will be more from the platform and application on the basis.

"We should not put too much effort into building the foundation layer." Moore's Law, we all know, will soon be eliminated if the cloud computing infrastructure is not put into use as soon as it is built. I think that the foundation of this layer can be built first, and then rely on the development of a large number of applications to forward. "Ding said.

The Chinese Sequoia Capital China Fund partners more value the combination of software and cloud computing new applications. He said that the combination of the two, so that many traditional industry services can be displayed in a new form, for the original industry has a great subversion, including video-sharing sites, online games, E-commerce and so on, are typical examples of this.

Ji Yue said that with the development of cloud computing, there will be more and more industries in China in the future, based on cloud computing to provide new services and applications. These are the directions that investors should pay attention to.

Small Business Opportunities

With the government invested heavily in the construction of cloud computing base, VC investment is more focused on innovative small enterprises. So, in VC's view, this type of enterprise in the cloud computing market, how much chance?

Deng a more optimistic attitude. His reason is that, when the big industry pattern changes, large enterprises due to the business model, product structure and other aspects of inertia is large, it is difficult in a short period of time to complete from the old mode to the new mode of change.

Small enterprises, because there is no past baggage, you can start from the latest technology, thereby occupying the technical advantages. In addition, small business decision-making speed is also larger enterprises faster. So when the tide of technology comes, small businesses are better able to adapt to new changes and take chances.

Ding also said that in the cloud era, because of the sharing of data and services, the company's marketing costs and the cost of large-scale access to users has fallen sharply, which is undoubtedly a good opportunity for small businesses to develop themselves.

In Ding's view, the current two levels of PAAs (platform services) and SaaS (software as services) are still at an early stage. Once the scale effect is reflected, a business model that does not exist before, or a business model that costs far more than income, will become fully achievable. He advises businesses and entrepreneurs to aim at such opportunities.

In addition, Deng also proposed to do cloud computing small enterprises to do a certain degree of industrial chain integration.

"For example, when E-commerce has just arisen, if the electric business enterprises themselves do not do logistics, it will be difficult to develop." Only if the development to a certain extent, until the logistics market, enterprises can change, the energy to other directions. "Deng said.

In Deng's view, there is a similar situation in the cloud computing market. He advises small businesses to move up and down the value chain, and to work together with other companies to provide more valuable applications for common development and growth.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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