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2013, China's cloud computing development to maintain rapid growth, industrial scale growth far beyond the international level, new services, new business has been emerging, innovative ability significantly enhanced. Looking forward to 2014, the Institute of Software and Information services of Sadie think that our cloud computing will end the development and cultivation period, enter the new stage of rapid growth, the pace of technological innovation is speeding up, the industrial structure is optimized, the market demand space is expanding, the industrial scale is growing rapidly, and the new industrial pattern is At the same time, some new phenomena are arousing people's attention, including the domestic market competition brings the industrial pattern change, the open source technology receives the enterprise widespread attention, the mobile internet and so on new kind of industry state and the cloud computing depth fusion trend is more obvious, the city cloud construction will develop rapidly.

The competition of domestic and foreign enterprises intensifies when construction enters crucial stage

2014, China's cloud computing industry will end the development of breeding period, into a new stage of rapid growth.

2013, the continuous rapid development of cloud computing in China, the scale of industry has been expanding, the annual growth rate far beyond the international level, innovative ability significantly enhanced, the industrial chain is becoming more perfect, the industrial environment is constantly optimized. Looking forward to the 2014, the development of cloud computing in our country is facing new situation, the Government attaches more importance to it, the guiding policy is coming out, the market demand space is expanding, the industry will end the development and cultivation period, and enter a new stage of rapid growth.

The industrial guidance policy is coming out, and the construction of local city cloud computing has entered a crucial stage. Since the State Council's decision to speed up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries has made cloud computing the focus of strategic emerging industries, our government has formulated a series of guidance and planning policies to promote the development of cloud computing. 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guidance on the construction of data center," to standardize our data centers, especially large data centers, reasonable layout and healthy development. Looking forward to the 2014, China's cloud computing development Guidance document will be promulgated, further optimize the development of cloud computing environment in China, promote the rapid growth of industry.

In 2013, local governments continued to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for developing cloud computing, and more than 30 provinces and cities have issued cloud computing strategic planning, action plans or implementation projects. Guangdong and other provinces issued the "Guangdong Province Cloud Computing Development plan (2013-2020 years)", Xiamen issued the "Fujian and Taiwan cloud computing Industry Model Area Master plan (2013-2020)", Tianjin in the national economy and Social development plan to focus on the development of "six cloud" (Cloud perception, cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud security, Cloud solutions, Cloud disaster preparedness) industry. Looking to 2014, the development of local city cloud computing will usher in a turning point. BEIJING, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other first to carry out cloud computing construction of the city after three years of early exploration, has been in technology, products, infrastructure construction has achieved certain results, will enter the critical phase of the industry, accelerate key technological breakthroughs, and promote the application of cloud computing in various industries, various fields widely. At the same time, a group of two or three-line cities will also start cloud computing development plans, infrastructure construction and industry applications, and further improve the layout of China's cloud computing.

Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual user demand space accelerated expansion of domestic and foreign enterprises fierce competition for China's market. In the 2013, the number of businesses and individual users grew rapidly as cloud computing services continued to innovate and applications accelerated. Baidu, Tencent, Qihoo and other enterprises cloud services platform has gathered more than 100 million users, Ali and Kingdee cloud services to support the number of small and medium-sized enterprises more than 700,000. However, due to the security and stability of services, the current Chinese enterprises are generally skeptical of cloud services, the number of enterprises willing to try is still low. Looking forward to 2014, China's cloud computing market space will be further expanded, the number of users will accelerate. SME-level market, with the cloud services to identify the way to come out, the enterprise cloud services continue to strengthen the user's recognition of cloud services will generally improve the use of confidence will gradually increase. As for personal applications, with the development of mobile internet and Internet finance, there will be a growing demand for cloud services in relation to daily life, work and entertainment, which will promote the rapid development of personal application services, and it is expected that more than 200 million of the number of individual users in the cloud services enterprises would appear next year.

2013, the Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and other multinational enterprises of the public cloud services into China, speeding up the looting of our market. Microsoft Cloud Services Azure in the line within half a month to obtain Kingdee software, the concept of cars, Renren, pplive and blue flood communications, such as local customers, view the car will be its qorosqloud business in addition to mobile clients all development, testing work in Windows Azure cloud to complete. Looking forward to 2014, with the rapid development of cloud computing and the growing market demand, China will become one of the world's most competitive cloud computing markets. Multinational companies will continue to accelerate access to the domestic market through cooperation with domestic enterprises. China to Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba representative of the Internet service enterprises, Huawei, ZTE, Ufida and other traditional hardware and software enterprises, as well as other cloud service providers will continue to expand in the field of cloud computing, the domestic market competition will become increasingly fierce.

Structure presents softening trend service proportion continues to increase

2014, into the public cloud services in the field of cloud computing enterprises will further increase the number of service categories will be further enriched, service links in the cloud computing industry in the proportion of the continuous increase.

In recent years, our country cloud computing has maintained the fast development speed, the industry movement situation is good, the industry scale expands unceasingly. 2012 Domestic public cloud market size of 3.5 billion yuan, compared with 2011 growth of 70%, much higher than the same period of international market 25% growth level. With the cloud computing business maturing, business model gradually clear, user trust and awareness gradually strengthened, cloud computing industry scale will be further expanded. 2013, China's public cloud computing market size of more than 5 billion yuan, growth rate of more than 40%. Looking forward to 2014, China's cloud computing development and incubation period is basically over, the rapid growth period followed, the industry scale is expected to exceed 8 billion yuan.

In the rapid growth of industrial scale, China's cloud computing industry structure is also being optimized, the industry chain will show a softening trend. 2013, China's public cloud services to enter the field of enterprises further increase. Tencent after Ali and Baidu, officially into the developer Cloud market, Huawei's cloud services business, China Telecom and the official launch of the "Sky Wing Cloud" and "Wayun" cloud computing brand, the introduction of cloud storage and other users-oriented full range of products; suning appliance to change the name of the company " Suningyun Group Co., Ltd. "in order to better to the cloud service model transformation." In the 2014, the number of cloud computing enterprises entering public cloud services will be further increased, the service types will be further enriched, the IaaS Service and SaaS service for SMEs, and the personal applications in geography, transportation and finance will develop rapidly, and the proportion of service links in the cloud computing industry chain continues to increase.

Overall, the 2014 China's cloud computing will be from the development and cultivation period into a rapid growth period, local government cloud computing into a critical stage, the industrial scale continues to grow, industrial structure appears softening trend, the new industrial pattern is forming. At the same time, Chinese enterprises should prepare for fierce market competition, actively innovate the business model and key technologies, and deal with the competition of foreign giants to accelerate their entry into the domestic market.

Service mode accelerates innovation core technology breakthrough

2014, the data Center green energy-saving technology, platform resource management technology, large data analysis technology and Web rendering technology will also make further breakthroughs.

2013, China's cloud computing enterprises in the transformation of traditional services in the exploration of innovation. Baidu's cloud-open platform provides free infrastructure and data resources for SMEs and developers. Qihoo Technology launched a free cloud storage service for individual users, and through the cloud platform for the vast number of Web site security testing services for financial institutions and government agencies to provide security monitoring support. China digital media for individuals, partners and Third-party service providers to provide video consumption, virtual network television and virtual operation services. Jinshan launched for the enterprise user market fast disk and cloud service platform KS3, into the enterprise-level cloud storage market.

Key technology, Baidu cloud Platform data processing capacity has reached 1000PB. Aliyun has made significant breakthroughs in technologies such as large-scale data storage services, cloud engines supported by multiple programming languages, and cloud databases that support real-time recovery. Kingdee applies for patents in the fields of dynamic load balancing technology, multi-tenant data isolation technology, cloud service mass subscription and supply technology. Wave in the cloud computing core Equipment field breakthrough a number of key technologies, with the international synchronization of Chip-level research and development capabilities, the development of mass storage, cloud server, large data integrated machine, such as cloud equipment, as well as the Cloud Computing center operating system and cloud security product solutions. Dawn in the whole cabinet server, large data processing technology and other aspects of breakthroughs, and based on these technologies in 2013 released a variety of hardware and software products. Green room construction, China's enterprises in the data Center for energy-saving and emission reduction has achieved remarkable results, Baidu, Tencent, China Telecom and other enterprises in the data center using natural cooling, decentralized power supply, high-pressure direct supply, solar energy and other technologies, PUE values are under 1.5, for the domestic green data center construction set a benchmark.

2014, industry and individual application diversification will further accelerate the development of cloud computing products and services innovation. Enterprise Cloud Services, a customizable PAAs platform oriented to specific industry application requirements, SaaS services that integrate tool-style, management-functional features, and industry solution-type SaaS services will accelerate innovation. In the area of personal application, cloud service providers will innovate in a variety of relationships, such as location-based services, payment services, transportation services, and other cloud services that are related to people's lives, work and entertainment. The key technology, the data center green energy-saving technology, the Platform resource management technology, the big Data analysis technology as well as the Web presentation technology also will make the further breakthrough.

Overcapacity in low-end infrastructure

How to standardize the industry management, improve the security of cloud computing, protect the user's information security and privacy rights is still the problem that the cloud computing industry needs to solve.

The blind construction of infrastructure leads to overcapacity in the low-end. At present, the development of cloud computing in our country is mainly based on the data center and so on. In 2013, more than 10 cities in China have planned or started to build data centers, and some places have also proposed building "China's largest", "the region's largest" cloud base and other slogans. Although large-scale data center construction can pull cloud computing to a certain extent, but if all localities do not have the science plan, blindly constructs the data center, possibly because of the future application demand insufficient to produce the new overcapacity and the equipment is idle. The high value of the cloud computing industry lies in services, which should enable users to easily rent advanced information resources through the development of cloud services and cloud applications, thus reducing the cost of information technology products. Therefore, cloud computing infrastructure should be built with cloud services, cloud applications to provide the ability and demand to match, to avoid disorderly development and duplication of construction.

Service stability and information security issues weaken user confidence. At present, the industry's research on the security of cloud computing services is still in its infancy, the legal system, market environment, ecological environment is not perfect, the trust mechanism is not sound enough, security technology to be broken and other problems, make the cloud computing market is a mixed bag, lack of reliable service providers, the lack of industry In 2013, Amazon had a number of large-scale outages, and well-known companies such as CloudFlare, Microsoft and Google also had rare service disruptions or crashes. At present, users are concerned about the information security, privacy protection and service stability of cloud service. How to standardize industry management, improve cloud computing security ability, cloud computing provider how to provide high reliable and usable service, protect user's information security and privacy rights and interests, still is the problem that the cloud computing industry urgently needs to solve.

Focus on hot spots

1 cloud computing combined with emerging industries creates new products and services

The development of mobile Internet, big data and so on is inseparable from cloud computing platform and technology, which makes them develop the trend of deep integration. Mobile Internet field, the entire industry chain will be closely integrated with the cloud computing platform, the formation of platforms, terminals, services and content in one of the industrial ecosystem, instant messaging, mobile payments, location services, mobile office, and many now can not imagine or the technology is not mature of a variety of mobile cloud services will be emerging, and to diversify the direction of development. The rapid rise of large data has brought new opportunities for cloud computing development. Because the cloud computing platform can provide strong data processing and storage capabilities, suitable for supporting large application, many enterprise organizations generally use cloud mode for large data storage, collation, analysis and display, will promote the cloud technology of large data integration machine, the overall solution and other hardware and software products, and the rapid development of large data Analysis Services based on cloud platform.

2 Urban Cloud and personal application services will be the fastest growing area

Following the publication of the first 90 pilot lists of national intelligent cities in the early years, in August, the ministry announced the second batch of national smart City pilot lists, including 103 cities such as the Beijing Economic and technological Development zone, and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and other 8 departments drafted the "Guidance on the promotion of Intelligent city Health" will also be released, With local governments speeding up budget approvals, smart cities will enter a centralized construction phase in 2014. Intelligent City construction will bring a lot of government orders for cloud computing, and promote the rapid development of cloud and e-government. At the same time, with the release of several opinions on promoting information consumption to expand domestic demand, cloud computing will benefit from the industry directly related to information consumption. Especially in the field of personal application, mobile applications, geographic information services, financial applications and other services will show explosive growth.

3 The change of industrial structure brings new opportunities and challenges to Chinese enterprises

2013, China's rapid expansion of the cloud computing market to attract the Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and other multinational companies to enter. IBM and the capital online, Century interconnection and other enterprises, the sce+ and other public cloud services into China, Amazon and the cloud base and Beijing, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the use of the former shop after the factory to provide Chinese customers with cloud services. These multinational companies provide cloud services by empowering domestic enterprises to operate services, exacerbating domestic market competition and causing a new round of adjustment in the industrial landscape. The foreign cloud service enters our country, will not only take advantage of its many years accumulation technology comprehensive superiority to rob our country Cloud service market considerable share, brings the impact to the domestic enterprise, simultaneously also brings the development advancement opportunity for the domestic enterprise. On the one hand, domestic enterprises can see the possibility of cooperation with foreign giants to win, to learn advanced technology and service mode; On the other hand, we should actively bring the development pressure of foreign enterprises into power, hard skills, improve the local services and cloud computing development level, and strive to occupy a favorable position in the industrial structure

4 Open Source model will accelerate the technological innovation of domestic enterprises

Open source software is becoming a new driving force behind the development of cloud computing technology, and many companies, including internet companies, are beginning to accept open source cloud architecture. In the 2013, many it giants, such as IBM, VMware, HP and Oracle, actively promoted open source projects designed to provide software for public and private cloud building and management OpenStack. In October, OSS Framework Hadoop released a new version of Hadoop 2.0, which can unlock the batch processing limitations of Hadoop, make full use of new data sources, and perform real-time analysis of datasets. The new features of Hadoop 2.0 are more in line with the needs of enterprise users, and will become an indispensable tool for large data processing. The prevalence of open source software will not inhibit the development of commercial software in the market, but will bring more opportunities for related products and services, many manufacturers have launched their own commercial products based on open source software. China's enterprises in the technical aspects of accumulation far less than foreign giants, such as foreign open source software to learn from the development of ideas and operating mode, using open source Model deep cloud computing technology, is expected to play an increasingly important role in the field of cloud computing.

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