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The document database of the technical characteristics of NoSQL database

Today, cloud computing practitioners are not unfamiliar with the word nosql, although many technicians have long been engaged in relational database work, but now they are full of expectations of NoSQL technology. The transition from relational to NoSQL databases is definitely a big change to be considered for businesses. This involves not only the changes in software, but also the conceptual changes in data storage.

Most non-relational databases have fast and scalable features. By discarding relational storage models and schemas, relational databases can be detached from the constraints imposed by tightly coupled architectures. The application also eliminates the need to link data from tables in the database.

Document databases such as MongoDB and Couchdb and Ravendb (Ravendb are written based on the Mocrosoft. NET framework) typically provide data through HTTP in addition to certain transformations, The data is then stored as a JSON (JavaScript Object notation)-formatted document and provides API interfaces for multiple languages. These three open source document databases make simplicity, speed, and scalability an important indicator of their design. The creator of Ravendb, Ayende Rahien, said that "Ravendb was designed to write and read quickly."

2012: Flash or Replace disk

According to HIS-ISUPPLI estimates, in the second half of 2011, hard drives are expected to account for 71% of the corporate market, up 0.9% from the first half, while SSD (solid-state drives) is expected to grow from 843 million US dollars to 61% to 1.35 billion dollars. Some analysts expect the 2012 flash development to accelerate.

"Next year we'll see more solid-state applications, not just capacity, it will be used by more users on more occasions to serve more applications," said Mark Peters, senior analyst at the corporate Strategy Group. "Solid-state applications will shift from a specific application to a more general purpose in the storage architecture." Solid-State storage will become more common, either as a standard component in a storage system or as a key component of a new storage system, whether it is full flash or composite. ”

Nginx Microsoft into the world's second-largest network server

According to foreign media reports, the British Network tracking and Investigation agency Netcraft recently released a report that due to Dell's chairman Michael Dell and other venture capitalists favor, Nginx, the emerging Open-source Web server company, has overtaken Microsoft IIS, the Internet Information Server, as the second largest provider of Web servers in all of the world's active Web sites.

According to Netcraft's "January 2012 Web Server Survey Report," Nginx has gained market share in a variety of websites over the past one months, while its rivals Apache, Microsoft and Google have fallen in market share.

Currently, 12.18% of active Web sites run on Nginx Web servers, which have unique content, and the total number of Web sites is not the same as 22.2 million. In short, the Netcraft report has 580 million websites, 18 million of which are active sites.

View: 2012 Cloud data Top Ten trends

When the curtain falls for 2010 years, the new private cloud and hybrid cloud system are considered to be the trend of the time. Now, time has passed and 2011 has passed. Many of the past predictions have been achieved. 2011 is indeed a veritable year of cloud computing. Over the past 12 months, thousands of new cloud architectures have been built and deployed and used in all walks of life. Many it vendors have agreed on a point where they believe that the purchasing curve of cloud computing IT equipment will continue to rise and grow steadily in the coming year. The following 10 key points are likely to lead the trend of cloud data in 2012.

1. Continuation of existing storage systems

It is not realistic and impossible for most businesses to keep all enterprise data in the cloud. However, the ever-expanding demand for data storage has also imperceptibly driven the requirements of storage capabilities.

2. Private cloud will be popularized in large enterprises

Companies want to use the cloud model of efficient and scaled cloud service providers in-house to reduce costs, such as OpenStack computing and storage environments.

3. Cloud disaster recovery as a viable option

Cloud services that provide disaster recovery do not have to pay for the cost of idle hardware devices and are more productive. Although it is not possible to achieve a 0 downtime disaster recovery, the RTOS (Recovery-time objectives) is implemented within a few hours according to SLAs (Service-level agreements).

4. Cloud disaster recovery may be a requirement

In fact, most enterprises have a disaster recovery strategy, but how to create additional levels of protection within the scope of enterprise control? The answer is to find new solutions to back up SaaS data locally or to other vendors.

5. Easier use of cloud applications

Some business applications can be fully migrated into the cloud to save on the cost of managing and maintaining their hardware and software platforms.

6. Non-relational database response to large data waves

The advent of large data waves has forced many IT companies to consider replacing their traditional relational databases with NoSQL databases, while a new cloud deployment model can greatly simplify deployment.

7. Solid-State hard disk storage deployed in the cloud

Applications migrating to the cloud do not always guarantee high performance from the data store, and by providing High-performance storage based on SSD (NAND Flash), cloud service providers will be able to meet predictable or faster application response requirements.

8. Better data compression technology

The cost of storing every gigabyte of data in the cloud is still expensive, and duplication and data compression technologies can help businesses reduce costs to the fullest extent possible.

9. More use of cloud analysis

Providing analytics services in a cloud environment and taking a "pay by usage" model can meet the business goals of many businesses, saving costs for the enterprise.

10. Companies will start to search for cloud computing

Under the premise of improving it efficiency, some managers with outdated ideas may consider using mature cloud products. Others, by buying traditional IT infrastructures and naming cloud-computing names to satisfy their "cloud vanity", may be a casualty of cloud computing.

Zhang: Cloud computing is wool in China

2011 is the "cloud computing" concept and application prospects for the formal 10 anniversary, "Cloud" has changed from a vague concept into a clear direction of the entire IT industry, "a new generation of information technology, IoT, mobile Internet and so on will be ' cloud ' as the nerve center" has become a consensus.

Zhang said that the past 2011, is the cloud computing industry "robust" development of the year. Many of the world's largest companies have launched their own "private cloud" and cloud-based products and services such as Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. In China, many IT companies publish "cloud" strategy, the introduction of "cloud" products, operators also began to deploy based on "cloud" applications.

The government also has a deeper understanding of the cloud, the governments he has been to almost all talk about the "cloud", the United States and South Korea have some "cloud" strategies, and the Chinese government is more active.

The cloud was forced out.

Zhang said "Cloud" was forced out. Because it industry has developed to a certain stage, more and more data, software more and more complex, terminals more and more diverse, there is no way, a lot of things must be put to the background, that is to put into the "cloud" inside. For example, search, map application and location information, no "cloud" can not spread, so much information can not be stored in the terminal.

"Cloud" is definitely not a vague concept, not storytelling, and it is a new framework for the real operation of IT industry.

Opportunities in China in application platform

Zhang said the future "cloud" on the competition is focused on three platforms: "Cloud" platform, "end" platform and based on the "cloud" "end" of the social, commercial applications platform. On the "End" platform, the current market has formed the Windows Phone, iOS and Android in the context of the situation, there are few opportunities to find. But the "cloud" platform and the application platform aspect, the Chinese enterprise has the very big opportunity. The biggest opportunity for Chinese companies is still in the application, because it has a strong regional and local cultural characteristics.

The ten applications of high performance computing to demonstrate the theory of hawking black hole evaporation

With the advent of the 2012, High-performance Computing (HPC) has also entered the golden age of its development, so that high-performance computing will promote the development of many areas, and reflect its unique value.

The development of high performance computing system has already had the real-time interactive function and has its own "opinion" from the previous computation of the massive information and the result to the current High-performance computing system.

At the end of 2011, the supercomputer K computer, made by Japan's RIKEN Institute for Advanced Computing Sciences (AICS) and Fujitsu, was the first supercomputer to cross billions. And with the advent of the 2012, High-performance computing systems will surely be pleasantly surprised by the medical technology of individual genes, more accurate weather forecasts, shared memory calculations, more extensive application of Hadoop, coprocessor and "accelerators", which will result in significant performance, large scale deployments of public clouds, The data center will be more green, computational fluid dynamics, global warming predictions more accurate, the universe theory verification, such as 10 areas to shine.

What is cloud computing? Mr. Li, MA pk.

In the eyes of 1000 people, there are 1000 cloud computing. As a hot word, "cloud computing" in the end is what, still give people the impression of the fog. At a recent IT leaders ' summit, the industry's controversy over cloud computing became the biggest "spectacle" of the Summit day. With Baidu CEO Robin Li, Tencent board chairman Ma as the representative of the Technology party cloud computing big cold water, and with Alibaba chairman of the board chairman of the President of the company, a strong cloud computing formed a sharp confrontation. A rival PK, indicating that the industry's development direction of cloud computing is still full of controversy.

As a technology representative, Robin Li poured cold water on the "cloud computing craze" and pointed out, "cloud computing is a little bit blunt, it's a new bottle of old wine, no new stuff." "Li said that 15 years ago, the industry talked about the client-server relationship, and later on the Internet web Interface services, now that cloud computing, in fact, is the same, mainly on the server side to do. "I also believe there will be more and more cloud-based Internet applications coming out of the future, but if you make more money using cloud computing, I feel like this is going to be a bit tiring," he said. ”

The same technology-born Ma also points out that cloud computing is indeed a more advanced concept. Ten years ago, someone (Sun Microsystems, the United States) proposed a network of computers, but no one believed it. Because too early, became martyrs, not only the transformation is not successful, but also to make a lot of problems. ”

However, the commercial representative Ma Yun is very optimistic about cloud computing, that cloud computing is a good thing. Mr Ma said Alibaba was full of confidence and hope for cloud computing. "We don't think we've found a new mineral, but Alibaba has a lot of consumer data, small business data, and Alipay trading data that are very useful and useful for China's economic development." "He believes that if the cloud model is adopted, it will reduce operating costs.

Japan's research on cyber weapons leads to recruiting of internet warfare

The Yomiuri Shimbun reported on the development of new "cyber weapons" in Japan. The article pointed out that the defense province is developing a virus that can be attacked by the network in the case of reverse detection of the attack path, and attack the source. At the same time, the virus also has the ability to gather intelligence. This matter once again arouses people to "cyber war" this new war of concern and discussion.

Analysts pointed out that cyber warfare began to become a new form of warfare, in conjunction with the traditional war, itself began as a relatively independent field of war.

Today, cyberspace has risen to the "five realms" tied to the sea, land, air and space. The ability to control the network becomes an important part of the military power of every country. Therefore, countries have taken measures to strengthen the construction of their own network forces to enhance the network space protection and control capabilities.

With the increasingly prominent status of network warfare, countries have spared no effort to accumulate their own "cyber warfare" force and expand the number of "Cyber army". However, as analysts have pointed out, people's pursuit of peace is bound to require the international community to develop rules to counteract the vicious development of cyber confrontation and arms races. As a result, "nuclear arms control" like "net arms control" may become a reality in the near future. After all, war is a war, even if it's not blood.

Intel Roadmap Exposure: 2013 push quad core Atom processor

Intel's product roadmap slides, found on the Computerbase Web site, will contain four of nuclear products in 2013.

This is consistent with Intel's announcement in May 2011. Intel said it would make three major upgrades to the Atom processor over the next 36 months. The "Saltwell" will be the first batch of new processors to be upgraded with a 32 nm process. The processor will be launched in 2012.

This slide shows that Intel will launch the four nuclear atom processor in 2013. The processor may be a terminal product code-named "Saltwell" or an early product code-named "Silvermont".

These atom processors are available for products such as micro-servers, desktops, and portable mobile PCs (laptops).

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