Cloud computing will be the biggest test of the internet in December this year

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(Compile/Mao) in the host hardware platform is still the mainstream of the game today, there are many people look at the future, cloud based gaming services is one of them. It rejects the traditional local hardware model, instead, the game data, even computing work on the server side, the player only needs to have a display device, a device similar to a set-top box or a very low configuration of the computer, and reach a certain bandwidth of the Internet connection can be.  Two companies are currently working on this, and OnLive has opened in July, and another company, named Gaikai, will start the cloud-based gaming service in December this year. At the online game developer conference in Texas, Gaikai founder David Perry announced that the company has basically completed all its development work, and that the full form of the service will be presented to the world in mid-December. The opening of the initial two months will be the form of personal invitation to open the service gradually to everyone to test the stability of the system, in the end of commissioning will be fully open.  Currently, the service is in the testing phase for both internal and individual publishers. Gaikai Cloud computing Gaming Services If you're not familiar with the cloud gaming service, an easy way to explain it is that you don't need to download, install the game you selected, all the game data and hardware resources are in a remote data center, you need a display device, There is no need for a top-level PC equipped with the latest hardware. All the computing work is done in the server segment, players want to play a game, like on cable TV to choose a channel as simple as the selection of the game can immediately start, do not need to wait.  And Gaikai promised that you could even use your iphone to enjoy the service. The difference with OnLive is that Gaikai more focused on the game demo, rather than OnLive as a complete version of the game. Gaikai allows you to try this game online before buying a full version. For example, a browser-based game demo will allow you to play to a certain stage of the game, and if you think the game is fun enough to buy, then after paying, you can continue to play all the content of the game. This looks like the demo we saw on the Psn,xbla now. But the difference is that you do not need to download the number of G demo back, play a few minutes after the deletion, more importantly, you do not need to buy an expensive host or an advanced configuration of the PC,  As long as you have a proper Internet access device, you can almost enjoy your favorite games anytime and anywhere. But the biggest bottleneck of personal feeling is the speed and content of the game. No play can come out without speed. There is no good game support, the technology of cattle and no use ~ new technology, let us wait and see. (Edit/Ming)
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