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The Big internet giants have launched cloud services, acquiring and registering cloud domain names, Apple buys, and recently officially enabled the cloud domain name, Amazon acquisition cloud domain name, it seems to be to make up for the cloud before the introduction of music services lost the cloud domain name, the two giants buy the cloud domain name, but also stimulate the trading field on cloud domain name attention, cloud domain name into a hot concern.

Overseas Cloud Domain Name "Cloud" in the mainstream

Cloud Concept Cloud Computing is proposed by Google, this concept once proposed in the domain name industry set off a related domain name registration boom, its related domain name types in overseas more "Cloud" combination, in the overseas market Cloud related domain names have been registered by domain name enthusiasts, according to incomplete data statistics, At present, "Cloud" combination cloud domain name has more than 300, in which the terminal Enterprise acquisition or registration of the number also occupies a lot of weight.


Figure 1: Overseas Cloud Cloud Domain name

New things, the introduction of new concepts, followed by the derivative of the surrounding products, coupled with the introduction of new products enterprise terminals, but also to promote its domain name generation, from the domain name trading diagram can understand, overseas cloud domain Name "Cloud" is the key role of its trading, and such cloud domain name has broken through. com suffix restrictions, non-mainstream. me/.in/. Ly/.de/.au and so also become the cloud Domain name choice object, and in these non-mainstream suffixes, some domain name transaction price is quite good, such as domain name 29000 dollars deal, these domain name transactions most of the domain name lovers between trading, the enterprise terminal transaction case less.

In addition to Apple, Amazon acquisition cloud Domain name, terminal buy cloud Domain name Another concern is Citrix acquisition development cloud Infrastructure software Enterprise, industry speculation, Citrix acquisition behavior is directed at the possibility of this domain name, visible, cloud domain name on the enterprise's attractiveness. Today, the cloud domain name application increases, has promoted the cloud domain name value.

Domestic cloud domain Lead "yun" Pinyin

At home and abroad, two domain name market culture is different, foreign English cloud "cloud", the leading singer in the domestic market is the phonetic cloud "Yun", "Yun" combination of pinyin domain name into the main type of domestic cloud domain name, Yun a single spell of different suffixes, Yun combination of double spell or even three, have become the domestic field of hot cloud domain names.


Figure 2: Domestic Yun Cloud domain name

Query to understand that cloud computing Yunjisuan, Cloud concept Yungainian, cloud technology Yunjishu and other related three domain names have been registered, in addition, "Yun" combination of double spell has been registered, the current "Yun" Group of domain names in most domain enthusiasts, a few for the enterprise terminal to buy and enable. such as 360 successful acquisition of "cloud disk" related to 3 dual-spell domain name, Alibaba acquired ALIYUN.COM/CN two cloud domain name, After enabling domain name launched Ali cloud computing platform, and also in the recent exposure Aliyun mobile phone real machine products printed on the "" domain name, Alibaba "Yun" domain name play very large, visible, domestic trading on the "Yun" hot.

Pinyin domain name occupies a very important position in the country, "yun" Pinyin is of course loved by the people, however, some enterprises are overseas "cloud" cloud domain name type, such as Shanda's "grand Cloud" on-line operation to enable the CN suffix Cloud Domain name, innovation workshop, Zhi Star Tong ( Elex), Tencent three enterprises jointly built "line Cloud" official website domain name, overseas cloud domain Name "Cloud" market increases, the domestic market also has dabbled in, however, from the phonetic domain name in the domestic status, overseas "cloud" to shake Pinyin "Yun" status is so easy.

Although cloud domain name is the most popular investment domain name type at home and abroad, but for this kind of domain name, should be adapted to local conditions, rational analysis of two market geographical and cultural differences, to use long-term vision to dig "cloud" and "Yun" the two types of domain name value, enterprises and platforms to grasp the market Select a suitable cloud domain to operate and promote cloud products.

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