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Remember a few years ago I was told the future it area will be "cloud world", at that time really did not understand also did not take the matter, but now the cloud computing of the big way, is taking the irresistible posture to set off the huge change in it field, let me be convinced of the arrival of the cloud era.

cloud Computing's fiery degree, from many manufacturers and media to "cloud" in the name of the hype and promotion can be seen. But the real impact of the "cloud" is the most important enterprises in the IT, reasonable use of cloud computing technology as the core of enterprise applications, it will have the opportunity to withdraw from the complex trivia, complete from the handyman to the management of the transformation.

Cloud's revelation one: puts the hardware in "The Cloud", farewell the tedious operation Dimension

The most striking feature of
cloud computing is that enterprises do not need to purchase software for enterprise applications, servers and other hardware equipment, all the operation and maintenance work has been transferred to the service provider side, this model is undoubtedly the gospel of enterprise IT, it has finally had the opportunity to say goodbye to those annoying cumbersome operation and maintenance.

to the recent hot business instant messaging, for example, the traditional process is to buy software---set up, deploy the server---the establishment of VPN dedicated line---the use of---later maintenance, which requires it to spend a lot of time and effort for early deployment and maintenance , but now using the cloud Platform for enterprise instant Messaging will bring a completely different experience, enterprise it simply to register, download the immediate use, and any later maintenance problems are provided by the service provider, without all the trouble, so that it can draw more energy into the management work.

The revelation of
Cloud two: Switching cost model, minimizing the cost of enterprise

The application of
fees and network budget control has been a difficult problem for many it, but with the application of cloud computing technology, this phenomenon will be effectively improved. The enterprise does not need to invest a lot of cost in the initial stage, and avoids the risk of upfront cost investment, also avoids many "unnecessary risks" to it.

The main types of
cloud computing technologies are IaaS, SaaS, and PAAs, representing infrastructure as services, platforms, services, and software as services and platforms. They represent three different directions of application development, but the common denominator is to use virtualization to gradually change the investment model of enterprise applications.

For example, it in the choice of enterprise basic cloud services can consider the Grand strong promotion of "Grand Cloud" series. This service integrates a variety of "cloud applications", "Real on-demand", for enterprises to bring many popular cloud applications, while giving the enterprise the largest choice of freedom, it can be based on the actual economic situation of the company to control costs; it can choose some free and registered enterprise instant Messaging when resolving enterprise communication. For example, IMO "Cloud Office", IMO, including text conversation, video, organization structure tree, electronic bulletin, including dozens of functions are free of charge, these functions fully meet the day-to-day communication needs of enterprises, while it can also choose to pay for the purchase of electronic fax, corporate SMS and other additional functions.

The revelation of
cloud Three: from passive to active management, to achieve management across the

about the most important impact of cloud computing on it is the full choice of space. How it uses cloud computing strategies to pave the way for business determines what role it will play in future enterprise development.

traditional it in the enterprise mostly play the role of engineers, firefighters, few it can do active management. Now with cloud computing, IT staff can have the opportunity to change roles. When the enterprise encounters the development problem, it can fully propose to use some cloud computing application solution to enhance its position in the company.

below, we analyze the role transformation of it in the cloud era through two typical cases.

1, traditional print vs cloud print

Many it must be responsible for printing and other complex tasks in the enterprise, which is a headache for it, but with the current cutting-edge cloud printing technology, it can make printing very easy. Hewlett-Packard's HP Eprint Cloud printer, which allows employees to simply send an email containing documents to a printer address, can print anywhere, even by using a smartphone. Enterprise It can be fully from the efficiency and security perspective to the boss, using more advanced cloud printing technology to improve office efficiency, but also to show it responsibility.

2, personal chat tool vs Cloud Office

QQ, MSN and other personal chat tools in the enterprise now, but many employees work time is more to use them to private chat, seriously affecting the efficiency. Many it chooses not to act with the indifferent attitude, but actually this is a good superior opportunity. Personally, this problem must be resolved, rather than wait until the boss ordered to take measures, as a choice to actively attack.

mentioned before the IMO Cloud Office is a good choice, IMO is also the cloud era of outstanding products. IMO can solve the problem of enterprise communication is very good, and it eliminates all entertainment function, can create a green office environment for the Enterprise. At the same time, the integration of some Office collaboration tools on IMO can greatly improve the office efficiency, which is also the author as a typical case of an important reason.

Imagine a boss is more like to do it, or like to stand in the company point of view to suggest the feasibility of it?

cloud computing represents a trend of development, if it can be based on the needs of the company to bring the "cloud" into the enterprise, so that enterprises profit from it, perhaps into management, complete role conversion is really not "cloud".

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