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Because start-ups are in their infancy, they are struggling in terms of funding. They need to be careful about spending in all aspects, and they ca n’t wait for a penny to spend in half. Moreover, the first task of startups is to ensure how to survive first and their expenditures. It is also mainly focused on sales, publicity, and channels that have a strong role in promoting corporate marketing. For IT departments that are "cost centers", they usually adopt an attitude that can be used. It is helpless to use a PC instead of a server. Lift. At the same time, start-ups generally do not hire professional IT staff, but are usually non-professionals who are not from a class and are interested in digital technology like Henry. They may be reluctant to install a system and instigate applications. Capable, but if it involves the operation and maintenance, management, and configuration of professional servers, it is obviously difficult.

In this case, start-ups are actually facing a dilemma. On the one hand, companies do not want to invest too much money in server equipment, and there are no matched IT technicians to manage and maintain servers. On the other hand, mobile office Trends, the rise of online applications, and the rapid development of enterprise business, and the rigid requirements for servers, have made companies like NewStar have to carefully consider how to choose their "first server", which can solve the urgent need Without spending too much manpower and money.

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So, how should a "cloud first server" be chosen for a startup?

In fact, as long as we take the pulse of these small start-up companies, carefully analyze and carefully sort out the specific business needs of small start-up companies, so that we can find the specific requirements of the first server easily.

In fact, the business needs of start-ups like NewStar are usually relatively simple, except for the following: 1) file sharing: used for work collaboration and information communication between employees, 2) data storage: various types of business, Storage of user data and financial data. 3) Remote access: used to support mobile office and transfer of internal and external materials, 4) Web applications: company website services, simple online application support. 5) Business system support: the support of corporate personnel system, financial system and management system.

Now that the requirements are clear, the next step is to summarize the server requirements for each business based on these business needs, and finally figure out what kind of server a startup should choose.

For file sharing and remote access, servers need to be able to provide stable and long-term services to meet 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation, thereby ensuring business connectivity. This is actually a stability requirement; for data storage, in addition to In addition to ensuring the reliability and availability of data storage, special attention must be paid to the security of the server to prevent the leakage and loss of important core data of the enterprise. For web application and business system support, in addition to the stability requirements, it also needs to have strong performance to ensure that the enterprise web services and business systems can run smoothly and effectively. This is actually the performance of the server. Claim. In addition, let's not forget a very important point for start-ups, which is ease of maintenance, that is, no professional and technical personnel are required to maintain the server. In addition, the price of the server is cheap enough, of course, another important point.

With these requirements, we can really list the "diagnostic prescription" for the "first server" choice for startups like NewStar.

Diagnostic prescription

Illness: server crashes, file sharing, remote access, web application and other functions fail

Cause: PC is used as a server. Since PC is not specially designed for performance, stability, and reliability, it is inevitable that a long-term crash will occur.

Treatment plan: choose a server product that combines stability, security, high performance, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness to replace PC
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