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Lai: Next Please welcome the speaker of the dialogue, Mr. Ming, chairman and president of Ufida, Mr. Wang Wenjing, vice president of the China Unicom Research Institute, Mr. Fang, chairman of the Zhang Zhenqing group, Mr. Lin Shi-ding, Chairman of Baidu Technical Committee, Dr. Yao Hongyu, friend System CEO.

In fact today not only has the cloud, the sky also floats the snowflake, is very auspicious for everybody cloud computing person. Each guest in three minutes to greet the cloud of their own wonderful views of the bright, each guest after three minutes, guests can also interact with the speakers. Next, please welcome Mr. Ming.

Zhang Ming is: a three-minute view of the cloud, yes, long enough. Just now we have been talking about the first year of the big data, the actual cloud computing from the foundation to the big data is how to come, you talk about a lot of examples. I take my company's own example to explain, may be more profound, large enterprises can find some clues to use, how to produce value.

Our company is catching the virus, it has been 25 years since this year. After 6 or 7 years, hackers began to sneak in, lurking there to steal the information. The first 10 years are the bad guys out there, I'm the castle, so I don't have to know who he is and where to take our stuff. But now, they can come in through a variety of ways through the cloud, through spam and other information. So different information we have to control it, it is no longer a simple single data.

2nd, we found that when he attacked your data, it was fast and very large. Big data, big speed, how do we solve this situation? Soon the company's will to survive came out, well, we can think of a way to solve this problem. But when the traditional methods were useless, we began to find large data that could accommodate different sources of attack. Using this technique, we have modeled the behavior of hackers for 20 of years. After learning, OK, next time I can predict how hackers attack over, this method has predictive function. My clients have the ability to be defensive, we're smarter, and we get smarter when we're attacked. All of this information can be used to protect 20 million of my clients worldwide. For almost 5, 6 years, 6 months ago, Facebook used our products, it had 1 billion users, and people would go to their sites every day to attack, and we could detect each attack. You should know that starting today's big data will be related to your receivable and competitiveness. Thank you!

Li: I understand that hackers have mastered cloud technology, so they have to use the cloud method to counter them.

Wang Wenjing: Cloud computing is more and more from the personal consumer market to enterprise applications, in the enterprise application of cloud computing market, we see the front Alibaba in E-commerce, like Baidu in marketing have done very successful. Next wave we can see in the field of enterprise management, the cloud computing of enterprise management will develop rapidly. In the field of enterprise management, we believe that there are three factors driving the rapid development of cloud. One is real time, two is fine, three is individuality. The so-called real time, I think there are many companies in the boss or the department head, we all want to see my business so far, so far today's profit statement, I believe that this is a lot of corporate leaders common expectations, is that our management to more real-time. Fine is the intensity of management, strength can not be as thick as now, no matter to people, goods, products, customers are more sophisticated. The other is personality, and these three factors drive the faster development of managing cloud technology.

This year we do enterprise software, affected by various factors, we are challenged is also very big. In addition to the external macro-market factors, I think from the internal point of view, the industry also shows that our own industrial structure to speed up the optimization, accelerate the transformation. The existing business model, the optimization of the words there is a great potential, there is a lot of space. At the same time, to speed up our management software manufacturers, accelerate our cloud development and advancement, this is also our more important strategy. From Ufida we are now divided into two levels in the promotion of private cloud for large enterprises services, for small micro-enterprise public cloud services, we are both in the accelerated advance. Thank you!

Li dispute: Next is the child Dean, prepared two PPT.

Fang: For operators, cloud computing we cover a wide range, we all know that we are the network provider of cloud computing, we are also the provider of cloud computing IDC, we are also the provider of computing resources, we are still providing a wide range of cloud computing services. Today we have our own cloud computing, and we have to do cloud computing services, in fact, our role is many. My topic for today is briefly about the mobile Internet, which I think is an important ecology, and I'm trying to make it clear through this picture, because of the relationship between cloud computing, mobile Internet, and today's big data. The ultimate user of mobile internet is to get intelligent universal service, how to get? Obtained through mobile networks and mobile terminals. How can intelligence, how can personality? Data intelligence is processed and serviced through large data. How to do large data processing and intelligent service? Need cloud computing and networking. This ecology is very important, how we build such an ecology, I think that we are here today to work together to build. Centralized operators have the role of operators, and we have to nurture a large number of developers to take advantage of such infrastructure, network computing infrastructure and platform data to provide our final data with the best rich intelligent universal applications. This is a very important point that I want to talk about today, it is not our annual topic, but this topic is closely linked together, will eventually form an industrial ecology to do our development thriving mobile internet business. That's my point, thank you.

Li dispute: Now on the relationship between Tencent and operators outside the discussion more, two must be interactive.

Do not thy billows: Tencent's cooperation with operators is very close. We are all exposed to the business enterprise group, we are Tencent inside the foundation of all the common group of people here, we serve all business enterprise groups. Our group and operators have very close cooperation, including the recent we have a lot of large data centers and network projects, are in cooperation with operators to build.

Li dispute: That is, there is a lot of cooperation at the bottom, we see only the appearance of controversy.

Jian: I would like to talk about a little bit, first of all thank you to the General Assembly to give us this opportunity. Hello, Cloud is really talking about heart, cloud is very good. One of my own feelings is that cloud computing has been going on for so many years, until the Volt line comes out, and so does cloud computing, which is not even useful until there is a thing that can run like a volt production line. My own practice and experience cloud era has arrived, today I saw such a production line can run on top, it is very gratifying things.

I take for example, cloud computing this line may surpass many people's imagination, once I have said one example, Ali Finance's example. We use data to make loans to other people, loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, on average every 2 seconds to put a loan, followed by data, no artificial participation, the minimum loan is 1 dollars. This particularly reflects the nature of cloud computing, and only enough computing power will allow you to get things done in a limited amount of time. A 1 dollar loan can do little to show that the money you lend must cover what you can do.

Large data does not generally reflect the nature of the data, called large data is a bit misleading. My own experience of practice, I think today's data is not getting bigger, the essence is not big, today's data is essentially online. My own understanding, in fact, all the problems we encounter today are data suddenly one day online, because we use the method of data completely changed, online data must be very large data. From my point of view, online data is also the data of the Internet. So the big data things are not brought about because of the change of the Internet. I'll probably say these two points, thank you!

Li dispute: Next Zhang must always interact with Dr. Wang. First, when cloud computing becomes a production line, such as loans without human intervention, security becomes important. Second, the large is because the data real-time online, real-time online data, security and processing of data has become very important, Zhang must always interact with the king.

Zhang Ming is: Cloud security, large data security is everyone's information you do not know how many times the copy. The problem is that the hacker has changed, he is not to destroy your machine, but to steal your information sold outside, especially this can be copied and then sold, which makes the cost is very low. You have to pay attention to security issues, and now more and more concise.

Jian: Just Zhang always told about the safety of the typical cloud computing era of the Volt production line, its application level, the impact on society, the development of our entire industry, its influence is large enough. This is the first.

Second, just as the security of the example, you imagine that there is no Internet, no line, this case is not there. It has no intrinsic relationship with the size of the data, as long as it is not online, there is no internet, this case is non-existent. Imagine that today all people want to do unsafe things, but also through the Internet, he has no possibility to complete the line. So all your activities are online and become all your work must be done online. This is a typical volt production line, and must be done online, without the online premise, this thing will not exist.

Zhang Zhenqing: Hello everyone, I think this cloud World Congress selected three words "Hi cloud" particularly good, around this topic. Imagine, in fact, that cloud computing is already affecting the lives of each of us. If Hello cloud, this cloud does not exist, our life will be what. On the way to the meeting I did three things with my cell phone, the first thing is Baidu map check the traffic in Beijing, come here I feel very convenient. Second, I put our contract approval, now pay attention to real-time, just now Wang always said the enterprise management are fastidious real-time. Third, look at the network hotspots in Weibo. This means that every day we are doing things that are closely related to the cloud. But Cloud's application of cloud computing can be seamless in everyone's life, just as the dean in front of my speech, the core is ubiquitous, we do not feel an intelligent network, because this is to support all the basis of cloud computing. Our company is also with operators, and how to put the ubiquitous intelligent network can do better, including just a child dean's film inside the Big Data analysis. We can now do afterwards analysis, the customer uses what kind of application, each month how many flows in uses the micro-BO, in uses the micro-letter, what time, any place can do, this is afterwards analysis, we call the Big Data Analysis 1.0. The 2.0 of smart networks is how you can use the cloud in the process of using the Web to have more intelligent things that will allow you to do better in the process of using.

Fang: We used to call it support system, this system is to support our business, is the production of ancillary systems. We also want to do is like Taobao, is the online system. What is an online system? Is that our service is not a strategy that we have prepared, you can only choose this way. We have a lot of applications, our own applications, and the applications that are provided to us in the third area, and how these applications can be more precise and intelligent for those who need it. This requires a change in our entire IT system to remove the two-word support. We are working with the relevant manufacturers, Asia-trust joint venture.

Li dispute: Next is the online Baidu, please chairman Lin.

Lin Shi-ding: Today I sit here very nervous, put on are leaders of the characters, especially I worship the king of Ufida, so the pressure is huge. Let me talk about the phenomena we have seen over the past year and our own observations.

As one of the largest Internet companies in China, last year was probably this time, and I blew up a cow with you. Said Baidu is an innovative enterprise. A year what Baidu has done, it should be said that this year Baidu experienced a lot of things, in particular, Baidu in the past few years began to start to the present, 11, two years, in the cloud computing, large data accumulation of technical capabilities, as well as in the attraction of user traffic, the flow into income into these areas of capacity, We are all packaged and open for free use by developers around the world. The purpose is to use Baidu's ability to serve the community, to create an ecological circle, so that all parties benefit, including today's developers here, our vast number of users, including operators and data vendors.

Through the events themselves, we see some phenomena. There are three general generalizations. First, infrastructure has become the protagonist of our developers in the next mobile internet age, and infrastructure has become one of the most dependent things developers have. Second, we see the trend of convergence between web and applications accelerating. Third, is also one of the biggest challenges we face, the mobile internet cloud computing era, the business model is not clear, we are exploring.

The infrastructure, specifically, is the individual's cloud storage. Do not underestimate the personal cloud storage, at first I do not understand, do not understand. What's so hard about cloud storage? A long time ago, more than 10 years ago I used to, later the various mailboxes provide several G storage mailbox. This is true gold and silver, every g industry is about 10 dollars, we Baidu to each netizen to provide 15 g of free service, so that Baidu every year to take out billions of. The general small company can not support, behind the business does not rise, pure is a burning money business. can provide a safe, smooth, free service, I believe that only a certain strength of the company can do.

Web and App Fusion, there are two kinds of app. We say that the integration of web and app is more and more people in the pursuit of Web development app application, we observed a lot of phenomena, such as everyone's browser in the hard competition HTML5 level, this one, two years to upgrade the speed is very fast. Baidu announced on September 3 that the compatibility with HTML5 has reached 482. The other side of the coin also proves that the web trend is important, and Facebook recently said to give up HTML5, but not long ago I met their senior executives regretted, and quietly began to do. This trend is very obvious.

The third trend is the business model. How to make a profit on the mobile internet? I am quite frankly saying that the PC era is based on three major models, advertising, shop, games, including virtual and currency. At least no validation has been made on the mobile Internet, and these changes have been caused by user behavior, the motivation and size of the screen, and the difference in operating the keyboard. One thing we can see very clearly in this case is that users are more likely to pay for a mobile phone. We used to have some examples of how to make it easier for the developers to pay for the fees, and for internet companies like us to do something about it. For example, we are doing a key payment, the purpose is this. Thank you!

Li dispute: Combined with Dr Jian just now, in fact, the cloud era is the online era, for the forest is always the need for Internet genes. How is your cloud management software online from this perspective?

Wang Wenjing: Baidu's focus and three years of construction, especially how to use the platform for the construction of applications, these are worthy of our learning, especially Alibaba. We do enterprise software companies, especially to do management software companies, we are also promoting their own business transformation, in the process of transition in the front of the internet companies a lot of thinking and practice is really worth our good learning lessons. We push two levels, one is the cloud of its own software, the second level is to complete our application into cloud services. Now we're moving in two directions, in the process of advancing, we also feel that the enterprise software company through the previous more than 10 20 years of development, we established the enterprise customer base, in the trend to cloud, to cloud service era is very valuable, because it is particularly valuable end. Recently many internet companies to find us, hope to share with us how to combine the application, I think here we have a lot of cooperation can be combined opportunities, and some cooperation is now advancing. Thank you!

Li dispute: Next is Tencent's not always.

Do not thy billows: I feel today's meeting hall is lively, the person who comes is very many, everybody here is the cloud user at least, or consciously unconsciously in the past years engaged in cloud work. But my personal feeling today, in 2012, in China, the feeling cloud is no longer a nothingness ectoplasms, very specific. I believe that the companies present in the field of cloud also has a lot of breakthroughs. Nearly half of the people today are on the Internet, many have a lot of terminals, mobile terminals and smartphones can be online in real time, and of course thank the infrastructure for their progress. Today the entire cloud-end interaction forms a very good positive interaction, end-to-end diversity and real-time online as well as cloud thickness. Today we feel that the cloud is very complex, infrastructure is very complex part, how to let users live online, huge data centers how to synchronize data, and how to store large data, how to do off-line computing, how to put the ability to separate the application to our applications. These cloud-side interactions are a very important part.

The entire Internet We also think is an ecosystem, in fact, from Tencent's own business, now the user, we use the Internet, in addition to some of the Giants to provide services, we may use some QQ, Baidu, Ali of these services, in fact, there are a large number of small and medium-sized services to meet our personalized needs, These services are the main force driving the Internet and the continued development of the cloud.

Inside Tencent, in fact, our large number of servers are not those who perceive the service, a large number of servers are small and medium business, but the business has such a demand. So, this ecosystem is driving the development of the cloud. This service we also believe that it does not meet the needs of users, the current cloud users a large number of requirements are not met, the reason is not satisfied because a lot of background ability, not very good to encapsulate. Cloud computing We prefer to say that it is a cloud service, from the Internet company is a cloud service, because the computing services in the Internet companies also have, like off-line computing, large data analysis, but a large number of a service capacity. One is our ability can be encapsulated out, our services are not better encapsulated in the top, let us more and more service developers and users can better apply these services, this is a problem, but also we should continue to do.

In this part of building the cloud, I've just talked a lot about complexity. Give an example, like storage, store inside we know like Tencent Space albums, 200 million a day to upload, deal with a lot of regular work. There are mail stores, there are many very old mail, more than ten years of mail you do not necessarily look. These complex problem ability must be packaged out to the user, in order to better touch the development of front-end business. In building these systems, including the infrastructure, we feel that in the overall standardization of the infrastructure, we would like to have the data center, as we do the PC to do it very standardized construction. We need to build an operating system on this datacenter that allows these discrete data center-scale computers to be well managed, encapsulating these capabilities and encapsulating the second tier of service capabilities. In the process all Internet enterprises are in their respective efforts, but the standard, interface how to form. Amazon is taking the lead in this respect, Amazon's standard is his standard, but China how to better encapsulate these functions to manage, this is the future we need to continue to focus on.

Li dispute: Please yao sum don't always interact, don't always talk about his system is very complex, but Yao always you must have a friend system approach, so please do not always interact with.

Yao Hongyu: It's really a critical part of cloud computing to do a good job of this system. In fact, the data is just the appearance of things, even if the ability to data processing, but how long to allow the complexity of the processing system can become sustainable development, this is a very big problem. I agree with the general view.

Wang Yaqing: First of all, I am very grateful to Tian always invited me on behalf of Jingdong Mall to participate in the cloud World event, with you cloud the world's elite to communicate, this is our first time to participate in the cloud computing conference. What does Jingdong think of cloud technology? Summed up is a sentence, how to use cloud technology to build E-commerce cloud, enhance the experience of e-commerce users, the experience to achieve the ultimate. Specifically, through different technical means to enhance the stability of our system, including the improvement of internal energy efficiency, including our reliance on cloud technology a series of new product development and so on.

For example, we tightly rely on the electric Shangyun, relying on Jingdong mall core competitiveness, such as our logistics distribution system, we are vigorously promoting the construction of our cloud logistics system. You talk about a lot of big data, large data for e-commerce is self-evident, we rely on large data processing capacity for accurate service and marketing, to promote our cloud services. In a word, Jingdong hopes to cooperate with you cloud computing company, vigorously impels our electric Shangyun development, cultivates the electric Shangyun environment. Relying on the characteristics of electric Shangyun, the establishment of the electrical business of cloud logistics, our various aspects of the user experience and so do a better service to our end users.

Jing Dong This aspect starts relatively late, but has done the solid work in the past year, the Beijing East Cloud from a concept gradually transforms into a reality. From our technical team, it is also from the gradual groping towards maturity. Therefore, the electric Shangyun has gradually become the core of the driving force of technology development in Jingdong. Thank you so much!

Yao Hongyu: First of all, it's a great honor to sit on the stage with all the big guys, except that you've never seen it before. Speaking of "Hello Cloud" feeling a lot, I started in the domestic cloud computing early, and now began to enter the fifth year. Today came out on the road to meet the snow, in fact, I feel very relieved, cloud computing from the beginning we do not know to quickly improve to hype, this year, although we also mention cloud computing, certainly not as much as last year, this is a good thing. Finally can be as real as the snow down, the smooth things quiet, finally see the real cloud computing landed.

Now our customers and friends are asking me that there are some very simple questions about cloud computing, but it seems like these five years have not been very clear answer, I say here. First, cloud computing is neither a flicker nor a particularly mysterious thing, it is a tool to help develop productivity and a new tool for the information society.

Second, the development of cloud computing is the same as the development of the Internet, real development is a long time, we need to work together, the middle will experience a lot. Like my five years is also a variety of hardships, in fact, the road is still very long, so we need to work together. But we firmly believe that this is the beginning of a great journey.

Not all things are solved with cloud computing, some things at least the current level is not resolved, we should be more sober to realize. This year said the more hot, from the second half of last year to say most of the year is big data. Here I say two feelings, because our friend system for so many years has been for other enterprises to provide services, although called cloud computing, but encountered a lot of problems are related to data. The overall feeling is that large data from two dimensions, one is the type of data that the enterprise faces, you choose the method and type to suit the type of data. One is streaming data, and the other is the traditional data as archived, each type of data processing method is different. You have to choose different techniques to solve it, which is a dimension.

The second dimension, as large data to be divided into three levels, really want to deal with large data, the bottom is the system level, in fact, is the cloud computing tools, I can provide you quickly to save, quickly query and analysis ability. It can be related to industry, but also to industry-related generic data algorithms, how this layer can design a better algorithm to make it faster and more accurate. Big Data The most important or application, this point in the application has not been up, we are still discussing, the key is the big data can be in which industry really do it, so that it really plays a role.

Finally, I said a slightly different point of view, I am relatively young, also like to pick things. Dr. Jian just said that big data is not the point, and I think it's important to be online. Internet companies from 15 ago until now, we now call cloud computing and large data, formerly known as distribution systems and massive data. In fact, internet companies have not stopped the cultivation of the Internet companies This is really nothing new. Why cloud computing and large data at this point in time we can be so enthusiastic to discuss this issue, the most important thing is how to put this technology, the Internet in the derivation and development of commercial technology applied to all other industries inside. Mr. Wang Wenjing and I have a deep understanding of what we are thinking about is that there are 95% other businesses that add up the total economy to more than all internet companies, how to put these technologies into cloud computing, the use of large data in their industries, let their productivity release.

Jian: Let me explain, he finally spoke exactly the same. A few months ago, I attended a meeting and told me to talk about big data. I used a ppt, I told you I this ppt all the things I told others five years ago, in fact, reflects his opinion, standing in the Internet company's perspective, large data this thing very early. Why do I agree with his opinion? In fact, the real value of today is the development of something in the Internet, it can become the wealth of all industries, I think this is what we say big data may bring. Back to what the teacher said just now, may really be another year, six months, and then I am an Internet company, we will feel very strange, because every company is an internet company, everyone's life depends on it. The real people know that the data will become a social wealth, will become a means of production, people from different angles to understand the data, I have always felt that standing in my angle data there are several things are very very important. One is that I have already said that data from offline to online is very very important. Offline and online, most of the data is dead before the internet company, and the big data is worthless to society. After today, the data is no longer dead and live, only cold and hot points, with more than the use of less points. This is the help that I think the internet brings to everybody. The most important thing is that the data for everyone's meaning is not the same, this is my own personal feelings, so in my eyes to see the different people say, different data have different statements, which means that the data for each person's meaning is not the same. So some people say that data is oil and that data is really a resource. Some people say that the data is Galileo's telescope, without Galileo's telescope today's data will not be like this. It is also said that the data is a microscope, and if there is no microscope there will be no development of biological science. Today is just the reverse, the data will become a whole different industries, not only the Internet is a powerful catalyst for all industries.

Li dispute: Dr. Jian from the results, you are from the process, 95% of the still not online, we must let it online, directly see the results, the final outcome. The next step is to personalize the problem time. The first question asked Wang General, last year I also attended this meeting, I and Wang have always had exchanges, Wang is always very serious always heard the evening. You personally talk about the application of cloud computing has changed, in fact, we are constantly in the development of self-denial, then cloud computing on your own change?

Wang Wenjing:: I say an example, I once also participated in an activity, is a meeting, I just need a company's financial data information. I looked for it on my computer first, because there were more catalogs and I couldn't find it. Also in the field, so I am not very convenient for the financial department of the people to provide me immediately, I went to the internet to find. Because Ufida is a finance company, there are a lot of data on the Internet, I can easily get the data. The matter itself is also very touching to us in thinking about the change of enterprise software towards cloud. In fact, more and more companies in the future, the application of his management will become such a way of cloud. Thank you!

Li dispute: In fact, to promote the transformation of a business, usually from the largest chairman of the board began. Chairman Zhang, you are promoting the development of cloud computing in all of Asia, from your point of view, especially in today such a scene, China cloud development in Asia is what kind of situation?

Zhang Ming: The revolutionary situation is good. I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, because the software is mainly in Europe and America, Asia no matter how to do, in the IT industry is the potential of the army, you can not get their own independent and independent opportunities. This time just cloud OS operating system has open source code, get open source code can be free, in the above Architecture data Center large data These, which have such a good thing, do not have to pay money, can build such a large data center. We have to train our young people, he has APIs, and different technologies come out. Like large data is not necessarily computer technology, there are anthropology, physics, mathematics, we all have great opportunities. We are manufacturing countries, the gross margin of the hardware is very small, will cloud computing Plus is a dragon, formerly separate, hardware is hardware, OS is OS, now connected. So it's no problem that manufacturing can add software and connect it to the cloud, at least 5 times times the gross margin. Not the same place is in the foreign cloud is the hope of new entrepreneurship, to allow more people to brave out of business, failure also don't be afraid. This is where we need to strengthen.

Li contend: Today the temperature of the scene is indeed relatively high, indeed the situation is good. Child Dean, in the mobile internet era, in fact, the challenge to the operator is very big. But there is also a saying that in the cloud era will bring new opportunities to operators, how do you think of new opportunities?

Fang: The smart universal services that our end users need are actually supported by cloud computing. Is it really a computer called cloud computing? No, just said the network is also cloud computing. We have a lot of opportunities to serve, and I want to talk about the challenges we face. We are a prime enterprise, I and Wang, Zhang Total three enterprises have the same place, we are a traditional enterprise, is already the prime of manhood. But it's hard for us to be an innovative, internet-style enterprise, and we look forward to it, but it's hard. Our biggest difficulty, the first is our innovation and concept, how to solve the problem of ideas. The second question is how talent gathers, our previous production does not need such talented person, now needs such talented person, how quickly gathers up. Third, how our resources are integrated. Such a national group of enterprises, the internal need to integrate resources, ecology also needs to integrate resources.

In our analysis of business, if we can get his keyword search in Baidu database, then our analysis may be more in place. This resource is also need to integrate, and our IDC can for Tencent, for the three Internet companies to provide services, which is also a social resource integration, I think the integration of resources is very important.

We also face a big challenge, I have done value-added services before, I am very concerned about the ecology, this ecological must be maintained well. Today cloud computing really did not push up, a big problem unresolved, that is, the user trust problem is not resolved, credible. If the credibility of cloud computing is not resolved well, the data is presented again, we do not maintain good to build such an ecology, our data will become a disaster. This is not a sensational remark, it must be so. We have a lot of lessons, today to see we talk about the establishment of ecology, especially today, especially the 18 proposed ecological civilization, I think this is very realistic. These are the challenges we face, and I think it is also a problem that we should solve in the development of mobile Internet. This is far more difficult than technical problems, thank you!

Li: There is a point of view to share with the Dean, the opportunity of no challenge is not a real opportunity, the resolution of the challenge can become a real opportunity. Dr. Wang last year we worked together, this year to see you on different occasions also said, Aliyun in the development process, from Aliyun partners, especially developers that learn a lot of things, these things are really, can you share it?

Jian: The most important thing is that after you have contacted the client, you suddenly discover how much of your imagination is not enough, this is my biggest experience. I say a word, recently I talk with my partner, suddenly I think of a thing, I tell him what is the goal of our cooperation? I would say cloud computing is a disease that can help destroy humans. Today you go to see any textbook, no one will tell you that cloud computing can eliminate a disease in human history, which I learned from popular science.

Li: What kind of disease?

Jian: As long as it is related to the data of the disease is possible. I'll tell you what kind of disease can be solved with the help of cloud computing.

Li dispute: Today is December 12, another 10 days is December 22, in case.

Jian: I really can't say what kind of disease, we must know that in biology, the study of genes is very hot, basically a problem of data. Although the data is very large, but I still want to return to my point of view, this data if there is no internet will not benefit to every ordinary people, just this time is possible. I can't say which one is specific, but you know it's very promising. I say a little more, just talked about the traditional enterprise, I listened to the back hair cool, why? We call ourselves traditional internet companies, so there is no difference. The challenge is this, to remove the middle, we are traditional enterprises, this is the opportunity given to us, so we hope to do is also to the last day is not the traditional Internet enterprises. Thank you!

Li: Through Dr. Wang, I am probably able to understand, as if it were related to my own life, is the field of genetics. Zhang, you've got a lab of telecom innovation Cloud, what's the innovation in this lab now?

Zhang Zhenqing: We are also concerned about cloud computing innovation more than three years, the internal establishment of the cloud Computing Laboratory. Just said that we are traditional enterprises, traditional enterprises to engage in cloud computing innovation, the most important thing is to stand in two angles to consider. One is how to help my customers save money, and the second is how to help my clients make money. So we've done a lot of creative development in our cloud computing labs. First of all from the point of view of saving money, we put a lot of software applications in the distributed computing cloud architecture, can put the original need for tens of millions of, 50 million yuan hardware, now only need tens of thousands of yuan hardware. The second is that we do a large amount of data input, like streaming data, operators of the network has a lot of streaming data on the scene. How to use streaming data for operators to find the opportunity to make money, just now the Dean mentioned that the future operators to provide a smart Internet service, which is required to have a lot of intelligent data analysis. We work mainly on saving money and open source.

Li dispute: The two points you just mentioned are not related to tradition. Baidu is a very successful Internet enterprise, cloud computing itself is also changing Baidu, in this sense, Baidu is also becoming a tradition. What kind of changes will cloud computing bring to internet companies like Baidu? How to design the original traditional things to update?

Lin Shi-ding: There are a lot of changes, there are many, the design of our software, products and services, there are some ideas, including the computational paradigm has brought great challenges and changes. I have a simple analogy, in the past when I was in school, 30 years ago I was in college, at that time we have a very famous course called computer system and structure. The teacher of that course should be very cow, at that time the computer system and structure is a very hot topic. In other words, how to make a computer larger, more block, more portable. That time did indeed produce many heroes, some as the Engineering Academy academician, Academy of Sciences, but now we in the era of cloud computing, or the internet is highly developed era, our way of thinking is a lot of changes, we should not only pay attention to how a server to produce, in fact, this is not difficult, I believe we all know. Now the challenge is how to put a single data center, there are thousands of, tens of thousands of, or even 100,000 or 100,000-tier data centers, how to connect these servers to it, to manage it, to form a unified pool of resources, but also a unified scheduling, flexible distribution. There is also a very important, we always talk about Poe, talk about energy, in fact, there is a very important indicator, data center if through the design of software can save how many servers? As soon as the server is saved, all the energy is saved. The important challenge we face is a fundamental change in thinking, how to connect the standardized server to it and manage it. At the same time in software development, of course, there are many other new changes, such as rapid iteration is the core competitiveness of Internet enterprises.

Li contend: Do not always, I look at your relevant materials, when preparing this dialogue, think of comrade Deng Xiaoping's words, both hands must grasp, both hands must be hard. Because Tencent is a particularly large private cloud platform, but also a particularly large private cloud system, hello like both of them to catch, how do you grasp it?

Do not thy billows: Private cloud mainly is a few huge huge business inside Tencent, we start from the inside first. Tencent began to work in the cloud is very early, when there is no open cloud, we encountered a lot of difficulties. Because when you're online, especially on the Internet, when you're online from 1 million to 10 million to 100 million, each time is a huge challenge. This huge challenge is facing a lot of problems, in the past should say that very many people have experienced many frustrations, lessons, the system to build today. These capacity accumulation, our internal these large systems have been developed through so much, but there are many new products from scratch, very complex. We start with the internal attempt to cloud, from the most basic unified standardized data center facilities, network, scheduling automation of things, and then build storage systems, database systems, so that many products to use.

You use a lot of Tencent products will have avatar, pictures such things, no matter what products scattered in the background are the same things in the processing.  A lot of simplification as a development department. Inside the cloud we are mainly to solve these few massive huge business. Later found to consume our large number of server resources is small and medium-sized business, this business is very much, each is caused by the waste of data center resources. Frankly speaking, the overall efficiency of our use is increased, which is another question. In fact, the focus of our attention on the open platform is not in this place, at that time the open platform more consideration is the contents of the Tencent PAAs and user-level package, provided to developers and small and medium-sized start-up companies. What about the bottom? At that time was still holding the back of a massive system to simplify, into a supporting public cloud. So the background is basically the same set of systems, facing the public cloud part of the main solution is how to let developers better put his application push the problem.

Li dispute: The company sometimes clear, sometimes the combination is very important to grasp both hands, both hands must be hard. Wang, big data for Jingdong Mall is very important, Jingdong Mall's big data have what characteristics, how do you use?

Wang Yaqing: Big data for E-commerce, in short, may be our lifeline. The large amount of data online, in terms of E-commerce, our rapid response, analysis capabilities, this is different from other industries. From the BoE itself, we have in a very short time, through the use of open source technology to build a relatively complete platform for large data. From the large data line collection, analysis, modeling and so on, completely through the open source ability to independently develop a large data platform. On this basis, Dr Yao also talked about the value of the data is also in the application, how we use this data to help us improve the user experience. For example, how to use our data through user modeling more accurate analysis of the consumer behavior of our users, improve our precision marketing capabilities, to help us better provide the ultimate end user experience of E-commerce. This is one aspect of our efforts to promote.

The data is the electronic commerce data line, in this aspect Jingdong has the very clear strategic direction, to the cloud technology application, to the cloud technology Big Data application, fully manifests the Jingdong as the technology drive such an E-commerce company's big strategy. Thank you so much!

Li dispute: As a senior young man in the cloud computing field, Dr. Yao, finally give you a new question. What are the key breakthroughs in cloud computing in the 2013? You have been in China for five years of cloud computing, to the sixth year of next year.

Yao Hongyu: From the beginning of last year, cloud computing went deep into all walks of life, now in the market by the wave of large data can be combined with the core system of the enterprise is better, can be really used up. including mobile internet and traditional internet will go further, from the technology itself, there may be some progress in solving database bottlenecks.

Li dispute: Dr. Jian I have to say again, you just shook the baggage of my concluding remarks in advance, but here I would like to say. December 22, 2012 Everyone can see the sun rising normally in the morning, we looked up to the sky to look at the first flower cloud should be very wonderful. Thank you and thank you for sharing your leadership.

(Responsible editor: The good of the Legacy)

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