Community Marketing: Otherwise, let's be a babysitter.

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Network community, nothing more than a chat. Chatting can not be separated from the crowd, the purpose and the right of speech.

If the purpose of the chat is to consume, the mainstream crowd is a quasi consumer group, such community to Customer "" > Purchase decision has potential influence. The tighter the consumption, the higher the business value of the community.

The prospective consumer groups are willing to dive or inquire in the community because they want to assess the value of the commodity through the consumer experience. Especially complex, expensive, or particularly important, they often need to collect enough information, evaluate various options, make purchase decisions, and finally show off.

Businessmen will not smell the money inside the taste, the key is to fight for the right to speak. The earth is a little way is strong pull, or hair hide moss post wait, or like a fly staring at a piece of meat, endless message, taste the sweetness of the Lord simply hire, buy irrigation machine, but this way is too rough and straightforward; the way to ya is to be a leader in opinion, to talk about life and taste, Chat to later you are embarrassed and he cut prices, regret is inefficient, every day hundreds of QQ messages in front of you at the same time flashing, it can only be small. Accidentally was the manager clicks the key content of the operation n years, but also by full sulk.

Child care is a long history, a variety of business, as long as people more land, they will not be the figure. In the network community, simple to play is to find a topic, a group of vest with the theme of soaring, the middle is also mixed with the unknown truth of the audience and booing, so that the long time can not disperse. Complex play that is a big scene, plays, actors, stories, contradictions, orgasms readily available, at the same time in a number of communities to fry, playing that is called art. Of course, if you play well, someone will pay for it.

The Community business model is always a focus. See businesses and childcare in their own site, and managers from the expense of the server, bandwidth and operating team cost pressure, the mind always feel awkward, or to monopolize their own advertising and when the right to be a child.

The question is, if the mainstream of the community from consumer groups into businesses, chat purposes from the discussion to share the consumer experience into one-way dissemination of commodity information, such a community on the customer purchase decision how much influence? How many people are willing to come and stay?

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