Comparison of some characteristics between overseas host and domestic host

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Foreign host is mainly the configuration of Php+mysql+apache+cpanel. Chanel is a very powerful and widely used host management software, while PHP, MySQL and Apache are open source. Relative to ASP's space price is relatively expensive, asp+sqlserver space price is higher.

Foreign host and domestic to do a comparison:

1. Host access speed problem: From the domestic access to foreign host, and some of the domestic virtual host compared with the possible speed on the advantage of less, but this gap has been gradually narrowing, now with the foreign virtual host provider bandwidth, the domestic telecommunications service provider's export bandwidth is also increasing, Domestic visits have not felt much difference. If you visit overseas host, the speed is quite fast. Generally do foreign trade, the main visitors are foreign customers, the choice of overseas host speed on the very advantages.

2. Server Restrictions:

A---Overseas space capacity is generally very large, relative to the domestic m-class host space, the host overseas like a Big Mac, from a few g to hundreds of G have, the price and the domestic M-Class mainframe difference;

b---There is no limit of the number of concurrent connections FTP;

c---No restrictions on the use of: Phpinfo () and other orders;

d---allow Apache original Log/error log access (with background log rotation), error log is important, otherwise the installation of CGI program can not debug, in addition, many also provide automatic Awstats log statistics services.

E---The overseas host to the website traffic generally no restrictions or only a few restrictions. Foreign virtual host has provided hundreds of or even thousands of g of traffic, it can be said that basically no restrictions, basically do not have to consider the increase in traffic, the need to purchase additional traffic problems.

3. Price, similar to the size of the virtual host, foreign countries than domestic to a lot cheaper.

4. Overseas host Child directory restrictions are also very few, buy a host can build many sites, which has multiple site webmaster, is a great gospel, can minimize the cost of construction stations. If you still think you can find a few people together to buy an overseas host, the host side of the cost is less.

5. Overseas host in the database space restrictions are also less, will generally provide enough to use the database space, relatively domestic database space is also a small amount of expenditure.

6. Many foreign host chamber of Commerce to give the Enterprise post Office, in the number of users, capacity and other aspects of the restrictions are not many, for foreign trade-oriented enterprises, the direct use of overseas post Office also has an advantage.

Of course, overseas host has many advantages, but at the same time there are many problems, not in line with our national conditions.

1. Technical support and service issues, obviously for most stationmaster, direct communication with foreigners in English or have a certain degree of difficulty, really encounter problems when the other party can not understand what he can help you, it is really a very collapse of the matter, in this regard the domestic service providers have an absolute advantage, at least the language will not have any obstacles. and domestic competition is fierce, virtual host product homogeneity is very serious, it is bound to require host providers in the service to make greater efforts, such as the giant Wind network has been committed to 7x24-hour barrier-free service, do the most stable host. In fact, now for a lot of stationmaster hundreds of dollars a year's host price is not a problem, the real problem is the service provider to provide the convenience of services, at any time can find people to deal with problems, as well as the stability of the performance of the virtual host. The reason why this passage will be so long, because the service is the domestic host business outlet and fundamental. Regardless of the service, no matter the host space again large, server configuration again good, are empty talk.

2. Another problem facing foreign virtual hosts is that IP may be limited, and one solution is to buy individual IP. With a separate IP, as long as their own site content no other problems, generally quite safe. But if the content of the site has problems, such as copyright, pornography, violence and other content, whether in the country or abroad, will not be safe.

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