Comparison of virtual host, VPS Server and standalone server

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Web site space is the storage site procedures and data containers, usually divided into: "> Virtual host, VPS server and stand-alone server, now there is a call cloud server."

1, the virtual host: The most common kind of web site space, it through the partition of the server disk, you can split into multiple Web site space on the same server, each space undisturbed, independent management. For example: A server's hard disk is 500G, such as an average of 500 web site space, then each space has 1G capacity size to use.
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2. VPS Server: Also known as virtual Private server, it is different from the virtual host, the virtual host is divided into the site space, and the VPS server is through technology, separate for a physical server into a number of VIP virtual server, each VIP virtual server can be used as a complete server to use, Each other's management is undisturbed.
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3, independent server: Also known as the network server, but also a virtual host and VPS Server matrix. A stand-alone server is a real-existence physical server with its own CPU, hard disk, motherboard, power supply, operating system, and other physical accessories.
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4, go to the server: the principle of the VPS server, but the difference is to go to the server is through a group of server cluster virtual out of the current technology is not perfect, we understand can, learn more:

Because the site's access speed will also affect the SEO, and the site space determines the speed of the site, so choose a good site space seems particularly important.

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