Compiling and installing OpenLDAP software

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This chapter details how to compile and install the OpenLDAP software package, including SLAPD (8) (standalone LDAP daemon) and SLURPD (8) (Independent update Replication daemon). Compiling and installing OpenLDAP requires several steps: Installing the necessary software, configuring the OpenLDAP itself, compiling, and finalizing the installation. The following sections describe the process in detail.

Get and unzip the software

You can get it from the Project download page ( or from the Directory of the Project FTP service ( OpenLDAP software.

The project team provides two packages for general use. The team typically publishes a new version when it comes to new features and fixes errors. Although the project team has taken steps to improve the stability of these distributions, it is usually only after the release of the issue that the problem occurs massively. The stable version is the latest version that has been proven to be stable after everyone has used it.

Relative stability, users of OpenLDAP software can choose the most suitable version to install according to their own wishes. After downloading the OpenLDAP software, you need to extract the release from the package file and change your working directory to the top-level directory where the distribution is located.

Gunzip-c openldap-version.tgz | Tar XF-
CD openldap-version

You must replace version with the release number.

You should now review the copyright, license, readme, and installation documentation issued with the version. Copyrights and licenses provide warning information about the use, copying, and restriction of OpenLDAP software. The READMD and installation documentation will provide detailed information about the required software and installation process.

Required Software

OpenLDAP software relies on a number of third-party packages. Depending on the features you intend to use, you may have to download many additional packages. This section describes in detail the Third-party packages that you typically have to install. However, in order to get the necessary information for the update, you should review the README documentation. Note that some third-party packages also rely on other packages. Follow their installation instructions to install each package.

Transport Security Layer

OpenLDAP clients and servers need to install the OpenSSL TLS Library to provide security services for the transport layer. Although some operating systems may provide these libraries as part of a basic system or as optional software components, OpenSSL usually need to be installed separately.
OpenSSL can be obtained in

OpenLDAP will not fully comply with the LDAPV3 standard unless the OpenLDAP configure detects an available OpenSSL installation.

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