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From health care products to gifts to investment products reporter Ma Fuchun this year before the Spring Festival, Tibet Lhasa Market quality of the cordyceps sinensis wholesale price per kilogram has exceeded 200,000 yuan; in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other fields, the retail price of cordyceps sinensis even in grams for the unit in the calculation, high price, each gram in more than 700 yuan. Neither the necessities of life, nor necessarily the efficacy of the Resurrection, single as a wild health care products, why the price of cordyceps sinensis more than gold? What is the hidden interest chain behind the price of cordyceps sinensis? Domestic Cordyceps Trading market is mainly concentrated in Xining, Chengdu, Lhasa and Guangzhou and other cities, of which Qinghai province Xining cordyceps Market radiation Qinghai Yushu, Fruit Luo, Tibet, etc., facing the main cordyceps areas of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is an important distribution center of cordyceps. Recently, the Chinese Youth Daily News reporter in-depth Xining market cordyceps sinensis, trying to understand the price of cordyceps sinensis profit chain behind. Eat not buy, buy do not eat cordyceps growth in Alpine meadow, according to ancient Chinese medicine books, it regulates the immune function of the body, asthma, protect kidney function, enhance hematopoietic function, anti-aging and other aspects have a good pharmacological effect. Modern medical research also thinks: cordyceps sinensis contains insects, insects polysaccharide, insects acid and other unique medicinal ingredients. "Cordyceps" has the function of preventing recurrence, metastasis and diffusion of tumor. "Cordyceps polysaccharides" can increase glomerular filtration, so that the damaged kidney function recovery. In addition, some studies have shown that the medicinal ingredients of cordyceps sinensis are combined with each other, which constitutes a large natural compound with multiple channels and multiple target treatment, and has achieved unprecedented effect in the treatment of tumor, kidney disease and lung disease. In recent years, with the popularization of pest and herb, more and more consumers treat it as a kind of high-grade health products to enjoy. Qinghai Tao Feng Trading Co., Ltd. general manager Zhang told reporters, China's southeast coast and Southeast Asian Chinese community is the main group of Edible cordyceps. Zhang every year in Xining cordyceps sinensis market A large number of acquisitions from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau production of Cordyceps, and then wholesale to our south and Southeast Asia merchants. Zhang engaged in the sale of cordyceps sinensis has been more than 10 years, in recent years, he clearly felt the market demand for cordyceps sinensis is expanding, not only more and more people eat cordyceps, but also some rich tea, boiled porridge will use cordyceps. With the increase of cordyceps sinensis market demand, cordyceps derivative products also appear in large numbers. "Now the market also appeared from cordyceps sinensis prepared health care products, each gram to sell more than 1000 yuan, the profit is more substantial." "In the Xining market perennial acquisition of Cordyceps Wang Haixi, general manager of the company told reporters, in a variety of high-end venues and high-end readers of the magazine, those insect herbal tablets ads frequently appear, because eating convenience, has been more and more people recognized and accepted. "In the south, people who use cordyceps or cordyceps products are already very popular. "Wang Haixi said. The price of cordyceps sinensis increased each year, the Chinese New Year holiday or ask for a gift of cordyceps sinensis people are more and more. And many health care products, Cordyceps Market also exists "buy do not eat, eat do not buy" phenomenon. In some of the business people engaged in the sale of Cordyceps, perhaps it is the attributes of cordyceps sinensis as a high-end gift in the constantly pushing up its market pricePane。 "The sense of sending cordyceps to the grade, not only sent money also sent health, in line with the needs of modern people, but also taste." "Is the Ming Xin Trading Co., Ltd. to discuss the purchase of Cordyceps, Mr. Lee told reporters, every year when the Spring festival to buy a few kilograms of cordyceps sinensis gifts, not up to price does not matter," cordyceps gifts the most appropriate! ”。 Ming Xin Company general manager Gou Hailong also obviously feel, in recent years, the purchase of cordyceps gifts more and more people, job hunting, promotion, running the project's demand for cordyceps is very large, "the new Year is a good time to go relationship, send cordyceps sinensis in the high-end crowd like people send brain platinum." "said the Dragon. It is also understood that the 2011 blood Swallow fake incident, the bird's Nest market encountered a crisis. Import of Bird's Nest must undergo strict detection, bird's nest smuggling industry chain is also completely blocked. As a high-grade health care products in the gift market sales decline, to a certain extent to promote the positioning of similar cordyceps sinensis sales, Cordyceps therefore dominates the high-end health care products market. The growth conditions are harsh, the production of cordyceps sinensis mainly growth in the elevation of 3000 meters to 5000 meters near the snow line, each year from April to June according to the altitude of different order of maturity. Because of the special requirements of living environment, at present, cordyceps only in Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces and regions can grow, the annual production of the country only 80 tons to 150 tons. Among them, Qinghai province Yushu, the fruit Luo and the Tibet County in the altitude is 4000 meters to 5000 meters, the production cordyceps sinensis quality best. "The country has about 100 tons of cordyceps sinensis volume per year, of which 96%~97% from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the other 3%~4% from Nepal and India." "Zhang operating cordyceps sinensis for more than 10 years, on all over the length of the caterpillar, the production of how much at hand. It is understood that every year from May to July, "digging grass" peak season, the main production areas of Cordyceps Sinensis County, will usher in millions of "grass-digging army." Each of them searched the meadow for 10-14 hours each day. "Digging straw" stationed tents, fire cooking, trampling vegetation, each dug 1 cordyceps, you have to dig 8~12 cm deep, dig out about 30 square centimeters of soil, leaving a hole. These pits are barren, the plateau meadow originally ecologically fragile, large area, long time to dig grass, the whole piece of meadow to the desertification, desertification. Relevant information shows that only Qinghai province, the annual destruction of the Alpine meadow, about 300,000 ~60 million square meters. Since last year, the main production areas of Cordyceps Yushu, such as the climate of drought, less precipitation, on the growth conditions of the strict requirements of cordyceps sinensis caused a certain impact, the reduction of serious. "The volume of receipts is significantly reduced, a little over 50% a year." "Perennial in Xining market acquisition of Cordyceps sinensis, Wang Haixi is sensitive to the production of cordyceps." Cordyceps sinensis growth in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau elevation of 3500 meters above the snow Line meadow, in the climate, soil, vegetation and other aspects have unique conditions. It is understood that the artificial cultivation of cordyceps sinensis, many scientists have done experiments, but still can not be achieved. "The market stocks of cordyceps are less than in previous years," said the report. "Zhang said. “According to previous years, the end of cordyceps sinensis prices will have a certain degree of rise, cordyceps operators will be in the hands of the backlog of some goods, such as year-end sales. "In recent days Gou Hailong has been very busy, and constantly have customers contact him to find cordyceps." He told reporters that early last year because of the economic outlook is not optimistic, the majority of cordyceps traders will be in the hands of the inventory of all the reserves sold, cordyceps distribution stores are very few, "years ago, market demand growth, can only mention the spot, the price must rise." Cordyceps significantly reduced production, New Year's Day, the Spring Festival period, the demand for a large increase in supply, the price of cordyceps sinensis is being pushed higher is inevitable. "See this momentum, after the possibility of price increases." "Wang Haixi predicts. Cordyceps from gifts to investment in Xining Market, Wang Haixi, Zhang acquisition of the highest grade of cordyceps 1 kg has 1500 or so, and large, good appearance. They ~28 million yuan per kilogram of the price of this type of cordyceps sold to the southeast coast and Beijing and other two-level dealers, two dealers for reprocessing and packaging to high-end health care products on the market, can be sold to 600,000 yuan ~70 million. "Excluding processing, packaging and 20%~30% related tax, the two-level dealer's profits can reach 40%~50%." "Perennial batch to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Zhejiang and Beijing, the big Boss Supply, Wang Haixi for cordyceps industry profits at hand." As to how the level two distributor can be processed and packaged, Wang Haixi told reporters that the Xining market cordyceps sinensis mainly acquired from the production areas of the original Cordyceps sinensis, in size, appearance and so on, according to the general situation bid transactions, due to large quantities, the quality of cordyceps sinensis only rough estimates can be traded; and two dealers from the Xining market wholesale take goods, They went back to the Xining market on these cordyceps sinensis per root size, gram number, the appearance of a more detailed classification, after packaging directly into the market, consumer retail. China Youth Daily Reporter survey to understand that, under normal circumstances, the acquisition of cordyceps origin of the acquisition of Cordyceps to the Xining, will be resold to the market in Xining, a distributor, or its own is the origin of the acquisition of dealers and distributors. First-level dealers will be transferred to the downstream link, wholesale prices than the origin of the purchase price per kg to increase by more than thousands of yuan. To the large coastal city sales shops, cordyceps sinensis prices can reach the number of places to buy several times. "Now the market on the retail of cordyceps prices are after several marketing, processing, packaging prices, than the xining market a lot higher." "Wang Haixi said. At the end of the year, Cordyceps has been in the market more than one hand trading, the new goods in the next year in April or May can be listed, and this is the purchase and sale of cordyceps sinensis peak season. In accordance with market conditions, to the end of some large cordyceps will also hoard, press the goods do not put on the market, to a certain extent and then throw in high prices. "Some of the gifts of cordyceps sinensis did not eat, but was recycled again, once again into the process of trading cordyceps." Zhang said that every year there will be a considerable amount as a gift of cordyceps in the market after several transactions, these cordyceps like precious metals, can be said to be a value carrier. According to Wang Haixi, at the end of last year, just as the price of cordyceps sinensis in the stalemate stage, a hand-held hundreds of millions ofThe money of the southern boss came to Xining, Chengdu Market receiving goods. The market on the hands of the Hawker inventory was sweep, finally the boss hoarding goods for a period of time after all sold, net earn billion. It is understood that, in addition to the 2008 Cordyceps sinensis prices have a sharp drop in the past more than 10 years, the price of cordyceps sinensis has been rising momentum, looking at the caterpillar fungus for many years, "only earn not compensate" the positive market, more and more people also regard cordyceps as a good investment value preservation and appreciation. "A few pounds of people have, pressure a few tons of people also have, coupled with the recent real estate market downturn, do not rule out that more people put money into cordyceps sinensis inside." Zhang said, in Gan Qingchuan production of cordyceps in the region, when cordyceps just down, there are a considerable number of working-class people with spare cash to buy a few kilograms of cordyceps sinensis, to the market prices again sold. "This is a routine in the cordyceps trade, this year also has a large number of the possibility of hoarding goods." "Wang Haixi thinks, originally this year the production of cordyceps has been reduced, and if there is a large number of Yahuo, cordyceps sinensis prices have the current rise is also normal. There are experts that the medicinal value of cordyceps sinensis is no different from the ordinary mushroom, is the property of the gift of the high price of cordyceps sinensis. "In the end there is no difference, but the current social demand for health care products, cordyceps production is not much, there is a lot of speculation space." "A person in the industry believes that publicity hype to meet the people's pursuit of health care and wealth added to the social psychology, to a large extent, increased the price of cordyceps sinensis rally."
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