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When it comes to video conferencing, back in the 10, it's one of the most extravagant investments in the business, and the high cost of use is a way of burning money for businesses. Video conferencing system just entered the Chinese market, because of the large investment in technology research and development, harsh application conditions, poor compatibility performance, hardware and software requirements of many reasons for its price has been high. Even today, the video conferencing system is often a port of tens of thousands of prices are not the average enterprise can afford.

However, 10 years later, we see that with the rapid growth of mobile internet, not only a variety of new mobile applications, such as mobile payment, location services, and some traditional application services began to gradually extend to the mobile domain. Not only a variety of new mobile applications are emerging, such as mobile payment, location services, and some traditional application services began to gradually extend to the mobile domain. Video conferencing posture has also been lowered, many manufacturers have played a free use of the slogan to attract enterprises to use.

At this time of the timely payment of IM, it is not only for enterprise users, but also take into account the advantages of video conferencing system, but there is the same free im in the market, then the charge of IM products really useful?

At this time in addition to the toll im in the video conferencing market, to QQ and MSN for the lead free IM also want to take a piece, and these free IM with the video call function, these are forcing a part of the video conferencing manufacturers start playing free card, launched a free version of the video conferencing software. Although Instant messaging products are good at fusing many of the features of videoconferencing, there are drawbacks such as limitations on the security of data and the size of file transfers. But the product is always flawed, can not expect each product is cheap and five defects, then for users, the problem is, whether the free IM products can really replace the charge of IM?

First of all, we will test the QQ Beta 2 version of the video situation, in the QQ 2012 has made a very big improvement for the video, the first video support group chat number increased to 20 people, which is really helpful for the enterprise, QQ has been a private instant chat leader, although has launched a " Enterprise version of QQ, but limited to its fees, so in the free market, QQ still retains a very strong combat effectiveness.

At present, the video show features a total of 4 video bits, first to join the video can be preemptive priority video location. With the support of Tencent's HD video technology, with the help of camera and microphone devices, users can easily present their images and sound in groups, as if "face-to-face" communication.

Windows side QQ supports multiplayer online video mode

Video chat initiated the process, you need to drag and drop friends one by one into the regular discussion group, when the participants to QI, you can click the camera button, start multiplayer video chat, QQ Beta1 version can support 20 people at the same time online video chat exchange. One of the requirements, then, is that the need for a multiplayer video chat will improve on the network environment. In the QQ Beta1 version, we can support 20 people video chat, this function can meet the ordinary enterprise interior door small video conferencing effect.

Mac-side QQ video mode

QQ for Mac1.1 new version to the basic functions of IM as the core, through the support of proxy login, create a discussion group, optimize screenshots to memory, common expressions and custom expression and other functions to improve the smooth Mac chat experience to meet personalized chat needs.

QQ Video on ipad side

Use QQ video on Android platform

Video sharpness: Clear

Number of video online: 4 persons

Maximum file transfer support: 4G

Supported Versions: Windows/ios/android

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Comment on: QQ after all have a huge user group, and the most powerful is to any system can do high compatibility, but in the video function or slightly weak, in terms of clarity, QQ video conferencing can guarantee the general reality of the picture, clearer, while online use of the number of people also broke through the 20 mark, And in the terminal is supported IPAD,PC and Mac end, in the video mode, does not support a One-to-many video mode, can not record video, file upload size is limited and so on will become it can not occupy enterprise-class user field of a criticism.

MSN is Microsoft launched the Instant Messaging software, the software is popular with office workers, and early in the white-collar crowd widely used, so has a high enterprise-level user market. And MSN can with others text chat, voice dialogue, video conferencing, such as real-time communication, but also through this software to see if the contact is online, it in the information communication of the fast, convenient and highly praised by users, there are more and more people began to online real-time communication via MSN.

MSN Software Test Platform

Start a video conference, in the main window, on the Action menu, click Start Video Conferencing, select a contact, and then click OK. Or, right-click a contact, click Start Video Conferencing, select the name of the person you want to invite to the meeting, and then click OK. Once other people have accepted the invitation, audio and video will automatically start on their computers, but both must have both webcam and headset (or speakers and microphones) installed. Windows end MSN Boot video connection

MSN Video Chat window for 320*240 size, but its image quality is slightly more than QQ, the other MSN video also supports large, medium and small three kinds of video window size way, as long as the video window to the lower right corner of the inverted triangle can be in the pop-up menu to select the size of the image window.

Mac End Use MSN

The biggest improvement in the Mac version of MSN is the video-calling feature that enables video audio calls to be made with PCs, phones, Hotmail, and other Macs, which only need to be logged on with a Windows Live ID.

Video sharpness: Clearer

Number of video online: 1 persons

Maximum file transfer support: 4G

Supported Versions: Windows/ios/android

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Comments: MSN in the video is really weak, can not achieve multiplayer video mode, but wins in the vast number of white-collar workers this large group of advocates. In the video quality aspect also appears to be powerless, the video quality is general. Video save is not supported and file transfer size is up to 4G. Although MSN still has these commendable advantages, but for enterprise users, still can not meet the characteristics of business office, in the video dialogue does not support multi-user video, which has become a problem for MSN.

Here is an introduction to the enterprise-class market for Instant Messaging products IMO, this enterprise instant Messaging is the first enterprise-class free software, the biggest feature is advocating 0 cost, continuous free upgrades. "Deploy" the virtual office on the Internet for the enterprise.

It is a "stop private chat, that is," the two characteristics of the enterprise-class instant messaging platform, by the "Instant Messaging office" and "virtual office facilities," the two components. After the enterprise has deployed IMO, employees can understand the organization structure and personnel status through the "Instant Messaging Office", and collaborate with people for instant communication, such as text, voice, video, and electronic whiteboard. , the office function is rich, the account resource belongs to the enterprise, constructs the enterprise communication platform.

IMO Enterprise Edition

IMO client IMO Video connection

Video sharpness: Clear

Number of video online: 1 persons

Maximum file transfer support: no caps

Supported Versions: Windows

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Comment: An instant messaging product designed for enterprise users, but only 1 to 1 mode is supported in video, and the most recent video and voice recordings can be viewed. And the use of cloud technology can always share files, video and audio. The biggest feature is not in the video, but in the file management, so if the company has no special requirements for video, this IM product is very suitable for enterprise use. Because there is no fee to pay, this instant messaging is suitable for any enterprise to use. But in the course of use some of the functions are paid.

Here is a special video conferencing software for the meeting, the software is mobile internet era for commercial users to provide rental services of the new video conferencing platform, with the help of cloud computing technology, depending on the high meeting can provide a stable, convenient, vivid and efficient video conferencing services, applicable to conventional working meetings, business conferences, Daily applications such as financial seminars, network training and remote collaboration.

Depending on the platform supported by the summit

Depending on the meeting free video software 35004 version is lifelong free, only this version is lifelong free, the version must be slightly behind the fee version of a little less than the maximum support only 8 users online, single file upload maximum 20M;

Windows end View Cloud meeting free video software iphone client Android video conferencing ipad end video Conferencing mode

In language and video, the world's leading voice engine technology, support g.711/723/729 voice compression, integrated automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression, support mainstream H.264 video compression technology, support 1080P Full HD video, support image and data dual-screen display, Built-in video layout mode, online intelligent Code flow smoothing and QoS mechanism.

Video sharpness: HD mode

Number of video online: 8 persons

Maximum file transfer support: no caps

Supported versions: windows/android2.2 above/IOS4

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Comments: If the enterprise wants to choose a free professional video conferencing software, then do not hesitate, depending on the high video conferencing software can absolutely meet the needs of day-to-day office video. HD video support, multi-mode video Call all let this software is loved by users, you can save the video in the local, and support no upper-limit file transfer, voice call clarity, can be a variety of equipment between the use of ease.

Ppmeet is a collection of sound, video synchronization, document sharing, electronic whiteboard, text instant messaging, conference recording, and many other functions in one of the emerging web version of the video conference. Ppmeet collection of more than 300 patented technology, in the field of video conferencing to provide a full range of professional solutions.

Test software

Ppmeet video Conferencing system provides stable audio and video synchronization, document presentation, Remote Desktop, shared video, screenshots, conference recording and other functions, open the Web page can be used, the stability rate as high as 99.998%. Server centralized unified management to achieve full OS, memory, data drift, to ensure uninterrupted service, high availability, high robustness.

Ppmeet video conferencing runs in iOS system Ppmeet ppmeet video conferencing in Linux systems

Ppmeet video conferencing does not rely too much on hardware, only ordinary microphones, cameras, computers and other infrastructure can be stable operation. The hardware video conferencing terminal needs to be deployed in a fixed meeting room where participants are required to meet at a fixed location; Ppmeet video conferencing, attendees can use any computer on the Internet, whether at home, on the way, café and other places, anytime, anywhere to participate in the meeting.

Video sharpness: Pu Qing mode

Number of video online: 5 persons

Maximum file transfer support: no caps

Supported Versions: Windows/android/ios/linux

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Comments: And depending on the high video conferencing system is a free version of the video software, video quality slightly weak, but still can achieve common clear effect, good platform compatibility, file transfer is not limited, the number of online support 5 people, and support multiple-mode video calls. Video files can be maintained locally, with excellent voice quality.

7th page: Five big video tools to evaluate who is more cattle

Through the above for five timely communication products analysis, we have seen the different characteristics of the five products, below let us five enterprise instant Messaging products for horizontal comparison, see five products in the same parameters of the performance. We have several parameters to the five real-time communication products for horizontal contrast, through the definition of video, video fluency, video at the same time the number of users online, file sharing functions and supporting the terminal devices in several aspects of analysis.

From the comparison of the data, for the video conferencing dedicated to the meeting in the contrast among the various contrasts, and for QQ and MSN also performed quite well, for the clarity of the video, depending on the high performance of the meeting, Ppmeet performance is also quite good, and QQ 2012 BETA2 is also more robust in video because of the upgraded version, and the sharpness is on the professional software. Then look at the flow of video in terms of how each software performance, in terms of the clarity of the video, five software performance better, the continuous development of video technology, has made the quality of videos has a qualitative leap.

At the same time through the video of the number of people online, depending on the summit to support 8 individuals at the same time online, and QQ followed, online support of 4 people. For MSN and IMO and Ppmeet, the point-to-point video mode is supported respectively. In the file sharing function, IMO is the main cloud storage function, the other four software also support file sharing function, while the IMO in the function of small wins, excellent office experience and document processing ability to make IMO more suitable for the office atmosphere of the enterprise. Finally, let's take a look at the support of the device, five software performance, Ppmeet in the support of the equipment because of the world's first support for Windows 8 video conferencing software, in addition to supporting the mainstream of the three operating systems (windows/ios/ Android) also supports Linux operating systems. Although QQ also supports Windows 8, it does not support Linux.

Through the above comparison, we found that not only professional instant messaging products are more suitable for enterprises, and enterprises in the choice of instant messaging products, they should consider the combination of enterprise culture to choose. If the enterprise staff's freedom of movement is high, then choose a strong video conferencing in the view of the meeting is a more ideal choice. But if the enterprise culture atmosphere is more rigorous, it is recommended to choose IMO as a tailor-made business instant messaging tool.

Page 8th: Analysis of the status of free instant Messaging products

After looking at the top five free instant messenger products, we can not help but send a question, it seems that enterprise instant Messaging products and video conferencing products have a lot in common, but the focus will be different, for QQ and MSN, such as instant messaging products are more focused on consumer groups, but because the user's most extensive coverage, So in the enterprise employees are also widely used, but because of their own more entertaining and can not be promoted within the enterprise, and even some companies strictly prohibit the use of QQ and MSN inside. Although Tencent has launched the "Enterprise version of QQ", but it is not free to the enterprise users open, which is accustomed to the "free software" users are still a little behind. So, for instant messaging products, what are the drawbacks that can not be avoided and cause enterprise-class users can not use it?

For products such as QQ and MSN, their own entertainment is strong, for the enterprise demand higher video voice is still very weak, although QQ 2012 has launched a group of video functions, but still can not support a one-to-many mode and video switching function. And the security of the transmitted data can not be effectively protected. In the chat record management is not enough, keep the time is not long, can not be saved in the enterprise internal servers, which for the enterprise staff is a disadvantage, which makes the enterprise staff to pull out important chat records can not be timely response. Another common phenomenon in instant messaging products is the limitations of file transfer, in QQ or MSN for file transmission size has strict boundaries, and in the enterprise, a large number of file transfer is unavoidable, if the use of QQ chat tools will hinder the normal business office needs of employees. At first we stressed the entertainment of QQ and MSN, so in its interface will be implanted a lot of ads, which for the company's office staff too much advertising to make office efficiency greatly discounted.

For the above several issues, we can see that for enterprise-class users, the use of QQ and MSN does have a lot of limitations. So for the aforementioned IMO, depending on the high conference platform and ppmeet of the three kinds of free tailored software for the enterprise is more suitable for the use of enterprise staff, in the function is more relevant to the needs of enterprises, including documents, office suites support, no entertainment page layout, More systematic document management and support for large file transfer and so on to provide enterprise users with more professional protection. But users in the process will still have some questions, clearly is free software why some modules also have to charge another, this is the user's one of the biggest doubt. For free software, the unprofitable model is indeed some too loss, if not the support of advertising, then the free model will make it difficult for developers to maintain normal business operations. That is why the introduction of a fee for some modules.

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