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The promotion of corporate web site refers to the use of network marketing means to expand the visibility of the site, to attract users to visit, to promote and promote enterprise and enterprise product results. The commonly used website promotion method has the following several kinds.

1. Search Engine Registration

The most common way for users to find information on the Internet is through search engines, register on famous search engines, and provide easy access to the site for targeted users. So try to make the enterprise's Web site in the list of search engine related items eye-catching, the home page is accessed more opportunities.

2. Interchange links

Interchange links, also known as reciprocal links, links, and other sites are set up to exchange links, shorten the distance between pages, improve the probability of site access. It is a certain complementary advantages of the site between the simple form of cooperation, that is, on their own site on the site to place the logo or site name, and set up the other side of the site's hyperlinks, so that users can cooperate in the site to find their own site, to achieve mutual promotion purposes. The role of the interchange link is mainly manifested in the following aspects: Access volume, increase the impact of user browsing, in search engine rankings to increase the advantages, through the recommendation of the cooperation site to increase the credibility of visitors. Of course, when the website interchange link, should also pay attention to the following several aspects of the problem.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine optimization (for short SEO), also called website optimization. It is through the optimization of the site itself in line with search engines, so as to obtain a better search engine rankings. More specifically, true search engine optimization should not only conform to the search habits of search engines, but also conform to the user's search habits. Through search engine optimization not only to make the site to get good search engine rankings, more should make the site can get more business opportunities and benefits.

(1) Visit the website of Friendship link partner

As with the search engine registration, exchange links once completed, but also has a certain relative stability, however, it is still necessary to do irregular inspection, that is, a return visit link partner's website, see the other side of the site is normal operation, their own site is canceled or error links, or because of the other page URL points to the transfer, and so on, whether it will link their own URL error. Because the switch link often appears on the homepage of the website, the wrong or invalid link to the quality of their site has a greater negative impact.

If you find the other side missing links or other circumstances, should promptly contact with each other. If some Web sites cannot be opened for reasons such as shutdown, you may not be able to recover for a period of time, and you should consider temporarily canceling those failed links. However, you can back up the relevant information, perhaps the other side of the problem will be contacted with you, requesting the resumption of links.

In the same way, for the benefit of the partners, when their website has any significant changes, or think that no longer suitable as a link to exchange, should also promptly notify each other.

(2) Do not link unrelated sites

Perhaps you will receive some irrelevant sites to request the exchange of links to the letter, do not think that the number of sites linked to the more the better, unrelated links on their own site has no positive effect. Conversely, a large number of unrelated or low-level links to the site will reduce the trust of those high quality websites. At the same time, visitors will also see your site as low quality or not professional, seriously affect the reputation of the site.

(3) Effective link maintenance

No one wants their site to have many invalid links, but, in fact, many sites have different degrees of this problem. Even if the site internal links are no problem, it is difficult to ensure that the link to the external also no problem, because the link site may be revised, closed and other reasons, the original path is no longer valid. And for visitors, all the questions are the site's problem, they do not analyze the other side of the site has been closed or other problems occurred. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a systematic examination of the site links at every interval.

In addition, the new site is constantly born every day, the task of exchanging links is not the end of the time, of course, in many cases, are the new site to offer cooperation requests. This requires a rigorous investigation of these sites, from which to choose their own web site, the team will continue to grow and enrich the vast majority of sites, is a huge wealth.

3. Publish Network Advertisement

As a new form of advertising, internet advertising The reason why the enterprises in various countries and regions are attached importance to and like, because it with today's television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other media advertising, with interactivity, real-time, no time limit, the scope of communication, the number of audiences can be accurate statistics, targeted strong, Audience group features obvious, diverse, quick, repeatable, easy to retrieve and so on. Therefore, online advertising has become an effective way for enterprises to establish corporate image, build product brand and promote corporate website.

4. Use Discussion Group BBS publicity

The internet provides enterprises with a variety of ways to communicate with users, users and users. The discussion group BBS is one of the most common forms. A discussion group is one in which people who participate in discussions communicate online via e-mail. Managers have the power to retain and delete any content, and participants can participate in discussions with different identities, making people interested in their topics and affected. When the corporate web site has a certain customer base or potential customer base, you can create a discussion group between them. Enterprises in their own web site to establish an attractive discussion group BBS, to attract users to participate in related activities, at the same time, enterprises can also log in as a personal identity and participate in other sites related topics of the discussion group BBS, through the participation in the discussion to promote their own website.

5. Event Marketing

When the corporate web site has been publicized above, can also use the way of manufacturing events to accelerate the promotion of the site. The so-called manufacturing event is to promote their own site by running a number of contests such as prizes, online surveys and special events.

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