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First, the production of some local sources:
Usually apt or new installation software, download the Deb file will be stored in the/var/cache/apt/archives/, in order to reload or for others to use, especially when there is no network, these Deb files can actually be sent to use, Which means you can use these Deb to make the cost source.
Here are some possible and useful local source fabrication steps:
1 sudo apt install nautilus-open-terminal dpkg-dev
2 Copy all Deb files under/var/cache/apt/archives/(CP command, graphical interface is no problem) you want to place, before copying the recommended execution


sudo apt AutoClean

For example, copy to a APT1 directory under a Windows partition:/MEDIA/HDA3/APT1
3 After the end of the file browser (Nautilus) into the newly created directory APT1 directory, that is:/media/hda3
4 in the File browser (Nautilus) in the margin of the right button, selected in the terminal open, then open a new terminal.
5 executing in a newly opened terminal: sudo dpkg-scanpackages apt1/dev/ ">null |gzip > Apt1/packages.gz
6 Gksu Gedit/etc/apt/sources.list
Get Deb file:///media/hda3/APT1/.
Note that there is a slash behind the APT1 and a space in front of it.
Add to Sources.list.
If you install a apache2, you can also open this part of the source to the following methods:
sudo ln-s/media/hda3/apt1//var/www/ubuntu-local
Gksu gedit/etc/apt/sources.list
Http:// Deb
Add to Sources.list.
Note that there is a slash after the space
When other computers on the Internet Modify the source, change the to your IP address or domain name
Alternatively, you can:


sudo apt install aptoncd

APTONCD can pack all Deb files under/var/cache/apt/archives/to an ISO file, and automatically generate a virtual package, after adding the CD source in the new build, all Deb can be installed once the virtual package is installed.

Next, the complete mirror phase source production, this step most people do not need, unless you are on the LAN or uplink fast speed:
Mirrored directory is/var/spool/under Apt-mirror
Be sure to note before installing:
Try to use the official source or find a good reputation for mirroring the mirror site
Installation of the not-trusted mirror-station software, no certified software to be carefully installed
Make good friends, suggest to their friends to share out, for no network friends, can through the city Exchange to copy.
I tried a lot of mirrors, and found the following method simpler
The following mirrors the China University of Science and Technology (USTC) Ubuntu source and UBUNTU-CN and Ubuntu end-level version 7.04 three PC sources for example
Note that under the Var to have more than 35G of space, the proposal on the basis of 35G to retain more than 30% of the allowance
var friends with no space can change the mirror directory to a Windows partition, refer to the 81 floor method, or modify the first line of the mirror.list Base_path specify apt-mirror the path in the same directory to create Mirror Skel var three folders, corresponding to three lines of comments (#) can be removed, 7.10 or more version space to leave a certain margin, just as the installation of XP, if the installation of XP C disk at least 2G space, you will only give C-disk 2G?
If you mirror other Ubuntu sources, just make a corresponding change to the source mentioned below! URLs are all marked with color, according to their own situation modified, feisty 7.04, if the mirror Ubuntu 7.10, change to gutsy, 8.04 to Hardy ... 8.10 Change to Intrepid ... 9.04 change to jaunty ....... 10.04 change to ......... ........... ..... ...

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