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Cloud and Enmo database real-timemonitoring and intelligent inspection platform BethuneX 

BethuneX database real-time monitoring andintelligent inspection platform, first of all its original intention and visionhas not changed: become the favorite platform for database operation andmaintenance personnel, and can help them quickly find and solve databaseproblems. BethuneX's goal is always to simplify those cumbersome operations orproblem analysis, accurately and directly to the core of the database problem,flexible to deal with various business scenarios, so its main function is builtaround this goal, let us find out.

Agentless design, zero intrusion into thedatabase system 

BethuneX adopts the agentless design mode,which no longer requires the host resources and Java environment of the targetsystem, and the deployment and connection methods are faster. At the same time,the BethuneX platform provides unified configuration and management servicesfor the database system through the CMDB, and the service operation andmaintenance is more efficient and accurate.

Full open source architecture for rapidintegration into standardized hardware platforms

BethuneX removed the original Oracledatabase and used the open source MySQL database. In addition to being nolonger restricted by commercial databases, the entire architecture is lighter.From a product convergence perspective, BethuneX can also be quickly integratedinto a standardized hardware platform to provide users with standardizeddelivery out of the box.

Streaming computing engine, monitoring morereal time

BethuneX introduces a streaming computingengine to quickly complete the association analysis and alarm notification of by unified temporary state maintenance. The user-awaremonitoring will be more real-time. The flow calculation engine can quickly linkthe rule engine to complete the judgment of various monitoring indicators andtrigger the monitoring alarms, and drill down and snapshot the monitoringalarms to provide users with the most timely monitoring information feedback.

Perceived inspection service to clearlydemonstrate the inspection process

Database deep inspection has always beenone of the core functions and advantages of Bethune products. BethuneXcontinues the value of this product, and once again upgraded the algorithm andknowledge base to adapt to more applications and business scenarios. BethuneXaccurately distinguishes different content that users pay attention to. Inaddition to basic inspection, users can perform custom inspections based onmore objects, security, configuration, etc., and users can understand thespecific inspection content and the entire inspection process. schedule. 

Dynamic database risk scoring to quantifythe real-time dynamic health of the database

In order to quantitatively evaluate the healthstatus of the database, BethuneX supports the scoring or weight setting ofdifferent monitoring indicators, and finally displays the database risk andhealth score in the form of total score accumulation, and can changedynamically and in real time, allowing users to pay attention to the system asa whole. Health changes. In addition, for different database applicationscenarios, you can focus on different dimensions to help users quickly identifythe maximum risk or problem of the database.

Alarm drill down + performance drill down,double drill down to restore database performance truth and fault problems

Based on the flow-based computing engine,BethuneX can quickly complete double-drilling analysis of alarms andperformance, showing users the most timely performance problems or faults inthe shortest and most effective time range. The root cause of the problem thatis fleeting and difficult to trace back.

Discover problems, locate problems,optimize suggestions, solve the closed loop process of verification, and makeprocessing easier 

While quickly helping users find problems,locate problems, and provide appropriate optimization suggestions, each userwants to confirm the root cause of the problem and hope that the platformprovides automation and one-click processing to quickly solve the problem andachieve real-time monitoring. Dynamic feedback to quickly verify the finalresult. Based on the idea of this closed-loopprocess, BethuneX introduces automated operation and maintenance management,allowing users to quickly process and solve problems without moving.

Fine-grained + flexible custom monitoringto cover more scene needs

The higher real-time performance of thestreaming computing engine makes the BethuneX platform more intelligent andflexible. On the one hand, it refines the collection and analysis of variousmonitoring indicators, on the other hand, it is convenient to customize themonitoring content and embed users. Wisdom of your own experience to meet moremonitoring needs. For example, a user's database system, in addition to adatabase, typically has other components, including: host, operating system,network, storage, SAN, data synchronization software, and the like. These arethe necessary components to support the database, and the state users of thesecomponents are usually also want to monitor. For these scenarios, the user canset the schedule by himself (for example, configure the shell script incrontab), write the monitoring data to a log file according to the unified datamodel, and then BethuneX enters the data into the streaming computing engine byincrementally reading the log. For fast monitoring, analysis and alarming.

Email + SMS + Enterprise WeChat + VoiceAlert Notification, fully reach the user

With the diversification of enterpriseinformation management methods, BethuneX not only satisfies the traditionalemail and SMS alert notifications, but also realizes the access of enterpriseWeChat, and can broadcast voices in the platform, which can reach customers inreal time and efficiently.

At the press conference, the productmanager also summarized the thinking about the design and development ofBethuneX in the past six months: how to truly touch the core needs and goals ofusers, how to flexibly cover different user scenarios, and how to deliver valueinformation to users in the most accurate and real-time manner. Thesereflections have led to BethuneX's simple, flexible, and dependable servicegoals. When you use the experience of BethuneX products, in addition to seeingits elegant and beautiful interface, it is also simple and intuitive todiscover its operation and display from various details. It can be imaginedthat it is more simple and intelligent. .

At present, BethuneX only released theOracle monitoring inspection version. The MySQL and SQLServer monitoringinspection versions are in the process of perfecting the internal testing. Itis expected that we will meet with you in the first quarter of 2020. Let uswait and see!

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