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DEDECMS System it Plato lectures content

DEDECMS System Application techniques, by our DEDECMS developers to teach, master lectures really good, I hope some friends and have seen all look, I put it plato lectures content

Reason out, the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you!

If convenient, all the QQ Group window open for full screen, that originally I today is to comprehensively tell Dede some intermediate application problems, but I am afraid time is limited, can only speak a part, so big

Home, try to be quiet when I don't ask questions.

Dedecms is what, I do not have to say here, because will listen to DEDECMS use skills should understand what it is, we search for some information on the Internet, may be a big

A station in which the heart goes in is developed with DEDECMS.

Because this lecture is the intermediate course, therefore too basic thing I do not speak, then because many people to install DEDECMS environment is some problems, I say here

Before the Dedecms V5 version installation is very simple, agreed to use the agreement, fill out some basic information, click on the installation can immediately complete the installation, in the V5 version, there is a relatively perfect

System Environment Check the page, if you are using a Windows host, the general default configuration of the installation dedecms is very simple to complete the

Installation problems occur, generally is as follows two points: (1) in the Windows environment, basically nothing, know the MySQL database username, password can, if it is virtual

Intended for the host, you need to specify the database name. As for the possible security mode warning, the win host can be ignored.

(2) Linux/unix: Many people complain about DEDECMS in Linux system is incompatible, in fact, the main is that we do not understand the cause of Linux, especially DedeCmsV5, modules can be

selected, and if directory permissions are not appropriate, there may be many errors in Linux.

In the Linux system, the main issues to be noted are as follows: A, Safe mode space, in Dedecms V4, once tried to create directory using FTP mode in Linux security mode

Type of problem, but later found that many places are not feasible, and processing is too complex, so in many places in the new version did not consider this problem, simply speaking, in Dedecms is not

Supports the use of secure mode space in Linux.

B, about directory permissions, dedecms V5 default operation directory permissions are 0755, this value is fixed, the reason for this value is that most of the virtual host default is this permission, to

Modify it must be installed in the install/config_base.php before the change (search $cfg _dir_purview = 0755; , for users who fail to create a module file at installation time, you can try

Try your own space to support the 0766, 0666 of these two permissions, in addition, it must also be noted that the root directory of the Web site must be assigned to 0755 or 0766 of the permissions, or may produce

An unknown error was born.

Is there anyone else with a Linux host that is having problems here?

On behalf of our 10 friends say. No

Yes, after you set permission 777, you cannot write.

I'm Admin5 Linux mainframe.

Normal to install multiple times

Generate thumbnail problems, a lot of people have asked the forum. But there has been no official answer.

I hope the Dede forum can give a Linux installation before the permission description

There's a V5 in Linux.

The Linux permissions model is
Their own group of public
Read 4
Write 2
Yun 1
So generally the main own permissions are 7 more suitable

I use foreign space, 777 can not install, change to 664 will be

This in the future V5.1 version we will prompt the user in detail, but a bit of the current architecture is not feasible, is the safe mode of Linux space

I use the foreign space, changed to 777, no problem.

If you use the 0666 mode, most of the situation is OK, afraid to run some PHP script

Go on with your lectures.

The problem with the installation is that it needs to be noticed, and I'll talk about the template.

Dedecms's module is the most distinctive place to differentiate other CMS, because DEDECMS uses XML-like label styles, which can be changed by assigning different attributes to tags in a template

, so it is easier to share templates without relying too much on the database. If you are transferring from another CMS, you may initially feel

Dedecms template is a bit unaccustomed, because a lot of CMS some of the calls are set some parameters in the background to change the label style, but Dedecms is directly in the template, but the habit will find Dedecms template is really "yellow", very powerful.

Typo, Dedecms module is the most special place to differentiate other CMS-> dedecms template is the most special place to differentiate other cms.

1, in this XHTML-dominated world, it may be known that XML has a feature, that is, marking <img ....></img>, using the shorthand mode is <img .../>, in fact dedecms is consistent in this respect.
For example, the same is true for the mark {Dede:field name= ' title '}{/dede:field} written as {Dede:field name= ' title '/}.
However, using the form of {Dede:field name= ' title '}{/dede:field}, it is necessary to note that many Dedecms tokens support Innertext (that is, support in {dede: ...} Innertext {/dede: ...} tags in the middle place use some specific markup to represent the style used in a circular single record, or execute a specific PHP code, so for tags that can use Innertext, either write in shorthand mode or mark the middle without spaces. Otherwise, the markup may not display correctly.

So below we learn the characteristics of dedecms template through the practice

Everyone now login to the dedecms background (more than 3.0 version), to find "template management-> global Mark Test" place, then the following through one by one real to introduce the characteristics of the dream template, so that you know why the Dedecms template is very strong + very violent.

Everyone logged into the test with the dedecms, preferably with the data of the personal site management backstage

Where to find the template Management-> global tag test

The following is the interface for this test-flagged page

Everybody in this place?

Into the

Went in.

Figure not shown

Into the

Entered. The owners won't let me talk.

So let's test the difference between the length and the mark.

I am short mark: {dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '/} <hr>
I am full tag: {dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '}{/dede:global}

Who sent the results?

Template code:
I am short mark: {dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '/} <hr>
I am full tag: {dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '}{/dede:global}
I am short mark: Dream Content Management System

I am the full mark: Dream Content Management System

No backstage.

Now that I know how to use this online label test, I'm going to start the system with the application and technique of dedecms template tags.

Template code:
I am short mark: {dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '/} <hr>
I am full tag: {dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '}{/dede:global}
I am short mark: Love to play mobile phone

I am the full mark: Love to play mobile phone

One more horizontal line.

Dedecms label is mainly divided into three kinds of uses, one is the general label, is in the DEDECMS model core can call the label, also challenge block template label, here can test is also this

The second is the list label, which is the label used on the column list page, and the third is the document label, which is the label used by the article to display the page's template for the article model.

The class tag is usually a different field, and at the end of the chapter, I'll talk about the relationship between the model of dream-weaving and the template.

The DEDECMS template has three main features:
(1) One of the characteristics of Dedecms Template: template and program completely separate, user-friendly template sharing.
(2) Dedecms template features two: supporting the bottom

Layer template.
(3) Dedecms template features three: support simple programming.

So first, 1th.

The dedecms template default hosting directory is in the "Dede Root/templets/default" folder,
Where templets this directory name is fixed, generally recommended do not change if you want to protect

Protect your own template, you can in the background "system Management-> system variable configuration-> Other settings", find "template default Style"
In this subparagraph, the word "default" is changed to other names, of course

You have to manually change the "Templets/default" folder for you to assign the name, for the template you downloaded back, you can also download the template's default directory to other

Name, and then change the "template default Style" to this name in the system variable, and you can use the downloaded template.

Tips: Online downloads of the template is not likely to be 100% of the style of the model are made, it is likely to only modify a few commonly used model style, so use the download back style to back up first

Old style, then append the old style files to the downloaded template file with the not covered pattern to make sure the Style folder file is complete.

This may be the user here generally understand, because this is relatively simple

Let me explain in detail the "bottom template", it is very useful things

The dedecms template has a very important concept, that is the underlying template (Innertext), the underlying template is actually for multiple records of the template output, the user manually to specify a single note

Recording style.
Because the concept is dashed, this place is illustrated by practice.
Everyone in the label Test Place input:
This is the label that uses the default underlying template

Check: {dede:arclist row=10}{/dede:arclist} <hr>
This is the label that manually specifies the underlying template:
{Dede:arclist row=5}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/]

' >[field:title/]</a> click: [field:click/] <br/>

Template code:

{Dede:arclist row=10} {/dede:arclist} <hr>

Result: • Executioner-Martin Thelles
• Real Madrid's comeback from Barcelona a year ago?
· FM2008 will

The original formation of the staff to share
• New captain: Matias Fernández
* Bursting nets wish Eduardo happy birthday, early
· FM2008 to reality
· FM2008 8.0.2 Movement Series

Array (
• Live Football 2008 Turn the Essence
Tony's Stories
• British ten foreign players

Template code:

{Dede:arclist row=5}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a> click: [field:click/] <br/>

Result: Executioner-Martin Thelles click: 53
Real Madrid's way back from Barcelona a year ago? Hits: 27
FM2008 member original formation sharing

Hits: 138
New captain: Matias Fernández click: 80
Bursting nets wish Eduardo happy Birthday, early clicks: 76

This is the label using the default underlying template: {dede:arclist row=10}{/dede:arclist} <hr>
This is the label that manually specifies the underlying template:
{Dede:arclist row=5}

Href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a> click: [field:click/] <br/>


This is the label using the default underlying template: New Year's Day "qq Rook" King Sweet to you bye
· [QQ Hall]

The fruit when I fall in love with You (8)
• "Patch" 2.4 Sun Well Heights: New model
* "R2" rocked the New Year's first full battle against siege
* "Fantasy Kingdoms 4" to send joy to receive blessing music
• Wind

Want XX "First exposure system
* "Star Volunteer 3" series of games review
• "Three Kingdoms Ⅶ" please go to the three countries to do the name
· Xbox360 "Ninja Gaiden Biography 2" new information
• Witch Wu

"Ninja Dragon"

This is to manually specify the underlying module

The label of the board: New Year's weather "qq rook" King Sweet to you bye click: 6
[QQ Church] If I fall in love with You (8) Click: 4
"Patch" 2.4 Sun Well Heights: New model Point

Hits: 1
"R2" rocked the New Year's first full battle against siege hits: 3
"Fantasy Kingdoms 4" Send Happy Blessing click: 3

This is the label using the default underlying template: • Undead Legends

TXT format novel
• Fish Dragon change MBR mobile phone ebook
• Fatal weakness MBR ebook
• Oriental legend MBR ebook
* The Sea 2 Jar cell phone novel
• 3 Jar Phone Book
• The Sea

1 Jar Cell Phone novel
• Martial arts and UMD novels
* Qianshan looking 2 UMD ebook
• "The Legend of this ancient" step of the non-smoking masterpiece: Martial arts


This is the label that manually specifies the underlying template: Undead Legends txt format novel click: 0
Fish Dragon Change MBR hand

Machine ebook Hits: 0
Fatal weakness MBR ebook hits: 0
Oriental legend MBR ebook hits: 0
Sea 2 Jar Phone novel click: 0

Henrich reacted very quickly, and that also saw
{Dede:arclist row=10} {/dede:arclist}
{Dede:arclist row=5}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >

[Field:title/]</a> click: [field:click/] <br/>

Two marks in the bottom of the template with the use of the different

Click this kind of field, I am not yet, where to find it ...

Seems like this, can be a piece of DIY.

I'll tell you about it in this forum.

Good.. Don't interrupt the PLT.

It is important to note that when the underlying template (Innettext) is not specified, the system generally calls the corresponding file in Templets/system as the underlying template

For example: {dede:arclist row=10}{/dede:arclist} It actually calls the system by default templets/system/part_arclist.htm this file as the underlying template

The contents of this document are <a href= "[Field:filename/]" >[field:title/]</a><br/>

So {dede:arclist Row=10}{/dede:arclist}
is equivalent to
{dede:arclist row=10} <a href= "[Field:filename/]" >[field:title/]


The most important difference between a dedecms template and another template is that it can be either a short tag or a direct definition of a style and not a database.

between tags [field:.../] These are the underlying template variables, which generally belong to the dedecms tag pattern, except that the {...} symbol is changed to [...], so the underlying

The label in the template is also an attribute of the dedecms tag, for example, using [Field:global name= ' cfg_webname '/] in the underlying template can also represent global variables

$cfg _webname.

Most of these underlying template variables are specific fields in the database, and of course there is a part of the process

Specific tags can be used innertext, those can not be used, you can
This page references

Here I briefly introduce the underlying template fields of common arclist tags and their significance

Arclist the underlying template field is actually corresponding to the corresponding primary index table, in the document template should be the main table and the attached table, the main tables fields are the same, I would like to introduce, additional

The table can be found in the model

Arclist commonly used fields are
ID (same ID),
Title (caption),
typeID (column ID),
Description (abstract, same info),
Writer (author),
Shorttitle (short title),
MemberID (Member ID),
pubdate (release time),
Litpic (thumbnail, with picname),
TypeName (column name),
Arcurl (URL, same filename),
Typeurl (column website)

Stime (pubdate "0000-00-00" format, equivalent to [field:pubdate function= strftime ('%y-%m-%d ', @me)]),
Textlink (equivalent to <a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a>),
Typelink (equivalent to <a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a>),
Imglink (equivalent to <a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' ><img src= ' [field:picname/] ' border= ' 0 ' ></a>),
Image (equivalent to <img src= ' [field:picname/] ' >),

One issue to note is: [Field: Tag name/] This is only used in the underlying template

In the document template, the field is expressed in the form of {Dede:field name= ' title '/}

However, in a special case, innertext is invalid, that is, the runphp= ' Yes ' attribute is specified, let me say a few words about the simple programming of the DEDECMS tag

, which is one of the features of the Dedecms label.

To extend the Dedecms template markup, in addition to directly modify the program, for ordinary users, the simplest way is to the tag for limited programming.
There are two modes of programming extensions for tags in dedecms:
A, Function extension
B, direct programming in innertext

So first, A, function extension.

In markup, you can use {dede: Tag name function= function name (@me, other parameters)/} to handle the value of the tag, where @me represents the current

value, the resulting result is the value returned by this function.
You may wish to test the following tag:
{Dede:global function= "file_get_contents (' ')"/}

Template code:
{Dede:global function= "file_get_contents (' ')"/}

Warning:file_get_contents ( [function.file-get-contents]: Failed to open stream:http request failed!

In E:\Kingdom\FangMoBan\www\htdocs\include\pub_dedetag.php (483): eval () ' D-Code on line 1

This strong

Directly Baidu Home


Very strong, very violent!

Baidu's homepage, this use

If you want to test the code, please disable the QQ escape character, otherwise there may be error

Oh, thank you, boss.

Let me give you a practical example.

Here's a practical example:
{Dede:arclist row=5}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a>
[Field:pubdate function= "strftime ('%y-%m-%d%h:%m ', @me);" /]<br/>


Template code:
{Dede:arclist row=5}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a>
[Field:pubdate function= "strftime ('%y-%m-%d%h:%m ', @me);" /]<br/>

The first martial arts football Grand Prix competition 08-02-26 14:14
VVV 08-02-25 16:35
VXVCXVZXVXC 08-02-25 16:32
SADSADSADSADSA 08-02-25 16:27 08-02-25 16:26
Learners (1400141) 14:49:26
{Dede:arclist row=5}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a>
[Field:pubdate function= "strftime ('%y-%m-%d%h:%m ', @me);" /]<br/>
New Year's weather "qq rook" King Sweet to you worship 08-02-15 11:11
[QQ Church] If I fall in love with You (8) 08-02-15 11:11
"Patch" 2.4 Sun Well Heights: New Model 08-02-15 11:10
"R2" rocked the New Year's first full battle siege 08-02-15 11:10
"Fantasy Kingdoms 4" to send joy to receive blessing 08-02-15 11:09

Latest Articles

Everybody's not paying attention. {dede:xx/} and [field:xxx/} support function extensions

In fact [field:xxx/] This pattern is also dede the tag parser parsing, so the function, it is just to replace Dede with field {Replace

Here, the function property is not only used with PHP itself, but also in its own definition

However, note the format of the function, the custom function cannot use the output such as ECHO, but rather returns a string, which is OK

The written function is put into the include/inc_channel_unit_functions.php file, because the Dede core will call this file

Here's a simple function.
function Testmyfunc ($STR) {
Return $STR. "Add up my Stuff Oh! ";

Use in labels
{dede:global name= ' cfg_webname ' function= ' Testmyfunc (@me) '/}

The advantage of using function extensions is that you can both enhance the functionality of your system and keep your markup simple

Here is another extension B, direct programming in innertext

The difference between this approach and function programming is that you can write PHP code directly to the underlying template code of the tag, but note that the PHP code here is not

The full meaning of the PHP code, it must conform to the Dede-qualified format, that is, the final return value returned to the @me variable, the same is the @me to represent the initial value of the tag.
Use format: {dede: Tag name runphp=yes}php code {/dede: Tag name}

Let's test this code:
{dede:global name= ' cfg_webname ' runphp= ' yes '}
$baidu = file_get_contents ("");
Preg_match_all ("/<title> (. *) <\/title>/isu", $baidu, $baidus);
@me = $baidus [1][0];

Well, here's cfg_webname no longer displays the current site name, because @me = $baidus [1][0]; Changed its value

BLT, please see if the following code is correct.
{dede:page pagesize= '/}<li>
document.write ("<div class=" P_all ">");
document.write ("<div class=" P_title ">[field:username/]" (Field:ip function=substr (@me, 0,strrpos (@me, '. ')) /].*) published in:

[Field:dtime function=getdatemk (' @me ')/]</div>);
document.write ("<div class=" P_con ">[field:msg function= ' Cnw_left_safe" ("@me") '/]</div> ');
document.write ("</div>");</li>

The result is only one ...

You have the wrong code, there are double quotes in document.write

document.write ("<div class=" P_all ">");

Let's not talk about you, continue the course.

When using markup programming or function extensions, many situations may call the database

In the V5 version, DEDECMS's database has been improved, and no matter how many new classes you create, the final open link is only one and generates a $DSQL global data

Library class variables

In the past, some people who understand the Dedecms database class are using $dsql = new Dedesql (false) when calling function extensions. This creates a new class

Actually, it's not necessary in V5.

It can be used directly with global $dsql declaration, and do not shut itself down in the body of the function (that is, execute $dsql->close ()).

{dede:global runphp= ' yes '}
Global $dsql;
$restr = ';
$dsql->setquery ("select * from #@__feedback where ischeck=1 order by ID desc limit 5");
$dsql->execute (' feedback ');
while ($row = $dsql->getarray (' feedback ')) {
$restr. = "<a target= ' _blank ' href= '/plus/feedback.php?arcid={$row [' Aid ']}&urlindex={$row [' Urlindex ']} ' > {$row

[' Arctitle ']} </a>-". Cn_substr ($row [' msg '],200)." <hr/> ";
@me = $restr;

NBA LIVE 2008 put their own songs into the game-download the address is not good to AH Moratti do not want Italian players-more than scold the Chinese people's FM2008 802 patch and Chinese temporary

Tolerance Method--adasdasdasdFM2008 8.02 player recommendation (Part one)--cry when you hit the African Cup ~~~~~fmm, you almost ruined the game itself-haha,

Hotspur,we are the Mahouve if I want to call my station direct comment on how to do it

This code is to invoke the latest comment

Call comments directly?

This should understand the Dede database structure to use

The Dede itself does not provide a label for direct call comments, which is generally understood by the loop tag, but in this version the new SQL tag is simpler

There is a label in Dedecms V5 {dede:sql sql= SQL statement limit Records} underlying template {/dede:sql}

I'm going to change the place where I just called the comment.

It Plato (489128) 15:10:37
{dede:sql sql= "select * from #@__feedback where ischeck=1 order by ID desc LIMIT 5"}
<a target= ' _blank ' href= '/plus/feedback.php?arcid=[field:aid/]&urlindex=[field:urlindex/] ' >[field: Arctitle/]</a>--


It Plato (489128) 15:10:40
Henrich (58219959) 15:10:59
is a comment link.
It Plato (489128) 15:11:19
Well, the result should be the same as the code above.
Henrich (58219959) 15:11:27
Uh ...
Promise Condolence ╰☆ <> 15:11:39
Template code:
{dede:sql sql= "select * from #@__feedback where ischeck=1 order by ID desc LIMIT 5"}
<a target= ' _blank ' href= '/plus/feedback.php?arcid=[field:aid/]&urlindex=[field:urlindex/] ' >[field: Arctitle/]</a>--



That's not your comment.

You're not commenting.

Look at the database tables.

Is it going to the database

Generally more meaningful data table naming or a more standard, irrelevant table, the call also has no meaning

If there is a dynamic system, such as the forum is installed in the same database, you can also call some posts in this way out

Can you call Ecshop's merchandise?

Is this call only a dynamic call?

Yes, if it's a canonical HTML name, there's a way.

Is it useful to generate static?

If you are not in the same database ... How do I call it?

As long as it's installed in a library, you can call

But the sub-Library is not

As long as it is the same database, it can be invoked with SQL tags!

Different database main permissions enough to do

The name of the write table is the database name. Table name so you can read across libraries

Very powerful

It's yellow and violent.

If you have used a different version of the Dedecms V5 before, the template tag has a place to pay attention to

Blake Cypress is very lats.

Boss, take 10 minutes to go.

Go on with your lectures.

Arclist cannot call the entire station document in V5

Figure King (470666)
Take a break for 10 minutes, there are small problems, to mention in turn, do not brush screen

It's a nice day.

Don't rest, there's no time.

The main reason is that the current channel is allowed to be arclist, so the tag must specify typeID or Channelid

to the point. Stopped

Wait till you finish the template.

Template This section is still a little more, finish

In order to complement the call total station data deficiencies, V5 new arcfulllist tag, its role and arclist tag a bit similar, do not show the difference is arcfulllist file name

Sometimes it can be dynamic, because it's the simple index table used for the search.

In special articles and related articles, the default is to use
You don't think anyone would comment.

In feature articles and related articles, the default is to use Arcfulllist to invoke the specified ID of the document.

Since this tag may cause the filename to be out of sync, we have added the document name batch revision function behind our system, but in order to prevent forgetting operation, we recommend setting up the column to set up the document naming rules.

Don't change it often

The template is the first one here, take a break, and then come back and talk about the channel model.

To mention, how to use and replication of questions and answers, classification information, Yellow Pages and other dynamic models for development, modified to other models, such as the question and answer copy, change to make friends. Another issue, such as

Add new plugins and Invoke Plug-ins.

Newly developed system, how to integrate into Dede, can make tag call data

The replication of classified information is basically no problem, the problem is that when the information is released, the default Channelid is 2.

Dede can now develop into a blog?

Certainly can't use Dede's own sample, and the current Dede, how to call Digg and so on, there is no label description

RSS also didn't pay attention to

Question and Answer module temporarily does not support replication, if need to develop words need to read the Ask directory of the file can be modified
Figure King (470666)
RSS This a lot of people talked about, Bo always pay attention to, now many indexes and Baidu also want this.

Yes, but do not Dede 6.0 come out to develop.

I am mainly in the company to do software development, foreign programs and XHTML design, so the code can understand, just do not know how to do


Support PHP several versions ah

Q/A module how JS call? Because you want to call across the station

I would like to ask, how is the security problem

After the question and answer is good to publish the correct reply also can let the Netizen comment, and the publication corrects the answer, the question person sees can adopt as the reference answer one and the reference answer second

Good, safe.

I want to be a game portal.

is the tab tutorial on Digg needed to be developed?

5. When will 1 be launched?

Many functions do not know how to use Dede to achieve, like the game hits the list, the column logo and so on

How to call classified information on the first page

To mention, how to use and replication of questions and answers, classification information, Yellow Pages and other dynamic models for development, modified to other models, such as the question and answer copy, change to make friends. Another issue, such as

Add new plugins and Invoke Plug-ins.

Newly developed system, how to integrate into Dede, can make tag call data

If this can be achieved, then I will certainly do a lot of plug-ins out, and the model to do together, but do not know how to achieve

Because the answer is sometimes not unique.

JS call can not be used in the label
Click on the arrange and randomly arranged labels

Dede file upload ease of use to make changes

Http://, I can always look at this error message, excuse me for a minute.

Integrated into the Dede, can make tag call data, this can be done by writing a function
Heavenly Creations (466841212) 15:27:42
Liberty (53347003) 15:27:16
Dede file upload ease of use to make changes

I think Dede here is a soft spot.

Will someone tidy up the lecture materials, now many people are not in the group, such as lectures materials.

Integrated into the Dede, can make tag call data, this can be done by writing a function

That's it? Well, have time to look at the code

It's all sorted out.

Please refer to the two documents below include/inc_pubtag_make.php and inc_arcpart_view.php

Send a 14--15-point lecture

You are using a custom model to check your template

Good. Look..

Plato, man, tell us about the latest development schedule and function plan

In the update, see if it hasn't been updated for a long time.

Bear, you have a problem with your template naming.

Boss can help solve this problem, let the jump URL direct link rather than jump the easiest way, two points

The clock is done.

I have Class 4 o'clock.

May I ask you a question?
Why my station has not been Baidu to receive the dew ...

If you have more documents, drop it, suggest descending order, upload box to top

And I'm going to automatically quit.

Baidu now AH ~ ~

Boss Cooper, question and answer channel if you submit some copied text, often prompts the ' answer can not be empty, you know this situation? Looks like the post data was filtered.

At present, mainly in accordance with the requirements of the perfect V5.01 version

When will it be available?

Upload is not only supported around 4M

Upload box top, easy to operate

The newer version of v5.01 may be V5.1, which will come out next month, and the new dede2008 will not be developed so quickly because it's a brand new upgrade

By the way, when the perfect version comes out, whether it's a new version or an old one, the main thing is to improve

Questions and answers should be able to have comments and adoption as a second answer

Upload is not only supported around 4M

Related to PHP environment settings and background system settings

Can the selection of columns be pulled down rather than opened in a new window?

V5.1 question and answer classification is pseudo static?

Boss Cooper, question and answer channel if you submit some copied text, often prompts the ' answer can not be empty, you know this situation? Looks like the post data was filtered.

Please give a demo?

Questions and answers should be able to have comments and adoption as a second answer

Upload is not only supported around 4M

Related to PHP environment settings and background system settings

is the server Setup problem? Thank you

Will the drop down menu for Boss 3.1 be back?

V5.1 question and answer classification is pseudo static?
or dynamic.

In order to keep up with the Dede progress, had to upgrade to V5.

Boss can help solve this problem, "let the jump URL direct link rather than the easiest way to jump"

In fact, there are related options in the V5, but it should be done more thoroughly if you ask for it.

Can the selection of columns be pulled down rather than opened in a new window?

The choice of columns to make a drop-down, more easy to use

The problem really needs to be solved.

Down more convenient

When will v5.1 next month? I want to use that version to do a station, and then develop Dede models and plug-ins, to the DEDECMS 2008, can the perfect upgrade?

Add custom feedback ECMs and phpcms have this feature

DEDECMS2008 is not compatible with the current version, it is the new architecture of the software

That's more to look forward to.

And the template is not compatible?

Custom feedback can be considered for increased V5.1

Continue to open source?

Can the current version be upgraded to 2008?

Can the selection of columns be pulled down rather than opened in a new window?

Can you tell us about the approximate release time and detailed functional description?

Templates are not compatible?

Time is running out.

Can 5.0 be upgraded to 2008?

Can the selection of columns be pulled down rather than opened in a new window?
I will.

Baidu has to answer questions, but also have comments, and sometimes the answer is more than the first can be in the author after the correct answer to the member can be published reference answers, questioner can be adopted as a second answer

Can you tell me about the DEDECMS 2008 of the approximate release time and detailed functional description

Also can be between the answer and answer PK

5.1 What Enhancements

What time will V5.1 be released next month?

I've been broadcasting the official Dede.

To innovate and not to kill others.

Monthly release

1 months.

Good quick.

Article channel is recommended to allow more than a lot of graphics upload, now only one pass


Will the 2008 version of the classified information be changed to static? or pseudo static?

Can the collection be combined with a model of classified information?

Xoops model in China is meaningless, in fact, if someone is willing to develop, the Dede module is also very convenient to use

Let me briefly introduce the real extension of Dedecms V5.
The development of the document is not part of the middle-level tutorials, the ability of the people in our training after the end can consider to organize a copy, now into the matter
In Dedecms V5, there are three kinds of things that can be expanded, one is the common model, the other is the new module, and the other is the plug-in
Everyone into the Dede management background "channel management-> content Model Management" where

Here you see
Classification information
General articles
Photo Gallery
These are built-in models.

You can also create a new model of their own, a lot of people ask: Dedecms's text stored in where AH? Now I'm teaching you step-by-step to create a text-stored article model

First "Add a new Model"

Now turn to the place where the column is managed

Has anyone built a channel model?
Set up and go to the column management place new top column, content model Select the one that was just built.

DEDECMS System it Plato lectures content (2)

As the model just established, in fact, templates and ordinary article template is the same, on the 90-day longitudinal system, the article_body.htm copy, renamed as Article_body.htm placed in the inside can! So that you can show the relevant things as you wish.

Oh, I see. to correspond to the identification ID

This is the question about the field in the document template where the field is represented by the {Dede:field name= ' field name '/}

For example, in the software model

File type filetype single line text (varchar) solidify form [modify]

Language Language single line text (varchar) solidify form [modify]

Software type Softtype single line text (varchar) solidify form [modify]

Authorization mode accredit single line text (varchar) solidify form [modify]

Operating system OS single line text (varchar) Curing form [Modify]

Software level Softrank integer type curing form [modify]

Official URL Officialurl single line text (varchar) solidify form [modify]

The language field can be represented by {Dede:field name= ' language '/}

In addition, title, keywords, description these actually the main index table of things, just said the template has already introduced its meaning

A user has raised a question about how the custom model adjusts the order of fields in a table layout form

Dedecms currently does not have this option, needs to be changed by phpMyAdmin into dede_channeltype this table

Edit FieldSet XML Here, adjust the location

In addition, we want to distinguish between the automatic model and system model, the system model is cured, to adjust the program must be modified, for ordinary people can not be changed

But this version allows you to add some of the fields inside

Because this lecture is a middle class lecture, the model this piece I not very thorough explanation, finally introduced the plug-in and the module

Plug-ins in Dedecms is a collection of small actual programs, which can be simply installed and deleted, but install and delete only to remove the database index records, not for real


The official network of the previous plug-ins with

File Manager

In-site press releases

Links module

Guest Book Module

Voting module

Forum Extensions

Advertising Management

Regular Rule Tester

Random Template anti-acquisition

Trojan Scan Detection

Data Transformation and Import

In fact, in many cases, plug-ins alone do not meet the requirements of the system

So Dedecms V5 proposed the concept of the module

Modules are a complement to the system model, because the DEDECMS template parsing mechanism is relatively complex, and if everything depends on the model, there is only one result: slower and faster

The use of modules adds to this deficiency

In the Dedecms V5 menu, the "extension module" is the Dedecms module.

The module file is a standardized XML file that contains the data that the module installs and deletes, and also contains binary files such as pictures.

Some people ask me, why not found in the Dedecms V5 installation package of Ask, group and other directories?

Because these things are encapsulated, if you do not install it, you will not see these files, so that you can do a lot to meet some webmaster want to function more, some want functional practical needs

As for how to develop the module, we will give a description, but in today's course does not discuss

Because today is mainly about the medium-level things, for the time being, what the problem can begin to communicate now, thanks to graph enthusiastic organization such lectures and support!

A archives table is replicated when a custom model is established.

Lecture finished, thank you, it is time for discussion. Edit do not delete my web site, increase the outside company!!

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