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From the interactive designer to product manager unwittingly two years, although the role has not completely transformed, but the attitude and methods of doing things have undergone a significant change. The biggest change in mentality is: owner mentality (ownership), goal-driven, there is no excuse. The product manager must be a proactive person. He is not a human resource. He has no power. But he also has to co-ordinate various resources so that various roles can meet their goals and meet their goals together. During the encounter difficulties and setbacks are also many, one of the difficulties lies in the grasp of technology.

I am responsible for the data products, maybe a project, I will at the same time with java development, data warehouse development, front-end development and app client development, they are asked for, or want to abuse them. Then it's surrounded by various terms - architecture, clustering, java, jquery, hbase, caching, modules, js, calling server, interface, cdn, database, mysql, jar, broker, memory, distributed, semantic, data mining , Hive, Hadoop, Reverse Proxy, Streaming Computing, Offline Computing, Instant Query, PHP, Variables, Parameters, Join, Stream Join, Instance ... Too Much.

One day I stood in front of our department's bookshelves, determined to learn some technical knowledge, but also found that technology involved in all aspects, can not start.

So I met the development asked: Hey, what do you think I should learn technical knowledge?

Their answer is very different -

Some say: You do not need to add anything, just consider the business level, and describe your needs clearly, leaving the rest of the development.

Some say: Well, as a product manager who deals with technology every day, you should learn technical knowledge, such as ... and then hear a lot of nouns ...

Normally, we often hear the siege division evaluate the product manager. If the product manager is only responsible for the specific needs, the siege masters are also very active, very advanced and very creative. They just do not give them Opportunity and time to think, right? That PD and program ape should be what is the difference? Or in addition to "think", siege division of the product manager and what are you looking forward to?

So, I'll give you a simple survey of siege masters to see how they look at product managers, what do they think are good product managers and what kind of product managers make them headaches? They think product managers What are the major aspects of professionalism and what technologies do they think product managers need to supplement?

The questionnaire was sent only to the siege division, invited dozens of siege division I have had contact with, architects, development engineers, test engineers, data development engineers ... ... levels, but look similar, especially Recommended articles, each word Aberdeen, read the reading, thought-provoking. If you share, fortunate to help other product managers make the same progress, would not it Kuaizai. In fact, finishing the article's biggest purpose is: self-encouragement, give yourself a mirror, often photos.

Question 1: What kind of product manager will let you recognize or even admire?

In addition to the other options, there are three development students, they were added three points:

1. Have control over the future market and forecast

2. Good at planning and finishing

3. Independent, calm

[Comments]: GG in the development of it seems, the product manager is responsible for the things that are right, want to understand, communicate clearly. The rest of the work is to develop things. Yesterday also heard a big product manager talked about what I quite agree, he said, marketing department and product manager is the most expensive, the market is to get the budget smashing effect, and a non-reliable product manager, would like to do not fly Demand, toss a group of people (design, development, testing, operation and maintenance ah, ah operation, the market ah ...) work overtime, released on the line and found that is not the case, so you develop the students pay All water. Development students also expect the product manager "think" ability to excel - Anyway, we live in life, you have to figure out ah ... .... In addition, it is useless to come up with ideas and ideas, and good product managers have to be able to smooth out their ideas so that people of all colors understand what you are thinking, whether it is rhetoric or not The story is good, drawing is also good, in short, you have to let developers GG know how to encode, interactive designers know how to design, visual designers to know what style to go in ... ...

To be able to do both, product managers do not have to constantly broaden their horizons, and constantly try their best to constantly enrich their knowledge and ability in all aspects of it? So if you do not have very good ideas and ideas, may wish to spare time and non-spare time, All remind myself not to be self-reliant, be sure to try early, take a look at foreign design, web site, the latest trends, data, do not come up with a product that has long been attacked by the siege division and programs out ... because the siege division but Frequently connect with front-line forums and websites ...

Question 2: What kind of product manager will make you depressed and even refused to cooperate?

【Comments】 As you can see, siege division students do not like the product manager does not have long-term planning, always mention some short-term needs. This kind of thing is no technical content right? As a product manager, can not ignore the short-term small demand, because the overall product experience is an interlocking, do not solve some rigid short-term needs, how to talk about the long-term product healthy growth. However, when the demand for program ape to mention, if you frequently mention a demand, and then follow the progress, then mention one. Each other's needs, so that we can not see the association, classification, and can not know that the solution of these needs and long-term product development is what the relationship between the so-called programmers will think you lose the value of product manager or just a Functional product manager nothing more.

Siege masters hope you bring a clear sense of purpose and direction, you need to draw a blueprint for products, such as 2014, our product development goal is what direction, around this direction, what we have to do to give up Which major projects are we going to take in this direction? In these major projects, we will divide them into small-scale projects and which small needs are to achieve the goal in that direction. Although these long-term plans, like picture-puffs, can not be used as PRDs (product feature requirement documents) that can be developed and started, it is important.

Also, do not assume that siegemasters have no sense of belonging to the product - are they just immersed in the pleasure of writing code? You are wrong. A small demand for you, for them, may be tens of thousands of lines of code to work overtime, there may be tangled in each line of code, some codes may be hungry, staring at the bleary sleepy eye knock out. Half done, you say, for a variety of reasons, do not do it. Or released, you do not give to promote well, let the user to use, later busy forget the other products. Regardless of custody students, and sometimes even the program ape can not wait to maintain it as an external interface.

Of course, siegemasters want the product manager's delivery needs to be thoughtful. This is just as cliché as a "wolf" story. Today you delivered a demand that has been confirmed. Tomorrow suddenly caught a loophole, and soon to replace the program, and then determine the day after tomorrow find yourself a bit wrong, only to find development to change needs, over time, the siege division of your "is determined" is not sensitive. You can argue several times before the formal delivery, multiple reviews, but make sure your documentation at this time is 0.N version rather than the final version. And be sure to finally submit a demand confirmation document that will not change again. If once the programmer begins to design and begins coding, you suddenly find that there is a problem with the logic that omits a requirement or a requirement, and you are waiting to be stuck with an unreadable label.

Of course, depending on your mutual trust with you and your partner, you can tell him to have a good look at the document or find out if you have any questions during the coding process. Because of the form, the product managers who work overtime and turn around every project will inevitably get confused.

The siege division will also despise the boss every day when the shield as a product manager, if you tell him that the boss needs to be done, then you have to "good product manager" and a step further. To professionals, pure enforcement and supervisor roles are the least technical. . So sometimes the product manager is a sandwich biscuits, the boss called you a black house, tell you what to do, argued useless, the heart does not agree, follow-up must do, but also personality split for their own special supportive identity needs. . Of course, adhere to their own principles dare to boss and product manager is there, we call him "idol."

Question 3: Do you think the product manager's professionalism is mainly reflected in? (Up to 3)

【Comments】 Before a group in Wangwang, a group of students chatting idea (hereinafter PD for the product manager in English abbreviation), A classmate said: You have this idea, directly to find a few development and design together ah. B classmate said: no resources ah. A classmate said: PD or not? B classmates said: PD which are not missing, a lot of grasping, so much PD Why? I did not turn product manager, also think product manager is a professional work, He spent a lot of work in communication, coordination, grasp the progress, he seems to be a little anything, but nothing will be too proficient, for one heart to a little "professional achievements", the choice of product manager really is not A good job. After all, being an excellent product manager takes too many chances. The product is capable of emitting light and heat, and the product needs to be influential ... what about a professional product manager? What areas to enhance professionalism?

In the next five options, "can think" - business sense, vision and long-term planning, once again take advantage of. Followed by the idea that you want to be imaginative, you can think carefully, do not take the siege masters to the ditch, to express clearly and eliminate the misunderstanding of the various roles. As for the other aspects, although very important, the team with fine division of labor can also allow more people to work together.

Most of the siege division of this problem is not a natural choice: all above. Come on, boy.

PS: One of the other answers supplemented is a senior technical expert in the data world whose answer is: In the future data world, you have to understand the data. Know how to use the data, will look at the data, can really make the product manager can think more, can add more ...

Q4: What is the biggest obstacle you currently have with product managers? (Up to 3)

This problem, Heidi missteps, the problem options are not designed, the result that most people choose the other. Let's take a look at the supplementary answers to the rest of you:

No obstacles.

It's okay now.

There may be errors in the delivery of information.


The current cooperation is not bad.

Long time no see product manager. .

Lack of communication, can not express their ideas well for development in order to agree, the views of engineers can not seriously think

No idea, only to complete a task

Nothing big hurdle.

The demand is not clear

Product ideas can not be sustained


I do not have a product manager, I'm a technical product manager

Now the product manager is good, nothing big problem ah

【Comments】 Several of them are barrier-free is our counterpart siege division, Heidi stole that if the vote becomes anonymous vote, several students will not change the answer, ha ha. .

Combining with other options, we can find that fighting for the assassin's recognition of the needs and their clear communication and reducing the omission and misunderstanding of information are the keys to the smooth progress of the project.

For the identity of the need to distinguish whether the siege division is not agree with the demand or do not agree with the solution.

We usually say that the demand actually refers to the product manager to deliver the functional requirements of the document carried by the content, for the siege division is the demand, but in fact is to meet the needs of a user or company to provide the final solution. Sometimes, siege masters do not agree with the demand is not not agree with the user or company's "need", but the solution has many questions.

Product Manager directly omit the mining needs of the user needs, analysis of the company's needs, the direct delivery of solutions, even if the solution will explain the project background, the project objectives, but may still cause an understanding of the fault, the siege can not be true from the heart Agree with why to do so. As a product manager to keep in mind: program ape is our comrades, partners, is a great realization, definitely not to the product manager to work, and absolutely not a machine, not a system - just enter the command can be run. In the early stages of demand, try to understand and participate in the program as far as possible (he does not have time to participate is his thing), so that they can work with you to understand the background of demand, to understand the needs of stakeholders, to meet this demand from the heart .

However, at the level of identifying needs, the solution is not one that the product manager came up with, and if the siegemaster is involved earlier, he can contribute advice and be accepted for the solution, you are less likely to have to communicate the cost of the solution .

Question 5: Do you think the product manager is important in the development context? (Multiple choice)

【Comments】 Most of the siege division that score, such as:

Depends on the type of product manager is the system product manager or business product manager. Note: The system product manager partial functional product manager, mainly according to product vision, goals and operational needs to design products to support, and business product manager is planning a business, such as logistics warehouse, this business You may need to design a product or design an event.

Depends on the project is responsible for what projects, pure technology projects or the best development background. But "a little bit is actually a good thing, but it is not good if you have more

Students who choose not to be important still think that the most important thing for product managers is their ideas.

And think more important classmate, basically think to know a little development, can help the product manager to judge feasibility. "If the product manager with the development background, the first time to determine the extent of landing needs, will not become a complete utopian," "the best development background, but not important, can learn more about point development knowledge, know What needs can not be done. "

One student added: It does not matter at all. "Attitude first, efforts second." Do not understand the technical product manager, to remember that you have a group of skilled cattle, humbly ask them a lot, and exchange a lot, the siege division are simple, kind, naive, simple and helpful.

Q6: As a siegemaster, do you think product managers should know something better to work with you? (Up to 3)

【Comments】 immeasurable vast expanse of technology, product manager how to add technical knowledge to be able to input-output ratio than the highest ~ take a look at the recommendations of the siege division it.

Web site infrastructure knowledge of the highest number of votes (in line with expectations ah), the site infrastructure knowledge enables product managers and other non-technical role to quickly understand how a website is built up, understand the basic concept of the site technology architecture - siege division also recommended "large Web site technology architecture: the core principles and case studies, "the book, for us such people, it can be a dictionary of technical terms Yeah.

In addition, the main job of a product manager is to do requirements analysis, then describe requirements, and UML is a language that helps product managers communicate better with development. Use case method is an effective way to describe user needs, these need to understand the basic UML knowledge, concepts and UML use case diagram drawing method. Product managers may not be required to draw very professional, but at least able to express can understand.

Have you chosen the "other" options for students?

Psychology, sociology, a little ability to draw pictures, have a very good ability to draw a book - think of the "napkin behind" series

Taobao system background - think of the willow Liu's "Taobao Technology decade" series

Knowledge of all aspects of technology must understand the next - God, seeking Gongcheng division to open a product manager for literacy classes.

Understand the data, the value of a good cognitive data - not to mention the data that cattle options, but my experience is that many business leaders (known as the product manager) and its data-sensitive.

Developer's thinking - who can explain the developer's thinking is what?

Planning and communication skills - think of the "thinking finishing"

Interaction, data analysis - one hand grasp the experience, one hand grasp the data, both hands should be hard. .

All siege division, there is nothing to add it?

to sum up:

In the end of the investigation left an open question: Please stand in the siege point to the product manager some advice? Or answer to the above what should be added?

Originally, it was only symbolic (the traditional questionnaire did not put an open question at the end of the article), but the answers from the siegemen were surprisingly sincere. Among them, I still never dealt with Know, presumptuously sent a questionnaire in the past ...... In particular, to be carefully selected, so that you all have a good product reading:

Note: If there is no special callout, the following ID is the account ID. What is the deal?

edwardpro: KPIs are required, but none of the products designed for KPIs will succeed. KPI is in the big success under the premise, can easily be completed, otherwise how can not be completed, whether you are not very concerned about the KPI, in short, this is really not the product's goal. You want users to use, you must first do a real user, to experience the branch processes and abnormal processes, and various scenarios may have problems to help helpless and helpless users. Do not be too rigidly focused on whether the technology can be achieved, the most annoying is that some product manager, come to a statement, these can do it? Can do nothing to do with you, you are considering the product's process and purpose (this is not a KPI goal) The goal is right, to convince everyone, then it can not be a stumbling block, please do not use this as a summary of the project content. To reduce the time to focus on project progress and project details, this is a technical PM, rather than the main work of the product manager, I believe colleagues working with you can help you stepping on the rhythm of time, and control of this rhythm is not necessary for a PD Work, "essential" is not to use "want" to reflect. Do not let everyone feel like a small supervisor, but in the process, to experience the test products, put forward their own suggestions and improvements, the test is not all the work of the test, the test will always help you solve the "problem" But can not upgrade products, into the product, turn yourself into the user is the key. In addition, not like the real prototype and flow chart, the prototype is not a UED work, but the work of the product manager, a simple way to describe the prototype, it is the key to start moving, rather than beautiful, many times the product manager that Fine is the value of the time to reflect the PD, in fact, on the contrary, the effect of the beautiful story may be even worse.

kmygf: The best product manager I think should be something like this: inner temperament, rich knowledge, decisiveness, calmness, maturity (my approach to doing things) my favorite product manager should look like this: Pretty, active thinking, Demand is clear (even if change becomes natural rather than rational)

changedi: Hard work is more than utopian, complete design is superior to fast practice

Demand as much as possible refinement and early ~ change the risk of demand is great

More communication, more thinking

I hope the product manager can bring the product of the siege division to the dawn of victory, so that everyone's efforts will not be wasted

The most important thing is to design the product valuable, do not let the siege division to do worthless or immediately abandoned.

Good at thinking, communication, get along, always happy cooperation

Know the technical staff as partners, not just resources. In Ali, a good product manager must understand business and humanity.

The work done by the engineer's approval to be much easier to understand the needs of reason, the document written in this way to understand, try not to change as little as possible or demand. . . In addition, for documentation, product managers can talk to developers about whether they can do something to structure the document. I have tried documents that code concept, such as form validation, as long as the definition of the document, you can generate all the tools through the field of validation rules and copywriting (our international station logistics form more, is the use of this intermediate system ). However, this depends on the specific problem area and the scene. Ha ha.

Long-term vision, daring to innovate, will adjust the atmosphere of the project these are very important.

Understand the general technical architecture, do not need to be proficient. The key is to have the product planning, can not just careless students

In addition to the product vision, but also consider the feasibility of being able to release is the key to business abstraction, as well as the abstract after the derivative innovation is very important, often a small business innovation can make great products

Ideas, organized, attitude, creative.

In fact, professional or not is not decisive, have enough persuasion, their own independent thinking.

Creative, or creative ~

Nothing, PRD write a clear point, write a detailed point, consider the point of complete OK

Product manager is standing next to God, the best philosophy of product manager is the best product manager.

A technical basis, good communication, unique vision!

1, learn more about the system status and defects of Ali related products; 2, have good ideas, do not need to care more about technical issues, technical problems lost to me to solve; 3, assertive, able to persist, and there are reasons. 4, reject the high-level microphone needs

Take control of the whole situation and grasp the details

Generally speaking, the siege masters are a group of trustworthy, responsible good partners. Your words may be behind him need to knock thousands of lines or even tens of thousands of lines of code. They are also a group of very thoughtful people, but often do not give them enough space. They work overtime hard-working, they are willing to be a hero behind the scenes, they continue to study new technologies to overcome your needs new technical challenges - "technical problems thrown to me to solve." "If the goal is right, technical feasibility is not a stumbling block." They only expect product managers to come up with more reliable, valuable and clear requirements, be able to continually operate the products they have developed, give it a glowing look, give long-term planning of the products they serve, and allow them to see more Long-term goal.

Come on, encourage each other.

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