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When everything can be quantified, the big data itself speaks. Our discovery of business opportunities is the ability to listen-just the traditional ears may not hear the "impossible" sound.

Extracting data from everything and storing it is a prerequisite for large data development and upstream of the industry chain.

Everything in the world can be transformed into data, and "transformation" itself has a huge technological content, therefore, it is undoubtedly the upstream of the industrial chain.

In the course of the development of human society, measurement from the length, weight and constantly expand to the area, volume and time, it can be said quite long. In the 19th century, as scientists invented new tools, natural phenomena such as electricity, air pressure, temperature, and audio were quantified, only for a period of 200 years. And the computer pushes the world into the big data phase, just forty or fifty years.

Text can become data, Google has a digital library, we all have the data of the book; position can be turned into data, as long as your mobile phone with Baidu map, GPS navigation can use a set of numbers to show your location; communication can become data, and social networks make the intangible elements of our daily lives, including emotions, And even as a human being, we are also being computerized, and during the course of his cancer treatment, the doctor produced a data document that included the entire genetic code.

The data itself creates an opportunity. ITA, one of the four major U.S. ticket reservation systems, only sold the data to Farecast is a big revenue. In China, many bank insurers are willing to work with web companies, which are looking at data from internet companies. In Shenzhen, we often see the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of a strange car walking in the street, it is for Shenzhen "smart city" building collection data, but unfortunately, it is not an enterprise behavior.

To transform everything into data, you need to store data. In fact, the big data age is the reality of a huge reduction in storage equipment. Now that Facebook stores about 100TB of user data a day, NASA handles about 24TB of data a day, and as long as it's a supposition, it estimates how big the data-storage market is.

In large data storage products, Huawei has been in the forefront of domestic enterprises, their introduction of N8000, CSS has been favored by global customers. As an indicator of high-performance storage, Huawei's large data solution has reached 3 million ops in recent tests, which means 3 million operations per second.

The potential value of data, which is enormous and constantly exploited, provides a market for technical and analytical companies

The data itself is not productive, and only through technical analysis can it produce value. As one person in charge of Google said, data is just a new production factor, raw material is entered from one end of the digital pipeline, and the processed information is output from the other end.

Of course, the data processing analysis, far from the Google executives say so simple, otherwise there will not be a large number of data technology classes and analysis companies. A department called MasterCard Advisors collects and analyzes 65 billion transactions from 1.5 billion credit card users from 210 countries to forecast business development and customer consumption trends, and to sell these analysis results to other companies. The INRIX company uses software analysis to predict traffic conditions and synchronize to satellite navigation systems by pooling real-time traffic data from 100 million cars in the Americas and Europe. All they eat is technology and analysis of the rice bowl.

Data is reusable, it does not lose value because it has been used; The data is reconfigurable, and when one data is combined with another, it can generate new ideas; The data is extensible, and a data that is already collected for a purpose is often counted. These characteristics of the data, so that data analysis has unlimited possibilities, as long as we have data analysis tools and the necessary equipment, we can in more areas faster and more large-scale processing of data, entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere.

So what are the types of data analysis professionals we're talking about? Is it a computer professional? Not。 They may be computer amateurs, but as long as they have unrestricted thinking-using industry terminology as "big data thinking"-he may be a professional. "All they think about is the possibility, not the so-called feasibility," which is the demand for talent from data analysis.

According to a survey by the McKinsey Global Research Institute, the United States now needs more than 190,000 people with "deep analysis" expertise, and more than 1.5 million of managers with data knowledge. Some even predict that, with the rise of data scientists, industry experts will wither away, citing "data scientists who are not influenced by old ideas to listen to the sound of data." ”

The big data causes the thought change, the traditional industry will be full of unprecedented vigor in the new Thought examination

Large data is a milestone in the history of mankind, it makes the first time for mankind to obtain and use comprehensive, complete and systematic data, it will lead to the transformation of the thinking of traditional industries because of innovation and full of unprecedented vitality.

"The Card House" is the American political suspense drama dubbed "White House Huan" by Chinese netizens, it is now hit in more than 40 countries. How can the first homemade TV series of the Netflix video site succeed? The reason is that they have large data thinking.

On the Netflix video site, users generate up to 3000多万个 collections, referrals, replays, pauses, and so on every day, and subscribers give 4 million ratings and 3 million search requests a day. The sheer volume of data makes it possible for Netflix to find that a film can sell if it meets several elements at once. So there was the success of the card house.

So is the film and television industry, as in traditional newspapers. A young man named Cross founded the Prismatic website, which he hit by collecting and sorting online resources. The reason this young man who knows nothing about journalism is successful is that he finds out from a data analysis whether a story is popular and the reader doesn't care if it comes from a teen blog, a corporate web site or a big newspaper, and the source doesn't matter.

"Focus on the relationship, not the causal relationship. The author of the Big Data age has made this a logical change in thinking. Many seemingly unrelated things are connected in large numbers, and that is where the business is.

A Tsinghua University graduate named William developed a software that resembles a "social butler" when he was doing data mining, he found that people who listened to Luo live concerts would increase their interest in Shanghai Volkswagen by 30%, and as entrepreneurs, he was doing this kind of business, and he was asking why.

The real value of data is like an iceberg floating in the ocean, and you see only the tip of the iceberg. The "Iceberg theory" of Freud and Ernest Hemingway also applies to the valuation of large data.

The essence of the world is data. That's what physicists say. But, in the past, we had a lot of objections to that view.

To support our objection is the difficulty of data acquisition. In the early days of the human race, we knew the world purely by intuition, experience, assumptions, and reasoning, and then when we were able to get some of the data, the sample survey became a way of knowing the world. We never thought of "sample = overall", but it inadvertently became reality.

This is the big data age of the global hot debate. In this era, Yanguoliusheng, people have left data. As long as you carry your smartphone and computing equipment with you, every change in your location, your behavior, and even your physical physiology data, is data that can be recorded and analyzed. According to IDC, a technology research institute, the new data is growing at a rate of 50% a year, or doubling every two years.

In the face of data, many companies have developed if Wal-Mart chooses the right product for a particular store by analyzing sales, pricing and economic, demographic and weather data, and determines the timing of the price cut, China Mobile also uses it to analyze customer consumption behavior and adjust its service content and prices. But these are too much to underestimate the value of the data.

Not only is the enterprise itself undervalued, the whole society underestimates the value of the data. In the case of Facebook, for example, its assets were assessed at $6.6 billion trillion in the audited accounts of investors in 2011, including computer hardware, patents and other objects, but no data. We have the same knowledge of Baidu, Tencent, no one has the data they have as intangible assets.

But in fact, the data has become the biggest intangible asset of the enterprise. In a report from the World Economic Forum in Davos, the data have been declared a new type of economic asset, like money or gold. Correspondingly, the development of large data is also emerging, great business opportunities attract entrepreneurs all over the world.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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