Discussion on the function of stabilizing space in website operation and the method of purchasing

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The website space is carries the website operation the fundamental, just like the foundation is carries the entire building security function. For each successful site, we do not overlook the role of the stable space. Whether it is included, ranked or weight, stable space is one of the key factors. For such an important factor, the role of natural play is also negligible, so the stability of the space for the site to operate the help and how to choose to buy high-quality site space.

First, user viscosity. We need to understand what is the purpose of our station? What is the purpose of the user to visit the site? Space is the foundation that supports the development of website operation. If your own site even the space is sometimes open, sometimes not open, like watching TV on the internet, a good looking TV because of the frequent buffer waiting, the buffer too many times, naturally even continue to want to see the momentum is gone. Each user likes to visit the fast and stable site, so that they can not find the required content, it will not produce a disappointment in the psychology of the site. Many sites can not allow users to make two visits is not the quality of the content is not, nor the user can not find their own information in the site, but the site's access speed too slow. After all, each user searches for a keyword, will have the choice of browsing two types of the same site, when entering your site and into other sites when the speed is not the same, in other sites have browsed two or three pages after your site can open some, such a site how can let users like? so that A site to have loyal users, first of all need to let users feel satisfied with the speed of access, and the decision factor of this access speed is the stability of the space or not, I definitely tell you that no space is not stable site will have two visits to users, but also will not have loyal users, After all, who would like to stop at a site that takes a long time to open a page? Therefore, the stability of the space relationship between the site can stick users.

Second, you can enhance the user's sense of trust in the site. have done E-commerce type webmaster know, want to let users believe that your site, first access speed is the first element. After all, for each e-commerce type of site, the first need to let users have a sense of trust in the site, this will be possible to encourage users to produce consumer behavior. As we buy the site space, the first thing we need to see is the test station access speed, after all, even the test station to a minute to fully open, the quality of its space is not good where to go. For each site, in fact, the most easy for users to create a sense of trust factor is a stable space. We can change the angle to think about it, if you are an ordinary user, from the search to click into a site, and so on the site to open about a minute or so, they will be willing to stay in this site to continue to visit it? No matter which user is not interested in a slow or even inaccessible site. After all, even space can not remain stable, how to let users get a good experience on the site, and users can not access even the most basic pages, and no one will be like a user often open a page will take a long time, or even wait until the result is inaccessible space. Therefore, to allow users to produce a good experience in the site and to carry out their desired consumption behavior, the first need to ensure the stability of space, so that users can create a sense of trust in the site, resulting in consumer behavior.

The last is to shorten the optimization time effectively. Web site optimization, the most basic factor is what? The answer is, of course, web space. First of all, we from the search for the point of view, the site to row up the number and ranking, need spiders into the site crawling can be indexed to the content of the site, when the spider even the door can not enter the site, how can the spider smooth crawling index content? Even when the spider entered the site of the flash site door is not closed, When the spider began to crawl each page, but each crawl of the page can not be normal access, so will be the spider mistakenly think this site does not exist content, natural spiders also quickly quit the site crawling work. So spider even crawl work can not be completed, to optimize the site to improve the rankings what role? Then we from the user's point of view, the user from the search to click to enter the site that moment began, the user experience degree is produced, and users in search results to complete access to the site requires a lot of waiting time, How can such a site make users like it? How can you get a good user experience, the average user waiting for a site to open more than 10 seconds, basically choose to close the Site page. So for the stability of the space, will be the most impact on the optimization of the length of time, if the long-term space instability, that I suggest you or change a stable space to optimize the operation of it, after all, in the unstable space to operate SEO optimization and blind consumption of time and effort is no different.

How to buy a stable space? What are the ways to determine the stability of a space?

For a space is the importance of stability, the above several are the most important, then how should we choose to buy a stable space to allow the site to survive well? First, you need to check the test site when you buy space, and now each space provider will provide a test site, What we need to do is to test the speed of the space at the peak of the Internet. Second, the limit of the number of IIS online, almost all the virtual space will be more or less restrictions on the number of IIS, we need to do is to see whether the amount of space we buy is reasonable, if a 1G space only 200 IIS, that is, the representative can only 200 people at the same time access, This space is relatively not very good. Moreover the space broadband line, as far as I know, the domestic space speed is the fastest, Hong Kong second, the United States slowest, we want according to own site to target the user group to choose the space the line. And then the number of space under the same server, this is very important, after all, a server's bandwidth, performance, etc. are fixed values, such as a server with 100 sites with a server with 50 stations, which stability better believe that the author said. Finally the visibility of the space trader. First look at whether the space has an official website, followed by the case of customers, this is the most direct analysis of space business visibility is also the most easily know whether the space is stable, whether it is worth buying a key reference factor. Finally try the space, this trick is the best test space stability method, we must first try the space before purchase, so as to understand the stability of the space is really like the introduction of the same, after all, hearing for the false, seeing for real. Therefore, in the purchase of space, the choice to a stable space can let you in the later optimization process more worry-saving, while the effect of more dahua.

The space is related to the survival of the site, but also the foundation of the site. 笔者认为,什么都可以有选择,就是空间不应该找理由、找借口来选择,很多站长可能会想到自己先购买一个普通的空间用一下,等到站点起来了再换,然而当你选择一个普通又不稳定的空间时,什么时候站才能起来呢?一个月?两个月?半年?一年 ? No one can say clearly, but one thing is certain is that the unstable space will be the root cause of the site to turn the station. This article by http://www.ynzgao.com eat what can be long high exclusive feeds, reprint please specify, thank you!

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