Do not blindly follow the cloud planning rhythm needs to slow down

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Today, cloud computing is a hot topic everywhere. And do not say cloud mobile phone, Cloud TV is coming out, major IT vendors not cloud see Hi, whenever and cloud, will rise up. Even the airport's high-speed and empty roadside can see only "XX cloud computing" Five words of the big billboard. Everyone knows that cloud computing can flexibly deploy resources, maximize resource utilization, unify management, and reduce IT costs. You can also see a good vision: provisioning IT resources like water and electricity. But in the burst of cloud computing, there was an intuitive problem that puzzled end users: "> What is Cloud computing?"

We can always see cutting-edge technology through America's blockbuster future, Intel says that aggressively, two years ago, revealed all sorts of cloud-computing messages. The synaptic synapses, like clients, realize the exchange, acquisition, perception and conversion of information with the outside world (heterogeneous platforms). And as Avatar "hears" The sound of the Tree of life through its synapses, this tree of life is no different from a large cloud platform, through identity (synaptic connections), allowing the user (avatar) to download and receive the required information. Again, as recently aggressively's "Mission 4" can be from any corner of the telephone, through the Access ID, retinal scan (identification) after receiving the task. This is probably the epitome of future cloud life.

Cloud Computing is ultimately a service to us, and the idea of the movie is too advanced to be a reference to future life. The topic goes back to cloud computing. Most enterprises have one thing in common with IT systems: do not change existing it architectures as much as possible. To put it bluntly, even if the equipment is still available, it is not easy to buy a new one; That's why some companies have been using mainframes for decades, even if they know it's not the mainstream. There is always the risk of new things, and even if your suppliers are so assured of packing, the risks remain. So, is cloud computing going away? It's not the same thing, because corporate users have one more thing in common: the desire to reduce IT costs as much as possible. This is also the driving force behind the constant development of cloud computing.

Everything is staged, and the implementation of cloud computing is no exception. In the early days of cloud computing, the courage to try is also based on different applications to make trade-offs. In a recent media conversation with Mr. Chang, the Intel Server platform Product manager, we got advice from Mr. Chang, who said: "Be rational about cloud computing, deploy cloud computing, and integrate with your own needs." Cloud computing is a slow development process, from the concept to maturity requires the continuous improvement of technology, IT industry manufacturers have the obligation to assist in the development of cloud computing standardsCompliance, while prompting the development of cloud computing technology. For users, the more phased, step-by-step implementation of cloud computing, so that the cloud computing soft landing, not to be anxious to bring mishap.

Many foreign it technology-rich cloud platform service operators also come from time to time about server downtime, disruption of services, hacking and other bad news, as a wake-up call for domestic cloud-computing pioneers. Xiao Bian believes that the cloud has a real need for enterprises to be more cautious, and seriously to speculate what can be put into the cloud, and which applications to avoid. Cloud computing development is self-evident, in order to be able to better use the cloud, the enterprises still need to calm treatment.

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