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I am a senior student graduating from XI ' an University of science and Technology, high together to do the site, remember at that time with the Oriental page king, to now use Notepad to modify the code to do the station about 8 years, has not gone to what professional study, are groping themselves out, some time ago in helping a colleague do SEO, Spent 2 hours to make a rough adjustment, the effect is much better than before the optimization, the following i from various aspects of the site to illustrate:

(1) Why do website optimization?

Website optimization has become an inevitable requirement of network marketing management strategy. If the basic idea of website optimization is not embodied in the Enterprise Construction station, it is difficult to gain the competitive advantage in the general improvement of marketing level today. If you are or will be building a new station, the ideal situation is in the planning phase of the optimization of the basic ideas into the web design plan, and in the construction process implementation. This allows the new release of the station directly starting from a high starting point of operation, can greatly improve the operation of the effect, but also save the cost of optimization of the site transformation.

(2) The meaning of website optimization design is embodied in the following aspects:

<1> from the user's point of view, after the site optimization design, users can easily browse.

<2> from the point of view of the search engine promotion, the optimized design makes the search engine can crawl the basic information smoothly, when the user searches through the search engine, the information which the enterprise expects can appear in the ideal position, enables the user to discover the relevant information and arouse the interest, Click on the search results and reach for further information until you become a real customer

<3> from the point of view of operation and maintenance, the maintenance personnel can manage and maintain the website conveniently, which is advantageous to the application of various marketing methods, and can accumulate valuable marketing resources, because only after the enterprise website optimized design can have the marketing orientation, can it be consistent with the marketing strategy.

From the above to the website optimization design meaning understanding also can see, optimization design is not just search engine optimization, search engine optimization is only a part of site optimization design, its core is still the optimization of users, so should adhere to user-oriented rather than search engine-oriented.

(3) Website structure optimization includes those parts?

<1> Navigation structure Optimization

The principle of optimizing navigation structure is not only to be friendly to people, at the same time must meet and search engine communication barrier-free, excellent navigation structure will be able to guide users to do more things on the site, such as: Reading, learning, consulting, shopping .... It's all built on websites that have good navigation systems, Allow users to enter any position at a loss, in the step-by-step clear ideas to find the content, in the establishment of a certain basis of trust he can understand the site's products. The goal of navigation structure optimization is to allow users to do what they want to do at the right time.

<2> Content Structure Optimization

Content optimization is also an important content of website structure optimization. How to show the existing content of the site, what content to mention the home page to show, which cumbersome content needs to show the region, which content can be returned to navigation .... These are the work of optimizing the content structure. Generally, the content arrangement takes note of several principles and rules: update the faster the same as possible to upgrade to the home page display block user-focused Content Promotion home page display easy to form the industry authority atmosphere content promotion to the first page shows the Convention habitual content as far as possible navigation attribution functional content as far as possible navigation attribution (including button tool navigation) FAQ or similar customer service content centralized navigation attribution (this rule according to industry work experience summary, and have long-term practice operation)

<3> Business Architecture Optimization

Business Architecture optimization is based on the site's business functions, business positioning, such as the site's business flow and so do some functional and user-related development.

<4> Technical Framework Optimization

The optimization of the operation structure is a key work of the bottom job of SEO. A good technical framework will enable the entire site from the innate good search engine friendliness. Based on an excellent architecture of the Web site system, even if not to do additional basic optimization (such as: URL optimization, site link optimization, etc.) can be seen in the search engine excellent performance, at this time can focus on the business optimization. (On the theoretical knowledge of the excellent technical framework system here is not a discussion, another technical framework of SEO contribution is in the search engine development work and CMS development work has been argued in the concluding observations, if interested can ask me to inquire (search engine development Principle), (Industry vertical search engine Implementation plan guide ), (Network spider Excellent algorithm analysis), (Web spider link crawling path solution), (excellent CMS bottom support system) and other related content of non-commercial and technical secret chapters. SEO Some of the main work we have done above, involving the content planning, business planning, technical framework, interface structure, system maintenance and so on several aspects. But this is not the end, there is the pursuit of better room.

(5) Real Station analysis: To take colleagues of the hundred-satisfied video network to do analysis

<1> Domain

Before you sign up for a domain name, you need to set the content theme of your site then according to the keyword to determine the domain name, the domain name as short and good to remember, this is to want to have a return to the site for visitors, if you want to do something, try not to use. cn or level two domain name to do the station, the domain name uses., this is the colleague optimizes

<2> Space

Space must choose a stable, fast server, an unstable server, very bad for search engine crawl, when the engine spider to crawl, you will consume a lot of CPU, once you server can not access spiders can not be very good crawl, maybe next time to wait a long time, reduce the search weight, Lost the opportunity to include, hundreds of video network with their own server space, and resources are all in their own server, not collected over.

<3> website Name

The first site to use the name of "I want to take white", the optimization of the use of hundred-satisfied video, it seems that the search will not go to search "I want to take" this keyword, later, after the selection and domain name pinyin similar to the "Hundred Satisfied video", search "hundred satisfied video" more than "Turner", the final decision to use "Hundred Satisfied video", Also remind you not to use the popular words before the station name.

<4> website Core Program

As far as possible to use the implementation of high efficiency, speed, optimization of the program, Php+sql,sql video is a new cloud of the program, the program spider easier to crawl, page framework to be as compatible as possible with a variety of browsers, such as the mainstream of IE6, IE7, Firefox.

<5> Content

Here to the upcoming site and just started building site Webmaster said is that do not immediately big station or classification of a lot of stations, do not see what hot on all the hot things to do, such as BT, download, QQ code station, film, beauty, these are hot, do not start to do so much content, to do one on it, Highlight the core and focus of the site, like others when the mention of Baidu to know the search, download the time to know the same as the Express FlashGet.

<6>meta Label Optimization

Main topics include title, website description (Description), and Keywords (Keywords). There are other hidden words such as author (author),

Category (catalogue), Language (encoding language), etc.

1.Title: Because the engine spider crawls your content, the first thing you see is the station title. Here to specify, home and pagination and content page title settings. The home page title of this station is also good, station name + keyword extension (what is the keyword extension, in search engine input a keyword, see below automatically give the keyword extension, such as the input QQ, the following gives the QQ code, etc.), hundred na Video extended out of the hundred video Search , wield search and other key words, now the search volume is very high, in the home page simply added a word, netizens search and wield, the appropriate on the emergence of the Hundred-satisfied video network.

For pagination: The content of a page is best spread around a keyword, with the relevant keywords to edit the content of the page, in a certain limit to increase the density of keywords, there is the use of rankings. Spider Crawl Web page perhaps with our teacher correcting compositions, pay attention to the first paragraph and the last paragraph of content, as long as you write the head and tail of the wonderful, Then your composition may get high score, oh, pure entertainment, spiders can not be so human, but also to a certain extent that the first paragraph and the last section of the content of the keyword is beneficial;

For content pages: we can refer to the content of the Search movie station page title, movie name + movie name download + movie story download, and so on, interested friends can go to see, search past to the paging flow is very large, for the use of Phpwind Forum program Webmaster, can go to reference http:// The Chinese boy net, the optimization is not bad.

2.Description: Description can not be used in the form of similar keywords, can be similar to the site called XXX Network, to provide users with the format of XXX, as long as the description of appropriate include keywords, such a method than the use of stacked keyword effect better.

3.Keywords: Key words like just said, the use of keywords plus extension of the way appropriate integration.

4.Author: Here you can fill in the middle part of your domain name or the key word pinyin.

5.Language: I use the example code to explain to everybody





Big5 is represented as traditional Chinese, gb2312 is Simplified Chinese and UTF8 is a universal language. Here is another point, many people say that Big5 is a bad encoding, so when designing Web pages like to use UTF8 universal language, which is a very bad way to search engine seo, because if the search engine can not determine the main language of your Web page is the time, You don't want to appear in the search results of that language. For Web pages that are not able to use UTF8, the following are necessary to enhance the declaration, but I have to say that I am not sure if the search engine will "buy", which means that although it is a way of declaring a Web language, it is likely to be ineffective. Recommend that you do not use the Web page unless you do not

UTF8 comparison can achieve the purpose of SEO.


Zh here are traditional Chinese meaning, another commonly used zh for Simplified Chinese, JA for Japanese.

<7> Home Base

The bottom part of the home page to describe what the content of the site, format: XXX---A provide xxx-xxxx-xxxxx (similar keyword extension but not with the title repeat)

<8> Home Text description

Some text on the home page can be named, such as the general situation of the link part of the site is directly called "Friendship link", you can modify your template for the "keyword + links", the keyword bold, is not another keyword Ah, search engines will not say you cheat.

<9> Home Picture Alt

Because spiders can not crawl pictures and flash in the text information, so need to add comments in Alt, it is best to use keywords, so that the search engine will read this property to understand the image information can catch a keyword, will give you weight.

<10> static page

Static page including HTML shtml htm, more easily indexed by the engine, if the webmaster worry about the generation of pages occupy too much space, you can consider using pseudo static, but need space to support the corresponding components, Phpwind and other programs are supported.

<11> folder name

Here is the name of the classification page, such as Bai Na, classification page with pinyin Baina do file directory, the role and domain name function is similar.


Robots.txt is the first file to view when visiting a Web site in a search engine. The Robots.txt file tells the spider what files can be viewed on the server.

When a search spider accesses a site, it first checks to see if there is a robots.txt in the root directory of the site, and if so, the search robot will determine the scope of the access according to the contents of the file; If the file does not exist, all search spiders will be able to access all pages that are not password protected on the site. Robots.txt must be placed at the root of a site, and the filename must be all lowercase. Here to provide you with written rules and code directly:

1. Whenever a user attempts to access a URL that does not exist, the server logs 404 errors (Files cannot be found) in the log. Every time a spider searches for a robots.txt file that doesn't exist, the server logs a 404 error in the log, so you should add a robots.txt to the site.

2. Webmasters must keep spider programs away from directories on certain servers-ensuring server performance. For example: Most Web servers have programs stored in the "CGI" directory, so it is a good idea to add "Disallow:/cgi-bin" to the robots.txt file so that you can save server resources by avoiding indexing all program files by spiders. General Web sites do not need spiders to crawl files are: Background management files, program scripts, attachments, database files, coded files, style sheet files, template files, navigation pictures and background pictures and so on.

Here is the robots.txt file in Verycms:

User: *

Disallow:/admin/Admin file

Disallow:/require/Program Files



Disallow:/data/Database file

Disallow:/template/template file

Disallow:/css/style sheet file

Disallow:/lang/encoded file

Disallow:/script/script file

3. If your site is a Dynamic Web page, and you create a static copy of these dynamic pages, make it easier for spiders to crawl. Then you need to set the robots.txt file to avoid dynamic Web pages being indexed by spiders to ensure that these pages are not considered to contain duplicate content.

4. robots.txt files can also be directly included in the sitemap file links. Like this:


At present, the search engine that supports this company has Google, Yahoo, ask and MSN. And Chinese search engine companies, obviously not in this circle. The advantage of this is that the webmaster do not have to each search engine webmaster tools or similar webmaster part, to submit their sitemap files, search engine spiders will crawl robots.txt files, read the Sitemap path, and then crawl the linked pages.

5. Reasonable use of robots.txt files can also avoid errors in Access. For example, you can't let searchers go directly to the shopping cart page. Because there is no reason to have the shopping cart included, you can set it in the robots.txt file to prevent the searcher from entering the cart page directly.

<14> Links

Internal links and export links, in the form of keywords in the way of forming a network structure, the structure is rigorous. Export links to High-quality, this in the transfer PR value is useful, although the PR value is not omnipotent, but no is absolutely not, at least looks very pleasing to the eye oh, here need to remind the link to properly add labels, Here need to explain to some netizens, the so-called PR is GG PageRank, is the Google evaluation, like Sogourank with the number of outside the chain to assess.

<15> Inner Page Interconnect

Internal page interconnection can facilitate search engine index and spider crawl, improve the page PR.

<16> make a perfect site map (sitemap)

Your site map can make your station or page earlier search engine discovery, it is your domain name under all important pages of a collection, such as Google search engine through the site map can quickly crawl to your site, if you can stick to do site map, search engines can not face the dead chain, to quickly crawl your site.

Optimization results:

Finally to share the effect of the video network, the current PV 4, now the daily search over the IP than before to improve the nearly 4 times times, PV of course, increased, an IP can bring about 10 PV, the current site needs to improve a lot of, such as the title of a home page, to increase quality of external links, beautify the interface and so on , this article to provide some need to help webmaster friends, the article is still a bit rough, welcome to discuss correct.

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