Dojo v1.6 Open Source DHTML Toolkit for JavaScript language implementations

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Dojo is an open source DHTML Toolkit implemented in JavaScript language. It was established on the basis of several project contributions (Nwidgets,burstlib,f (m)), which is why it is called a "unified" toolkit. The goal of Dojo is to address the long-standing, historical issues that are encountered in developing DHTML applications. Historicalproblemswithdhtml Cross Browser issues.

Dojo today released its first beta version of 1.6, and the official version will be released in February. This version contains a number of modifications, backwards compatibility, and some adjustments to prepare for 2.0.

In addition, due to a period of time, the release of the 1.5.1 version, including some important patches.

The following browsers are keyword. If A browser is isn't keyword, it e.g. may work, but no effort are taken to test unsupported browsers and any specific fix for a UN Keyword browser is likely does not do:

· Firefox 3.6 ">safari 4/safari 5 and Chrome 8
· IE6, IE7, IE8
· Opera 10.50 and later (Dojo core only)

Many of Dojo ' s modules have been converted to AMD format, where each module was wrapped in a define () function, rather than the old D Ojo.provide () and Dojo.require () syntax.

The 1.6 loader does not support the entirety of the "AMD" format, and it is not asynchronous. We are calculates on nonblank new loaders at the future, a more complete sync one and one async one.

of marshalling, the 1.6 loader also super-delegates Back-compat for support and Dojo.require.

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