Domain name City 16th session of the Domain name contest: "Not 6 do Not Disturb" double spell. com Domain name Contest

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About the big game, do not explain, the Earth people know! We all love a hole! There's Wood!, don't explain, you know! For God horse We all love the kind of pit!, I'm going! No words to hide face tears running! Can't afford to hurt!,, ... Do you have a sample 6-letter double pit?! There's Wood! There's wood! Now, let's give you a chance to show the bird!

II. Registration Rules

In order to give the vast number of domain name investors and site investors a good exchange show a win platform, so that more enterprises understand the importance of domain name in the Network brand strategy, improve their brand-related domain name protection awareness, increase their brand-related domain name access, vertical network brand portal "domain name City" ( and professional domain name trading platform "Easy to Interface Network" ( jointly held this "not 6 do Not Disturb" double spell. com Domain name contest.

1, this contest only 6 letter double spell. com Domain name:

A, the domain name prefix must be 6 English alphabet double spelling, the simple spell does not count, many spell does not count.

b, the domain name suffix must be the international top-level domain name that ends with. com.

2. The entrant must be a domain name City member; The domain name must be registered and sold in the network. Each person is limited to 2 6 letter double spell. com Domain name entry.

3, enter the entry letter to: dasai㊣ (please change the symbol ㊣ to @).

4. Entry Form:

Mail title: "Not 6 do Not Disturb" double spell. com Domain name Contest

Message text:

A, the entry domain name (up to 2 6 letter double spell. com domain name)

B, the introduction of the domain name (the shorter the better, do not long speech)

C, the competitor's domain name City account number

D, the entry of the domain name in the easy to interface network account

E, the participant's real name, real address, zip code, contact telephone (very important, to send in kind prizes need).

5, the entry of the domain name prohibits the involvement of political, indecent or other violations of national laws and regulations of the words.

6, please carefully according to the above requirements for entry. No registration is invalid according to any of the above requirements.

Third, the contest time

The first stage: now up to May 31, the entry domain name registration.

Second stage: A week, the audition vote, produce 50 strong.

The third stage: one week time, 50 strong into 16 strong.

Stage four: A week, the second runner-up competition.

Iv. Selection Rules

The contest adopts public voting method, the number of votes to win, if the same number of votes can not be ranked, polling time postponed one day.

V. Award setting

1, we will be the winner of the 1 domain name, the name of the owner of the award-winning certificate. At the same time, the award of VIP membership of the network, a reward value of 800 yuan of wine a bottle, umbrella, domain name City t-shirt.

2, we will be the runner-up domain name of 2, to its domain owners issued award-winning certificates. At the same time, the award of the gold membership of the easy to network, a reward of 500 yuan of red wine a bottle, umbrella, domain name City t-shirt.

3, we will be the third runner-up domain name 3, to its domain owner issued award-winning certificate. At the same time, the award of the easy to network gold membership, a reward value of 200 yuan wine a bottle, umbrella one, domain name City T shirt.

4, in addition to the above Crown Asian quarter outside the 16 strong domain name, a total of 10, for its domain owners to reward easy to network Gold Membership, award value of 40 Yuan 9001.html "> RMB 2000 City currency."

Vi. Other Matters

1, with "Easy to media network" domain name Add, certification, sale of detailed tutorials:

2, the domain name contest activities by the "Domain name City" and "easy to Media network" jointly held, the final interpretation of the right to "domain name City" and "easy to network" all.

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