Domain name, host hosting at the same time price increases, China's internet is hi is excellent?

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& ">NBSP; Domain name has just been confirmed prices, telecommunications hosting and rumors of price increases. In this Chinese internet has always been to the free low price to attract users in the big market, the price of domain names and hosting prices have to let us feel strange. The rise in the domain name may be understood as the international overall price changes, then the trusteeship of the price increases for what?

The rise in lending rates is aimed at curbing the rise in house prices, which may be justified by higher Internet access and stronger Internet management. It is true that with the increasing cost of domain names and hosting, there are more and more websites in China, but truly high-quality websites are not many. Low space prices eventually led to the Internet more and more rely on the collection of garbage sites, such a site for users without any value, page dissatisfaction ads, and some even with Trojan virus. The vigorous plug-in army is relying on these sites to nurture. This shows that the rise in managed prices may bode well for the entire Internet environment.

The number of Internet users is also growing rapidly as computers and broadband prices decrease. Thus, reducing the price of products in the industrial chain can drive the development of the whole industry. And the rise of managed prices may indirectly inhibit the development of Internet entrepreneurship. However, as the author of the Internet development after nearly 5 years, such changes may be more conducive to the benign development of internet entrepreneurship. Now the Internet entrepreneurship is too impetuous, domain name space and other basic services cost is also a key role. It is precisely because the initial start-up of the Internet, the low cost of fixed costs so that the blood-boiling students have not yet understand what is the Internet, what is the business start-up when they started their CEO dream. Eventually, 99.99% of the founders had to be recycled to re-examine the industry.

Although the increase of domain name and hosting fee is bad news for our current stationmaster, but the author still supports such adjustment from the whole view. Because only the whole environmental norms and orderly development, those start-ups can be in a good environment and stable prospects. (Website Operation blog)
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