Dong Qin Feng: A ten-year Station Road for a "laggard"

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Fish refused to swim March 2008, Zhejiang Shaoxing. Through the cold winter of the southern vitality, the Internet in the spring of the atmosphere in this ancient city appears particularly strong. Dong Qin-Feng lying in the hospital dozen intravenous drip, has been a few years not sick body in the spring and winter of the turn can not resist the attack of cold virus. Lying in the drip room, he sighed, finally have a reason to let him temporarily leave the network, leaving the busy computer table. Looking out of the window on the branches of the bud, he suddenly felt very relieved. In a few days, is the laggards forum opened seven anniversary, every year this time the laggards forum will organize all over the online party webmaster. What is the theme of this year's party? Dong Qin's head is running fast. The body leaves the network, but the mind is still wired. March 14, 2001, Dong Qin Front in the computer company's PC set up the laggards forum, and soon many stationmaster influx in, consider here as the home of Habitat. Dong Qin's ID on the stragglers forum is: fish who refuse to swim. Now, perhaps most webmasters do not know who the Dong Qin front is, but few people have not heard of "refused to swim fish", a lot of webmaster kindly called Dong Qin Feng as "fish brother", just the younger brother likes to shout him "fish boss", every time someone asked the origin of the network name, Dong Qin front will be tired of the introduction said: " Web name is in the application for ICQ, about in 96, when there is no QQ. The internet is like the sea, people are like the fish inside. From the perspective of the reverse, for a fish, refusing to swim is a distinct character, not not not to refuse. "Because of this rebellion, many people do not understand Dong Qin, because people can often see two different Dong Qin fronts at the same time." A Dong Qin Feng to personal webmaster positive and tough spirit of their own way to interpret incisively and vividly. From the initial contact with the home page to the current stragglers forum, although experienced many twists and turns, but he stood on the Internet over the past decade, has been optimistic about the mentality of the site operation. Another Dong Qin is a completely conservative rebel of the "outdated" elements. Faced with the many temptations of the internet industry, he refused to commercialize, refused to follow the bandwagon, the laggards forum seven years of rut, has retained the pure "outdated" nature, from the color to the structure almost unchanged. "People misunderstand me. I have been slovenly, so I think I am a backward person, my site is called the laggards Forum. But backwardness does not mean lagging behind, sometimes just more non-mainstream. I am a cautious person, but not conservative. Sometimes it's not as easy as people think to keep 10 years in the same way. When Dong Qinfeng said this, he remembered the summer of 1998 years. From that year onwards, the fish who refused to swim plunged into the ocean of the Internet, and embarked on the road of individual station building, finished is ten years. Space Raiders 1998 years of Summer One night, the moon hung. 23-Year-old Dong Qin lying in bed in the mood is difficult to calm, bedside with a stack of thick "computer newspaper." This year, Chunhui's personal website entered cnnic rankings, known as China's first personal website, the computerTherefore he was selected as one of the top ten netizens in China and introduced the martial arts master to the reader for the first time with the most inflammatory language. Many years later, Dong Qin Feng met Chunhui always come forward jokingly said: "There is no article about your report, there will not be my personal homepage, there will be no stragglers forum." You are my old-timer, is the internet evergreen tree. Chunhui each time is indifferent a smile. Perhaps the original story had a different version, but Dong Qin did set up a page almost identical to Chunhui's personal homepage in 98. The content of the page to computer tools software and some computer-related maintenance experience articles, the interface is simple, easy frame. This kind of page at that time is the main page of Central African mainstream type representative, because the content is rich and practical, by netizens welcome. In fact, before the Internet, Dong Qin Feng has been fascinated by the computer. 92, he first contacted the PC, self-study for a year, in a business for two years to do the so-called computer information, and later feel that learning things, 95 simply a plunge into the computer company to work. 96 Years a chance to get him a local free online test account, formal access to the Internet. He was in charge of computer maintenance at the computer company, and began to surf the internet to collect some commonly used software. To 98 years when the Internet began to ease up, he almost every day on the internet are more than 10 hours, day and night in the online bubble. He will accumulate his own and new collection of software constantly updated to the personal homepage, for users to download. 2000 years or so, the domestic chat room began to become popular. Dong Qin Feng A hard-hearted rented million net commercial space, do a chat room. However, due to too much consumption of server resources, it was not long before the chat room was forced off by the million network. He said, "At that time the chat room did have a certain size, about 200 people online, closed a pity, so I began to look around for free space." Since then, in addition to some work and individuals can not refuse to do things, Dong Qin Feng Most of their spare time in the online search for free space. At that time NetEase, Sohu and so on have free resources to introduce, but because the long-term does not update, many resources have been ineffective. and Dong Qin Feng constantly looking for, constantly updated, and write detailed application strategy, gradually establish their own visibility. "At that time I found a French universal space, providing databases, support Cgi/php/mysql, but also multiple domain binding, such free space at that time very rare, suddenly caused a sensation." "I was the first person to do this at home," he recalls, "and the best free space in France, the United States, Russia, and so on, was basically something I found." "Early php Colony" Many friends looking at the Raiders will not apply for space, when the chat room environment is not suitable for communication, every day, someone in QQ asked me how to operate, a person really busy. "March 2001, the exhausted Dong Qin Feng gave up the chat room operation, casually found a VBB program to build a forum, the Forum called: the laggard, the name of aStraight to the present day. He wrote his strategy constantly hair up, because in the forum of Friends can communicate with each other to solve problems, so suddenly feel a lot easier. "Open the day there are 200 registered members, as if all about the like, and I think the moment to do this station has great value." "The 2001 domestic forum process is more popular with Rei Forum and Dynamic Network Forum." Rei Forum gathered a group of CGI developers, moving the network forum is more than ASP technical personnel, and VBB as a foreign excellent PHP forum program, much of the domestic just growing PHP enthusiasts concern, after the establishment of the laggards forum soon became the first PHP programmer to gather, This includes many future high-profile figures, including the current domestic PHP leader, Dai. Dai developed discuz! in 2001 program, and rapid growth, a few years after the domestic forum to sit in the market first position, discuz! The official forum has become a new home for PHP enthusiasts. And at this time Rei forum has withdrawn from the stage of history, moving the network forum is not difficult to revive the past. The laggards Forum was converted from foreign VBB to discuz! in the first time program that is still discuz! One of the most important users. As discuz! Faithful ally, Dong Qinfeng not conceal his fondness for it: "discuz! is the most innovative community software, has been copied, but has been difficult to be surpassed. "Domain name once lost very few stationmaster careless to will own domain name is lost, Dong Qin Feng is one." Speaking of this matter, he always laughed, "I did not think I will appear such a mistake, in fact, sometimes I really very careless." "2003, the laggard forum domain name because forgot to renew the fee and was a netizen of Lanzhou to Rob, that Netizen had heard the name of Dong Qin Front net, and still be the user of the outdated forum, he volunteered to find over, and return the domain name free." Dong Qin Feng On this matter memory is profound, "at that time the network is more primitive than now, the Netizen is very simple, very kind." If you change the current, he will be the domain name quote 2 million to me may not be too much. "To be able to explain the network environment at that time, but also the Web portal articles reproduced." Dong Qin Front in each space raiders behind, enclosed the forum URL, at that time all the major sites reprinted articles will be retained under the link, so outdated in a very short period of time to attract a lot of users come in, hardly do what hard to promote. "People nowadays seem to have no respect for the fruits of others ' work, and it is difficult to develop a Web site when the environment is now." He thought and said, "People are always rewarded for making a contribution." I start to help others, and have outdated, behind is someone else to help me, outdated to big. "The Stragglers forum Netizen has more than once let Dong Qin Feng moved." With the increase of fame, the laggards forum attracted a lot of jealousy and not benign competition. March 2003, outdated by a large area of DDoS attacks, netsThe station was paralyzed for 3 months, and was forced to constantly replace the server and IP address. "3 months after the site reopened the moment, a full 500 people at the same time online, that is, they continue to refresh behind the computer, that moment my eyes moist." "[Next] more than 30,000 ads a day 2004 years, a large Shanghai IDC company to find Dong Qinfeng said:" I on your site to do three months of advertising, give you 10,000 a month, the condition is to use the form of floating. "That night, Dong Qin's heart struggled. "At that time I was in the computer company to do technical maintenance, one months work is 1000, 30,000 dollars is really a big temptation." He described himself as restless and hesitant to go, "almost unbearable." This business finally did not deal, "I surf the internet when the most annoying to have floating ads on the site, even I do not like, how can I insist on my users?" Think about it and forget it. "Back to think, then the big temptation can endure, after the temptation is not what." "Up to today, the laggards forum still does not do any floating and couplet ads, only the top of the forum hanging 16 text ads chain." And these ads, a lot of people are forced to add. Dong Qin front and money seems to have always had no great fate. "At that time I looked around for free space, and once found that an American website looks different from free space and feels a bit like an ad." But was not aware of the provision of CPM ads, so the registration process as a request for free space to write out. "This article reprint rate is not high, the attention of the people are not many." "About 2 years after the article was translated, a friend from Shanghai contacted me and said he received a cheque from the United States." When he saw the article, he realized that he could make money, and he bought 8 computers in one breath and brushed the pages at home every day. At that time because the IP is still scarce, the U.S. side of the CPM also only counted PV regardless of IP, so he earned a lot in 2 years. This thing to my stimulation is very big, because at that time the domestic stationmaster does not have CPM to make money concept at all, and earns is the white dollar, inconceivable. "Dong Qin Feng asked the Shanghainese why did not contact him early, the other side of the answer is" busy to make money, at that time to understand that money is not many people understand people will not be open, after all, who are not fools. Webmaster Web site in April 2005, the first Webmaster Congress in the seaside city of Xiamen opened the curtain, Dong Qin Feng was invited to attend. At that time, Yau Jianjun (net name punk) and Zhang Zhinjun (net name Map King) is also a South one north to Xiamen. That Congress, these three in the mind of the grassroots webmaster most well-known characters for the first time together. "We've all known each other before, but we haven't met. After meeting the picture King and the online impression match, let me most surprised is the teddy boy too Thin too is a book. "Yau Jianjun 2002 created a Chinese webmaster station, the beginning of the source code to download, in the source Zip package with the site address of the Readme file, get a lot of back flow, this and Dong Qin Feng in the introduction of the post site with similar strokes. Zhang Zhinjun The use of long-term accumulation in the field of stationmasterReputation and network resources in 2007 to create a webmaster network, through a large number of soft text to promote rapid development. Dong Qin Front does not shy away from the competition between the three, "three Web site services are stationmaster crowd, so it is inevitable that there is competition, but due to the location of their own sites and services are different, the three are largely mutually supportive relationship." Any one to take out alone, can not meet the needs of all stationmaster, so we all have their own space. Besides our three are only exposed a little bit, in fact Webmaster class site there are many. "As compared with two other websites, the earliest and most sticky of the laggards ' sites was the first. Dong Qin Daily will log on to the forum, with netizens to exchange, management management posts. "Backwardness from the beginning of the establishment is a forum, and has been a forum, in the future I will continue to the pure community direction." "Dong Qin-Feng plans to combine the existing forum BBS of the laggards with the new social community (the" Facebook "model community) to enhance interpersonal communication among members and bring the site to a new level. The decision was supported by Dai, "he has promised to give me the X-space new version free of charge, just like a few years ago discuz! The same. The new version of X-space almost achieves all of Facebook's functions. In this way, the future development of the laggards and Stationmaster station and webmaster network completely different. Asked Dong Qin How to view the different choice of three sites, he pondered a minute, said: "Webmaster station in favor of business statistics and traffic, webmaster Network is the main transaction and and with the rent, both on the commercial road farther and further." Wang's commercial sensitivity is very high, but also good at website Management and network development, is a versatile. Teddy Boy more low-key, has been doing more real things. I may be more idealistic than they are, and this personality also determines the future of the laggards forum. The forward "laggards" are hanging on the forum of text ads, some members began to scold Dong Qin Feng drilling in the jaunts. This time Dong Qin Feng feel very wronged, "hard to make the site bigger, a little advertising is reasonable." I do not make money through the members themselves, and try to consider everyone's feelings, never do flash, broken ads, so there are people scold me. "This time he will think," the forum closed. Whenever there is such an idea, Dong Qin will always choose a person to stay quietly, looking back on their own years of loss. Dong Qin Feng's father is a local factory of the old director, long for his son paved the way. And his cousin, a few cousins in Zhejiang business very early bought a high-end car. "If not to do the site, then with his father to do the factory or the cloth business, I may have been rich." "But what does a man live for?" Dong Qin-Feng asked himself, "In addition to money, perhaps more should do something of interest to their own meaningful things." Dong Qin Feng did not tell people about their childhood ideals. In fact, my dream was to be a teacher, to help others by precept and deed. My mother is a glorious teacher. "Had contacted the internet after he had sentNow is not necessarily only to be a teacher can teach people, through the establishment of the site to write space strategy, but also to help those who need. "At that time was very happy, felt that oneself does the thing to have the value." "Think about it, he felt still to stick to his original choice, to be a webmaster," I am a lucky person. Think of all the way, there are so many netizens help and encouragement, the laggards have today, really should not easily give up. Those grievances have passed without much. "In fact, after 10 years of great tide, he this" refused to swim fish "has been inseparable from the Internet, the Great ocean, inseparable from those" outdated "brothers. They have common memories, bit by bit of groping HTML, CSS, learning dreamweaver,frontpage, such as building station tools, Research SEO optimization, anxiously waiting for the site is included, waiting for the flow of the rise, waiting for the arrival of advertising. In the long suffering from the net worm grew up as a webmaster, from the weak gradually become strong. "We are a group of people who are very hard to stop and just keep moving forward." "Now Dong Qin is confident that he is actively preparing for the seven anniversary party of the laggards," he said. "No webmaster will step forward, but the laggards have their own unique pace of progress." A lot of people say I'm afraid of change, so just wait and see.
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