Double J-Fit fan forced to persuade two people imitate Hui Sammi

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Jolin Tsai sang Jay Chou for (1/7) according to the Taiwan "Apple Daily" news, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou, Beijing, the 4th degree "Double J" fit, Sweet Chorus "Today you want to marry me" and other songs, two people touch the face, touch the legs aroused fans crazy want to contribute to double-J compound, asking Jay Chou from her boyfriend Kam Rong back when Mrs. Zhou, Jay Chou (28th) in Weibo upload test, Jolin yesterday afternoon reply: "I want to open."  "Plus fans think Jin Rong is not suitable for her, Kam Rong's boyfriend status is precarious." reported that Jay Chou last night in the micro-blog off the handsome sports car photos, but also message: "Haha, seven or eight years ago is open H1 carrying a bunch of artist friends to participate in Cai Classmate Concert, this year if this Taiwan, artists friends do not know where to sit?" A roof? Ha ha. Jolin no suspicion to open, flirting with a strong atmosphere, Jay Chou's fans also immediately lost her: "Mrs Chow, you still sit in the passenger seat better", "Mr. Zhou will buy you, Mrs. Zhou." "[Page] Jolin Chou to sing for the (2/7) Jin Rong not interfere not to ask Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai's microblog message version is full of requirements" Double J "marriage words, also paste full of red" happiness "word, more than a lot of people echoed the message of Jay Chou, to Jolin Tsai car, Jay Chou's friends riding the top on the good,  There are people in earnest to Hui, Sammi compound case, advised two people to consider compound, but also to Jay Chou Jin Rong forced to go, of course, there are a few people do not agree with "Double J" compound, blunt "that Jin Rong love why?" Jay Chou went to Malaysia to make a film yesterday, brokerage company said: "Is a performance, the netizen opinion nothing good to discuss." Jolin Tsai's agent Wang Yongliang yesterday only low-key said: "This means that netizens like this performance, thank you for your support." "Kam Rong agent Amber said yesterday:" Kam Rong to her work has always been non-interference, do not interfere, give each other a lot of space. "[Page] Jolin Chou to sing for (3/7) [page] Jolin Tsai sang a song (4/7) [page] Jolin Tsai sang Jay chou (5/7) [page] Zeiling hand Chorus (6/7) [page] Zeiling platform Interaction (7 /7 Sheets)
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