Double-sided Chen Au: The truth of the start-up industry "Rashomon Door"

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"Editor's note" catches, after the IPO of the United States excellent product has not been attacked, but founder and CEO Chen Au has become the target. Its early years in the new wave of an entrepreneurial process, was painted into two versions, there are "black" has "holding", a time of disagreement.

We will show two different Chen Au as follows, who is to solve the taste of the believers is true.

We will show two different Chen Au as follows, who is to solve the taste of the believers is true.


"Poly Beautiful Products: I speak for myself the C Childe truth"

I do not know since when, the network began to popular a variety of "Youth role model" story, on the popularity and the level of fancy, "I speak for their C Childe", is one of the leaders. And since JMYP listed, as a listed company CEO of the C Childe more complacent, more and more all kinds of big talk about entrepreneurial experience to flaunt their success. But looking at the network, friends in the circle of the sharing and forwarding, I really think some absurd: as a personality, high-profile publicity does not matter right or wrong, but as a fact, we are fooled. As an insider, I come to uncover Jiede, talk about C Childe said those wonderful entrepreneurial experience in the end is the story. I do not think so good lively, but I believe that a guideline: do things, first person.

and C Childe intersection, can be said to be working reason, I am VC, perhaps lucky, the past 11 years have done some good case, of course, this is not the focus of this article. C Son trustee found me when he was ready to start a business, middleman face is bigger, so we chatted together. After the meeting, the son sat down the first sentence is "I am not the first successful venture." Boy, give me a good first. There is no denying that he is very eloquent, very expressive, and he has a good concept, so I am really interested in his project. But I also think that this guy is too talkative, you know, investors if only listen to the entrepreneur Balla tell the story of the expense, then this line is long overdue. So I was on the background of the C Childe, especially the things he said, did some research, the results of this check, the unexpected story out.

C son and I said entrepreneurial success, refers to the current Garena company in Singapore. The company's information is easy to find, its 2010 launch of the garena+, in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao, the most popular online games in the timely communication and social platform, with millions of active users, can be said to Singapore and the whole of Southeast Asia, one of the internet giants. This is so powerful a company is the founder of the C, ah, so a look, this boy is really not simple. Later I passed a friend, contacted Garena incumbent CEO Forrest, he is Chinese, Chinese surname Li, but after chatting with him, but found a and C son said completely different version.

First, about "C Childe's entrepreneurial success"

As I said before, Garena's information is open and easy to find. This is a company registered in May 2009 to set up a business in the distribution of online games. In my friends in Singapore, I also showed that Garena's ownership structure and the composition of the company's employees did not have any information from the C Childe. This is not the same as the C Childe foreign speaking?

According to the C Childe, it's a long story. In 2005, when he was studying in Singapore, he developed a game against the platform software, called ggclient, this product concept is good, quality is good, simply a variety of incomparable. By March 2007, based on the software, he and Forrest together to create a company called GG game. This GG Game, is today's scenery unlimited Garena predecessor Ah, as one of the founders of the C Childe had a good big stake. And this is what he called "the first successful venture". He applied to Stanford University MBA and was later briefed by his interviewer (Forrest's Stanford alumni) on his acquaintance with Forrest in Singapore.

In the survey, I found things were not so simple. c Son in Singapore Reading is right, he wrote a software is right, he and a call Forrest together to set up a business GG game is right, even the company set up the time of March 13, 2007, is accurate. But there are some content in the middle of the C son intentionally or unintentionally ignored.

Here is the story that C Childe never told

First, about the company's registration. At that time C Childe and Forrest ready to start a business, the first problem is registered company. Singapore is a very strict business rules of the country Oh, to register a new company, not only need to register funds, more importantly, a lot of procedures, it will take some time. Two people do not want to wait, so the C Childe proposed that he was in the GG client once registered a company, he registered that the company is a shell, never used to do the future migration to prepare, now can be directly used. Forrest a listen, think also can, plus entrepreneurial eager, agreed. So the company began to build up, share distribution, C Childe 35%,forrest30%, an angel investor 10% (by the way, this angel investor is Mrs. Forrest's classmate), we also left 25% to future team members make options pool.

But entrepreneurship is not a few days, that is, in August 2007, c son left Singapore to Stanford Business School (there are many stories, we will talk about). And after three months, in November 2007, C Childe found Forrest through MSN, said he "need money", want to sell his game in GG all shares. This is almost impossible, because the company's future is not good, has not achieved any profit, this is not so easy to find a pan. But Forrest quite kind, finally plus his own part of the money, a total of 700,000 dollars, but also really put the C Childe this 35% of the equity to buy out. Wait until May 2008, after the transfer of equity, this after the C Childe and GG game completely no association. To this end, C Childe really grateful, thanks, Forrest back to me at that time two people's dialogue and mail record--The young man speaks that is true sweet.

In August 2008, Forrest changed the company name to Garena. At the beginning of 2009, he judged the business model of the company had problems, so there is no hope, so a bitter experience, he took the company liquidation.

May 2009, Forrest again to lead the team back to business, followed by the name of Garena, or do Internet games, but not to do battle platform, but focus on the network game distribution business, determined to build the largest game distribution platform in Southeast Asia, this way, the path to calculate the right, and have today's achievements.

In the survey, I specifically asked Forrest a question, why he later opened the company must also use the name Garena. He explained that the name was the one he had flown back to Singapore from Germany, inspired by the global arena, which he felt was particularly cool, so he used the name all the time.

Garena's story in the Singapore Internet Circle is very famous, I also and some other friends do understand, found basic and Forrest said the same. Of course, the only thing they don't know is the origin of the name Garena.

Therefore, can be compared to confirm that, C said the "entrepreneurial success" is very large water. Because there are two Garena, the Singapore Internet giant, which we all know today, was set up 2009 years later, mainly for game-issuing business. In addition to the name and Forrest this person, and C son before the involvement of the family Garena No association.

Of course, if a certain C Childe said his entrepreneurial success, it can not be completely said to be a lie, because after all, he has 700,000 dollars, but the "success" is here so far.

"Chen Au and how I was forced out of Garena, and the story that Forrest Li had to tell."


I am Hui, 2005 with the creation of the game with Chen-OU platform GG, I am also Steven Liu, is Chen Au in Nanyang Science and technology students, and today to send this article, my identity is GG entrepreneurial colleagues, Garena veteran, and the same as Chen Au by professional managers crowding out of the former veteran.

The reason why we must first spend so many words to clarify the identity is to indicate an attitude: I am telling the truth, I am not afraid of real name to stand out.

Yes, I am talking about the "JMYP" of the "C son" who is preaching the fire. The full text of more than 10,000 words, the author is hidden, smear Chen Au only dare to use the letter C instead; the only seemingly real name, is the great glory of the correct image of the "Singaporean Chinese" Forrest Li. In fact, this is not a real name, specific how the matter, the following will be said.

The words I am going to say today are mostly ready in 2012. In the 2011, when the rapid development of the United States, there was a sudden black-and-Garena history. I wanted to make a clarification, but was Chen Au blocked, because this episode is not pleasant, after all, or alumni, do not want to decorum, coupled with the Garena and a lot of former brothers, afraid of injury and innocence.

Moreover, this story at the time of the electric competition is a well-known story, we all know Chen Au (Nobrac) is the only founder of GG. Chen Au wishful thinking of the expectations of the Qing people from the clear.

To this day, the black-wen, who dared not show his true face, but tampered with history, must say something that has been simmering for two years. Chen Au is not my CEO anymore, he can't dissuade me any more.

Forrest Li, you can squeeze out one of our founders, and you can put a lot of money on the web and send articles for your coveted "Garena founder" Monument, but you can't keep me from talking.

The origin of the electric competition platform GG

University for me such a nerd, life is three things, eat, class, on the Forum irrigation.

I slow, not good at playing games, but the same grade is said to have a Master of Warcraft, often abused the challenges of the opponents on the ground roll. Every time someone asked him to pick a monster is surrounded by the crowded. To tell you the truth, it's hard for me to understand why a game is so appealing. I asked him if he was the best at school. Master said no, I cross-examine the best is who, he said is a.k.a Nobrac, this person also took Sichuan province wcg Warcraft Sichuan province Dangjun.

The next time, I began to pay attention to nobrac this ID, then know that this person surnamed Chen, English-speaking Leo, is said to be quite good. This person at Nanyang Technological University organized a large-scale electric competition association, which many beautiful women, attracted countless Chinese students in the line of saliva drooling.

I think I'm pretty good at it, but when I met the beautiful girl, no matter what the outcome, most of them would say: "When my brother ... Sweat。 To say that I was "recognized" a beautiful "sister", also happens to be in this electric Competition association when the secretary.

With Chen ou know, it is this beautiful "sister" and the Electric Competition Association secretary of the line, location in the school restaurant, Chen Au said to know me.

Chen Au came to me not because of my handsome, or the game is very cow. But he is recruiting the program master. And I do not dare to blow the other, programming in the school is still number of numbers.

Ordered a few snacks, Chen Au can't wait to start telling his ideas.

At that time, Hao side platform has just risen to the thunder of the potential to sweep the mainland. But in south-east Asia, and even Europe, there is no transcontinental platform. Leading to electronic athletics are in the nest, or can only meet in the contest. Chen Au's idea is simple, the establishment of a head-on competition with the Hao side platform, the first to take advantage of the geographical advantage of Southeast Asia, and then take advantage of Singapore's international advantages, rapid advance to Europe and the Americas.

"Steven, you are a freshman now, you think not, in your junior, you can have their own business, not every day to squeeze the subway to the version!" Chen Au finally asked me, full of confidence.

I was a little confused and asked only one question: just the two of us ... Do you know how to program?

Chen Au looked at me very firmly: "not very ....."

But he hastened to add: "I think it is not difficult, I can be a bad complement programming ah."

Is this guy going to be okay?

When you are young, you become an idiot with a hot brain, and the power of two idiots is not negligible. ............

The above scenario occurred in 2005 years. Please note that the Electric competition platform GG, which is the predecessor of Garena, is the origin. At this point, the Forrest Li, who is dreaming of founder status, has not yet appeared in the eyes of our two young idiots.

Second, the birth of GG

A pirate, is a pain and happy two years.

Entrepreneurship sounds noble, but it's not fun at all. You think you're smart and you think about business, but it's not. At that time, there were many platforms to defeat the Hao side, such as the world athletics, vs and so on, we are all ambitious, but all due to lack of technology and defeated.

Team full-time staff is only one person, is Chen Au. Frankly speaking, is the chairman and staff.

Our platform is called GG, Chen Au said simply directly, using the abbreviation of the well game, also means by gamers,for gamers. I voted in favour of it and passed the unanimous vote. Sweat。

Next, even more unreliable, Chen Au in the textbook C language, Promise me, he is responsible for server and client development. I thought ... That's until donkey. But after all, such a small team, can only so division of labor, so I am fully responsible for building the site community and database.

Chen Au crazy up very terrible, for several months, Chen Au sleep five hours a day, at home, tomato scrambled eggs to eat three meals. Chen Au is actually a beard, the beard grows very fast.

That time a handsome professional player disappeared, we often see a beard of the program ape squatting in the corner staring blankly at the computer. That period of time, like a hermit Chen Au, by talkative became a language not hair, many alumni asked me if Chen-ou something happened.

It was said that many people were sympathetic to him at that time. In the minds of Singaporeans, going to a big bank is the way to go, and no one feels Chen Au entrepreneurial might succeed.

Chen Au Learning while writing but fast, the GG platform in a WordPad code based on was created. Although I must say, before the improvement, he wrote the code is seriously irregular, and difficult to understand, said that the simple point is garbage code, but after all, incredibly, it works! He honoured his promise.

GG was born that day, we go out to drink to celebrate, Chen Au secretly told me, he saw the crowd will be a little scared, I said, this guy shrink in the bedroom write program results write delirious ...

In any case, this day Gg was born, she is a congenital unhealthy baby, even the logo is I look for the domestic has not graduated girlfriend painting, but two people are full of pride, regardless of the eyes of others, all kinds of imagination, from the financing thought of listing. I drank vomit, Chen Au lying on the table motionless, mumbling in the mouth.

Iii. Chen Au to the United States

After handing over to some professional player friends for testing and continuous improvement, we found that this is probably a landmark product, there is a large market gap: Point-to-Point connection, greatly alleviated the problem of the most taboo in wartime, the speed of international network interconnection is already superior to the Hao side, making the competition between Eurasia is possible.

The advantage of Chen Au is that he is a professional player and has a pulse in the electric competition. At the same time he has a market sense of smell, so a big planning began.

In his matchmaking, two of the top Warcraft players who have never played: WCG Champion Moon and ESWC champions of the century's peak, which was in the electric competition is an explosive news. and the platform for confrontation is gg!.

I feel that the server that day is almost washed away by the crowd, ecstatic to see the user number crazy beat. We staring, constantly clapping, shouting "cool". Because we know GG soar.

I can also find some media reports, in these reports, "Leo Nobrac", that is, Chen Au, without exception as "developers", "founder" appeared, from these reports, it is not difficult to see the influence of GG at that time.

This is the beginning of 2006. And Forrest Li, who now claims to be the founder, still! Still, it hasn't appeared in our view ...

Report of the famous Community wcreplays (please note that time is in 2006)

A report translated by the domestic media

Since then, the GG platform is almost a rocket speed in the growth, the number of users every day in the creation of records, from a south-East Asia's local gaming platform, quickly become able to solve the intercontinental interconnection problems of the international platform. Next, let us be more exciting is, the European famous Warcraft tournament incup,wc3l also use the GG platform as the Intercontinental Battle platform.

Because of the GG system is relatively thin, we do not open registration, but the use of the way to issue invitations, but because the players in the hearts of the God-level players registered to join, undoubtedly let GG platform invitation code suddenly become a symbol of identity, many top professional players are running to apply for membership, An invitation was fired on the to 100rmb!.

That is, in this gathering process, we also know the domestic well-known electronic sports community Head Zax Hao, the well-known team we Captain King Pei, as well as won many times WCG World of Warcraft champion genius player Sky Li Xiaofeng.

By the way, in the last time in Chen Au clarified Garena incident, these three electric competition industry expert have come out to help Chen Au name rectification. Interested, you can go over their microblog.

GG's high-speed growth has also aroused the attention of the electric competition media, but at that time the Chen Au is also very shy, coupled with the heavy development task, not as able to face the media as now, so rarely interviewed. But he was happy to say to me in private: "Hold on, we have the media to help, we soon have sponsors."

Now must have the sponsor, because relies on the Chen Au the residual scholarship and the game bonus and the elder brother several labor force, in this way we several people are going to sell a family, but a thought, also on Chen European look also does not make a do ... Sweat。 But Chen Au firmly believe that as long as there are 5,000 users have investment, he does not believe that investors will not see GG.

Everything seems to be going well, sponsorship from all over the world is pouring in--Europe, China, Singapore, all over the company has expressed a "strong interest" in the GG platform, promised bandwidth sponsorship from 2M sharing to 150M exclusive, the promised server from P4 to Xeon,opteron, We were dazzled by the election.

But, this is the mall, not our young children can understand. Each sponsor partner, all to GG mouth-watering, they throw various interests at the same time, also clearly told us, Xiangzhong, intended GG. We have to be careful to avoid the traps. Chen Au also vague know, not because petty premature loss of control of GG.

Economic embarrassment, let the platform grow into a burden, but also we become more and more tired. Our dream is GG, the reality is the lunch box, the reality is that we cannot afford a full-time staff maintenance platform, the reality is not income, see expenditure.

In those days, Chen Au wore the most handsome shirts to meet the sponsors every day, before going out, yelling to tell us: good work, brothers, when I get the money back.

However, not enough money is still too little.

Chen Au daytime programming, the evening to write business plans, to the various risk investment proposals issued without a few, most of them have no response. Finally, there are investors willing to see us, and mercilessly let us pigeons. I often see Chen Au excited to tell me received a reply from investors, and soon, and slumped in a daze sitting in the seat. Chen Au is a person who is not good at concealing emotions, we can see his helplessness and anxiety, but I can only write code of the program ape, really do not help anything busy.

In all kinds of hardship, in the platform when the number of online to 5,000 people, we found that 5000 people online there is a venture capital pursuit of the original is a dream. More let Chen Au herring is, a lot of products are rotten rivals have got good investment. In our view at the time, the reason is very simple, the other party's founder team is an MBA background, investors believe that the MBA, do not believe that our children, and often the "child" on behalf of our disdain.

This matter to Chen Europe stimulation is too big, from then on, he most feared others said he "the child", actually I understood, that was that period of time's despair gave him the brand.

Financing is difficult, and family concept is another big challenge for Chen Au. Chen Au family thought is very traditional, hope Chen Au After graduating from undergraduate education and not entrepreneurship, that entrepreneurship is not the future of the self-employed, Chen Au in front of the parents dare not back, every time good to deal with the past, fortunately, parents are in the domestic, but also do not Chen Au.

Even worse, Chen Au girlfriend's parents at that time with a strange eye to examine Chen Au, in their view, the business model is very strange, do not seek to make money, only to gather users, feeling is not unreliable, is too unreliable. Chen Au's College romance is also precarious.

Strife, Chen Au extremely embarrassed, had to support the server and bandwidth overhead with scholarships and competition bonuses. Although every meeting, Chen Au is full of confidence to tell you that the difficulties will soon pass. But I knew his frowning brow as the crowd left.

In desperation, Chen Au determined to bite.

He told me that if a prestigious MBA is a good way to finance an MBA, choose one of the most popular schools to read, so that two years while he reads and contacts with American investors, he can melt more money for GG, and his final choice is Stanford University. In the next few months, Chen Au Day to watch GG, Evening midnight GMAT.

At the beginning of 07, Chenyauchong was admitted to Stanford Business School.

On the day I got the notice, the drunk Chen Au hugged me and cried story.

That year, the young Chen Au became GG's biological father, became the team's eldest brother.

Chen Au 24 years old, SpongeBob.

The old man said: "This life, guilty Japper, Japper sitting, no joy will have trouble."

Why do I believe this now? Because that Forrest Li, the founder of the People, in Chen Au with me for GG preparation, writing procedures, recruit players, and strive to operate after two years, now, finally to appear.

Four, The SpongeBob: The "honest" professional manager

In the 2007, Chen Au knew that he would stay in Singapore for a few days, so he worked even more frantically, hoping to push GG to a new stage before going to the U.S. in September.

At the beginning of the year, the GG Team System released, enriched the platform product line, the platform at the same time the number of online also exceeded 10,000. The surge in user volume, advertising sponsorship began to appear, revenue has been increasing. At the same time, financing difficult problems are slowly thawing, GG successfully through the most difficult period.

Chen Auzeng Wry Smile told me: Stanford White Test, feel no need to go.

But Chen Au has been worried about a gang of student soldiers, no one has the management experience, can lead GG go farther? He has been hoping for a strong alliance, at this time, Chen Au through the Stanford alumni introduction, met Forrest, a Motorola Human resources born Stanford MBA.

Forrest seems very honest and honest, and we meet with a mild and generous smile, people are very comfortable. Senior's identity plus the background of large enterprises, quickly let Chen Au firmly believe.

At first, Forrest told us that it was all alumni, so he came to help, not asking for anything in return, to business Development Manager as a low-key part-time team. In fact, now recall that investors say we "children" is reasonable, and then a series of serious mistakes to look at ... It turns out that Forrest is too clever a "professional manager".

After a period of running-in, due to see the rapid growth of GG, Forrest told us he wanted to join full-time, but proposed to be CEO, let Chen Au for president.

For this change, Forrest explains: President is the head of the company, the CEO is only responsible for business operations, and the founder of the business is generally not CEO, engineers from the more unsuitable as CEO. We were bewildered by the words, and the start-up companies had always been less important to the title, so they agreed. (Friends remind Entrepreneurs, CEO is the company boss, President (president) is sympathizers, and the Chairman of the board (Chairman) is two different things, don't be fooled.

After getting the CEO position, Forrest told us that the CEO joined the start-up, generally asking for a 30% stake. To tell the truth to this stake is really a bit scary (angel investors generally only calculated), Forrest vowed to tell Chen Au, the control of the stake is not important, the key is the company bigger, until the listing of 10% of the shares are astronomical! Besides, in order to give him a sense of belonging, GG Platform after the establishment of the two years before joining him, but also asked the "co-founder" identity. (Tip: Silicon Valley practice, start-up companies to join the company's CEO, the general shares will not exceed 10%)

Now think of it, the "co-founder" of the request is really pretty honest ... And the current monopoly of the founder of the status of the requirements, after all, but also very modest add "union" two words.

Chen Au, who has been in business for two years, has little experience in the workplace, and is a man who can sacrifice his own interests to make the company. Although we advised him to be careful, he chose to believe that the "alumni" with the Stanford aura, faced with one of Forrest's "company practices", he chose to give in.

The next thing is more serious.

Forrest and Chen Au together to introduce investment, he accounted for 30%, investors accounted for 10%, option 15%, Chen Au 35%,ceo has the right to allocate options. Three board seats, investors, Forrest and Chen OU. Under this framework, the Forrest and the investor Union can always put Chen ou on the overhead. I asked Chen Au, don't you think it's dangerous, will the enterprise get out of control? At that time Chen Au view, Forrest is the most trustworthy partner, and Forrest together, certainly can control the company ...

In fact, the investor is Forrest wife's classmate, this kind of private tacit understanding, let Chen Au in completely unconscious circumstance, from GG's owner became guest. (Friendly reminder: board seats are very important, options are not the founder can be free to send their own, loss of board seats and shares of control, basically lose control of the company)

Here to say a digression, at that time Chen Au also saw angel investor Xiaoping teacher, Xiaoping teacher to Chen Au hit, and intentionally to invest, but after a variety of reasons miss. This is a pity, but also fate.

And Forrest after the completion of equity control, and gradually began to seize power action.

After obtaining financing, the cause of GG into a high-speed development period, Chen Au admitted that the management experience, frankly the right to surrender the financial rights to Forrest. , in a short period of time, the original core GG member quickly marginalized, leading directly to the loss of power, in addition to the source code and server, we have no control.

Because of science and engineering background, Chen Au is sensitive to the number, and Forrest more keen to play Taijiquan perceptual analysis. From this point on, the two people on the development of business ideas have serious differences, and this divergence due to the loss of equity control capacity, become increasingly irreconcilable.

And when Chen Au questioned, every time Forrest will say: "You do not businesssense, emphasizing their business experience, the veteran." Chen Au is a person who likes Frank Communication, is willing to tell others their own ideas, the most fatal is the lack of shrewd he never hide his views, but Forrest is a very few words, very few people. Each time communication, Chen Au thought oneself Express clearly, obtained the consensus. But the result is, Forrest more and more understand Chen Au, Chen ou more and more don't understand Forrest.

Although GG small, but in only Forrest into the occupation less than 7 months of time, suddenly split into two teams, the strength of a large discount, Chen Au unprepared, serious lack of business experience he thoroughly lost. I can't help him, only in the side silently watching.

This year's development lay the foundation of GG, Ben has let Chen Au abandoned the idea of reading Stanford, because originally read Stanford MBA is just for GG financing, since GG does not need, also to do? However, the two factions of the situation let GG face greater survival difficulties, let him a tiger.

It can be said that at that time, Chen Au is still the largest shareholder, he can stay and Forrest for a tangle, I will resolutely stand on his side. What's more, the core technical code, server, everywhere is the death of GG, Forrest to drive us, is not so easy. But if the team split, two tiger competition, GG can go how far?

But Chen Au decided to leave for a while and study abroad.

Chen Au told me: a mountain can not two tigers, I and Forrest are in the unfavorable to GG, I temporarily leave for GG better. Not to mention the Silicon Valley, I can also bring more resources to GG. Whatever we do, do not hinder the development of GG.

In September 07, Chen Au left Singapore to fly to Stanford to find new resources for GG and to keep the young Singaporean company from high-level civil strife.

Chen Au's family later told me that the Beijing boarding flight to the United States that day, Chen Au family is ready, because Chen Au and suddenly don't want to go, want to go back to Singapore, stay in the side of GG, and disgusted with the family requirements Chen Au must study.

It was said that the day was very confusing, Chen Au in the airport all kinds of thinking of when deserters, family guard, one until the plane door closed, the family was relieved to leave.

Although it is old, I still listen to mixed emotions.

V. To erase the Chen Au from the history of GG

Chen Au left, to the other side of the ocean, but Forrest to the plundering of GG is still not stop.

In the United States, Chen Au while reading, while wishful thinking of the recommendation of investment resources and partners to GG, but Forrest carried out a complete information shield, even the core members of the founding team can not get Chen Au from Forrest here any news.

February 2008, from the following mail, Forrest the GG platform renamed Garena, Shameless is, as the largest shareholder Chen Au, and not in the recipient list. Please, people have not left yet, how to change even the tea. When Chen Au on MSN asked me how platform name changed, I was silent, he also silent.

At this time, I suddenly realized that "go to Chen-ou" began.

In August of that year, Forrest even changed the name of the company from the Ocean Technologies&media (Owen Technology) at the time of its inception to Garena Interactive.

In the lightning to complete the GG to Garena switch, plus Chen Au body in foreign countries, Forrest in all interviews, all said that they are Garena founder, and Chen Au name, slowly from inside and outside the company disappeared.

To change the name of the company, and then cut off the previous history, together with the people associated with this history shielding: This is the so-called Garena founder of the real creation process?

This is why in that article "C Childe" Black Wen, to Chen Au and I had a few years of operation and support, suffering and joy, with "shell company" three words lightly cover the reason. "If you want to destroy the country, first out of its history"-it seems that Forrest Li, the "Singaporean Chinese", is really like the writing in the black text, the Chinese "most traditional things there to protect and inherit the better"-at least in the study and use of this sentence.

Now, in the "C Childe" black, Forrest Li explained the reason for changing the company's name with his shooter's mouth: "In August 2008, Forrest changed the company name to Garena." At the beginning of 2009 he judged the business model of the company had problems, so no hope, so a bitter experience, he took the company liquidation ";" May 2009, Forrest again to lead the team back to business, followed by the name of Garena, or do Internet games, but not to do battle platform, but focus on the network game distribution business, determined to build the largest game distribution platform in Southeast Asia, this way, the path to calculate the right, and have today's achievements. ”

I found an article in October 2009, Forrest Li in the Garena founder identity of the media interview, full of Talk is a theme: Game vs platform.

"Bitter Experience" Forrest Li, you are not known as the early 2009 on the judgment against the platform model has problems, to focus on doing online game distribution business? Why in the October 2009 interview, the media still called Garena as "platform", you also talk about the platform? Which of your history teacher and logic teacher is still alive?

Paradox Easy, doing can, black and black is not difficult, but fortunately, the date can not be changed, history has been written.

With what changes business model has no relationship, the GG changed into Garena, the history of GG, the Chen Au and the traces of the founding fathers quietly erased, this is the real reason.

Oh, of course, since it is Garena, then Forrest Li, in the GG established more than two years to join Mr. Li, finally can be the founder.

Everything came too fast, I am angry and extremely puzzled, still unknown why so Forrest why so completely, regardless of autobiography and alumni feelings, recruit not to leave alive.

Many companies in history have also been easy to master, but there has never been a practice of tampering with the founders, even for people like Zuckerberg, who deleted the co-founder, and finally the defendant changed back. What a serious thing it is!! What's more, you changed to be the only founder of the year, when the company's most risky, where do you leisure?

Anger, but also powerless to return to the matter, as a technical director, since they do not dare to move me, I also happy leisure. I know I have to be patient, and if I get out of the Forrest, I will be victorious.

But a few months later, Chen Au told me about the sale of his shares. In fact, I also foresee this point, this is a battle has no chance of success, this is a natural child to see the tragedy of the Lord. Chen Au is not fragile, he is the company's largest shareholder, but the nature of this, as the father of the GG, he hard under ruthless hands. At least, after he left, Forrest's work shifted from power struggles to corporate development. Nature Pure even a little 2 of him, even back, fate is also in the hands of Forrest.

At that time, I also thought of leaving for the first time.

Vi. to Be Continued

Because of the departure of Chen Au, I was not so subject to Forrest attention, I rarely and management team in-depth communication. As the owner of the stake in the hand, plus technical control, you ignore me, I also ignore you, but also peaceful.

The following year, Garena from a passionate, high-speed development of the start-up company into a slowly developing small and medium-sized enterprises. Forrest is known as founder and CEO, completely do not write code of angel investors into the CTO, the students of investors into the COO, this is simply Forrest family business, we are the real elders became Ufo–or outsiders, the honor is completely plundered.

In April 09, Chen Au's avatar lit up again.

"I'm graduating soon!"

"When are you coming back?" I hastened to ask.

"I plan to go home and not plan to return to Singapore."

I'm a little lost inside. What are you planning to do?

"Not quite ready ... Steven, how about coming back to my home business with me?

Oh, this dialogue I remember very clearly, because that moment, I seem to travel back four years ago, the rainy day, he asked me: you want to have their own business in the junior year?

Returning home means abandoning Garena equity and options, and the four years of full commitment.

The tragedy was that when I left, I was Forrest. I hear he also wants to persuade the early brothers to turn the stakes into options, he said: This can avoid taxes ...

(Friendly reminder: equity means inalienable shareholder rights, options, maybe you've been killed and nothing else)

Now in retrospect, I would like to say to the Forrest, "better inherit and protect the Chinese traditional culture": brother, is it necessary to be so greedy?

The final outcome is: May 2010, the new round of investment in the same time, Forrest took the opportunity to forcibly one-tenth of the price of the acquisition of my shares.

Entrepreneurship, the key is with the trustworthy person, the result may be tragic, but to die without regrets.

Seven. PostScript

The next story, we all know, wearing glasses of Stanford school Brother Daiusen, Chen Au and I constitute the United States excellent product of the founding team.

More fortunate, we met the angel investor Mr. Xiaoping, in the absence of conspiracy and overt, and some just support and encouragement, the investment dilemma of that year no longer exists.

2010, we spent two days to put together the embryonic form of the United States, one day to write the payment code, rush to start the journey of the United States.

Today, I garena the identity of the first veteran staff to advertise, I hope Forrest look after yourself, do your thing, earn your money, brothers to you, please let them have harvest, as for the change of names for fame, you do not use.

Borrow the team brother Hippo's words: Overseas Dianpei, a few years, although the body in rivers and lakes, the name is in the genealogy.

Chen Au and I have already left GG, we have their own new cause, Garena development to the good, we are not a dime of the interests of the relationship. But what we want is the true history, and what we have to defend is the honor of being an entrepreneur.

Finally, I would like to say: In fact, I do not know what "Singaporean Chinese" Forrest Li, I only know one from Tianjin, China, Mr. Xiaodong.

Mr Li, although Singapore is "really a country that is very different from our Chinese culture today, we have some of the most traditional things to protect and inherit better there", but do you really need to break your own history and become Singapore's Forrest Li?

(because there are many for the GG has contributed to the Senate is still Garena, in order to avoid affecting their life and work, in the text deliberately hidden.) But brothers, Chen Au and I will always remember the days of common struggle.

(The end)

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