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According to the news from the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Dragon Boat Festival this year suffered a large range of rainy weather "aggravating", for the arrangements to use the Dragon Boat Festival long holiday for short trips or choose to go home to visit friends, may have formed a modest obstacle. A lot of friends face some embarrassing "rain" different dragon Boat Festival, outspoken may only be home in the pot phone!

In fact, to call home parents to seek a reunion of family and emotional comfort is not a case, according to the largest domestic users of VoIP free network telephone brand Sky Network telephone News said, with the annual Dragon Boat Festival is getting closer, Sky Network phone Call app whether it is its client downloads or its daily total mobile phone calls, are showing a rapid upward trend in a straight line. On important holidays, a large number of busy young people can only make a phone call to greet the parents of the family, it seems that some "routine", but for a lot of young people to fight alone, but also really helpless.

Whether it is a traditional festival like the Dragon Boat Festival, or in the daily commute, with the help of the Internet for the communication platform and the entrance of the mobile phone software app Dozen long-distance, you can maximize the cost of mobile phone calls, and choose a big brand of sky Network telephone, not only call the cheapest, You can also enjoy the excellent quality of full time Full HD calls. More and more mobile phone users also said that the sky network phone is the current domestic mobile phone users daily installed the largest mobile phone software app, the domestic major mobile phone software download portal Hot List app.

Many people say that the Dragon Boat Festival is a number of color lines to miss the special day, homesick, we often think of the first to support low tariffs and even free calls to the network, and the Sky Network phone is the only real meaning of the current domestic "save money Phone"! Mobile phone users do not need to because of the traditional mobile communications relatively high long-distance phone calls in the daily call "gall"! For all mobile phone users, as long as the phone on their own mobile phone software installed on the app, you can achieve the minimum call rates long-distance calls, mobile phone users can casually pot of family phone porridge big time , do not have to worry about the frequency and duration of the call.

In the face of symbolic reunion of the Dragon Boat Festival between the traditional festival, many friends in the emotional and emotional may be unbearable, so in the Dragon Boat Festival each other on a family phone porridge, may feel another kind of festive atmosphere and reunion style of affection. In fact, today in many Chinese families, its members are not out to work or go to school, call the festival and telephone "live" Holiday reunion meal, perhaps already is the traditional Chinese-style festivals, this may also be a traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival Export-oriented extension.

In recent years, Sky Network phone in the domestic brand more and more powerful, Sky network phone has "computer desktop version" and "mobile phone version" two major versions, can be 0.08 yuan/min (computer client) and 0.10 Yuan/minute (mobile phone client) standard call rates to all domestic mobile phone and landline phone , in the domestic front-line mainstream VoIP network telephone brands in the lowest cost, and can provide close to the human ear audio bandwidth of the best Full HD Network telephone voice call quality.

Sky Network Telephone official website: http://www.skywldh.com/

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