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2015 China Shanghai Automotive E-Commerce Development Forum was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai Anting on March 26. The forum is hosted by the National Automobile and parts export Base (Shanghai), with the help of the automobile industry background of Shanghai International Automobile City, and discusses the new technology, new industry, new industry mode and model in the forefront of the automobile electric business and industry chain.

The following is the drop of a taxi vice President Du Jincheng received an interview with Eric Net:

Moderator: We are now inviting a drop-by-taxi vice President Du Jincheng. Hello, Du.

Du Jincheng: Hello.

Moderator: We understand that the drop-by-taxi is laying out the enterprise-class market. Why do drops look at the value of the quasi-enterprise market?

Du Jincheng: In China, the demand for enterprise-class cars hasn't been met for a long time. For this market, we can see that there are a lot of the front through their own small business mode to serve the market. Why do so many of the front, not a business to do? In fact, because the needs of enterprises are more complex.

For example, we need to allocate a lot of cars, from the top of the boss to the car to some high-end car to the staff car, as well as customer car. The demand of these vehicles is very different, and its service level, timeliness, route planning and so on have various levels of requirements. Generally speaking, it is difficult to have a business to do.

Therefore, we can see that some enterprises to buy their own cars, and some companies to rent short bags leasing companies, there are bus companies or have the head to do this business, as well as taxi companies such businesses to meet the needs of enterprises.

Drip now can do is, by virtue of our mastery of the Internet advantages, relying on already owned products, to consider how to provide more comprehensive, better quality service.

Moderator: For the enterprise-level market, what are the advantages of drop?

Du Jincheng: First of all, drip can be said to be one of the largest taxi and limousine service providers nationwide.

Second, the drop has the flow advantage and the technical advantage of the product team.

Thirdly, in the user market, the drop of the user base is relatively large, can meet different needs at all levels.

In addition, we will consider and enterprises stand together, in-depth study of what the enterprise needs. We also hope to be able to provide customized products for enterprises to achieve one-stop service.

Moderator: At present, whether it is a taxi or a car service, are in guiding the needs of users, and these markets are still in the incubation stage. What do you think of the future development of taxi market? How do drip services better meet the needs of users?

Du Jincheng: For the taxi market, there are still most of the roadside calls for the user's needs have not been met. At the same time, there are a large number of users to call the car, the demand has not been met. The root cause is the taxi, uh, lack of capacity. We can see that there are a lot of cars in the city, but the size of the taxi market is limited and cannot meet all the needs.

And the car just make up for the user this differentiated demand, the car market is huge. In the whole society and the crowd constantly strengthen their own personality needs of the background, whether it is a taxi or a car, there will be a better development trend.

Moderator: When it comes to nurturing users, you have to mention one thing: subsidies. Now we also feel that there seems to be a drop in the car side of the subsidy will be relatively large, and taxi software subsidies are relatively lower than before. So, in addition to subsidizing the way, how to motivate users in the use of demand, how to improve the viscosity?

Du Jincheng: We will see that it seems that the subsidy for the taxi is relatively low, the car is relatively high, in fact, or gradually train the user market. There are still a large number of consumers have not experienced the car, do not know what the car can bring him what experience. Therefore, we hope that through subsidies, users will be invited to experience the car to see if the car can meet their needs.

We also know that the so-called subsidy is a short-term behavior, in the business of this behavior is very common, but certainly not long-term behavior. In the long run, enterprises still have to cut into the needs of customers, do the best products, provide the best service, so that customers recognize you, so as to retain customers, which is to win the market the most critical factor.

Moderator: Car service is not able to help drop in the profit model and so have a better breakthrough and change?

Du Jincheng: In fact, as the Internet enterprises, the real concern is our users, as long as users like our products, the profit model can be gradually found. As a drop of such a business, not in a hurry to profit as soon as possible, or as soon as possible to make the whole of China more people can understand and use of taxis, car and other services. After all, we now see that the number of apps installed in China is only 100 million. There are 900 million people who may not have been used, not even tried, heard our things, so we have to speed up, so that more people understand the drip, experience drip products, this is one of the most important work of our stage.

Moderator: The future drip will be how to balance the B-end and C-Terminal Services?

Du Jincheng: This is a better problem, we cut the time to see Clearly, C-end of the various user markets, in fact, is more likely to be more efficient, more comfortable application scenarios. b End is different, in addition to more emphasis on cost, but also more emphasis on management. There are obvious differences in the demands of these users. Drop in response to these two different claims, the use of vehicles for different positioning, to provide different products and services to meet users.

Moderator: is a kind of differentiation, the development of synergy?

Du Jincheng: Yes.

Moderator: Thank Du to accept our interview.

Du Jincheng: Thank you.

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