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Are confused, wandering, complaining of e-commerce professional students, you are good:

Although this letter is written for the freshmen, but I believe that for any level or even graduated from the E-commerce professional students have a role. Every year I can see and hear too many e-commerce majors complaining, yesterday, my alma mater, Xiangtan University, a classmate of electronic commerce and told me that now 07 class freshman was hit very seriously, at the same time, 05, 06 students are also complaining, complain all over the sky, and even a few students have turned professional. In spite of all these years, I have been in such a situation, but I am deeply worried when I hear my brother and sister again and again as I have seen. So I said to him: "I write something, I think I have the responsibility to tell people." Although I am not kai-fu Lee, not qualified to talk with the students to talk about the truth and legends of the experience; I have not become Ma Yun, not enough capital to talk with students about learning methods and entrepreneurial experience; but I as the national E-commerce undergraduate major in the second batch of students have graduated, I personally walked through, As a professional in the field of entrepreneurship has contributed to the people, I still think that there is the responsibility and ability to work with E-commerce professionals in reading students to share my experience and experience. In fact, I have been writing a lot of e-commerce education and learning of the article and published, it is from my inability to give up the feelings and responsibilities.

Students, I do not know how each of you are connected with the E-commerce professional, can only say how I went into E-commerce professional and then fell in love with the Internet bar. (The length of this paragraph, if you do not like to skip directly, forgive me) I have always stressed the importance of interest, indeed, interest is the greatest driving force for learning, I love the Internet/E-commerce first from the love of the computer, my third grade primary school contact with the computer, it is still 1993, Should be the first group of people in my city to touch computers, at that time into a computer training class, all 286 of the machine, I was the youngest student, the curriculum only two: five font and basic language, after all, too young, two months summer vacation down, I have not learned, even the fur did not touch, But I have the most original curiosity about the computer. Later in grade five, the importance of the computer began to be raised on a high level, the primary school opened a computer interest group, team members can often use the school computer room, in order to cultivate the seedling, team members of the threshold must be from the four-grade students, mathematical performance must be better, and by the school computer teacher personally selected. It's just that my math grades don't get any better from primary school to college. I only go to ask the teacher, the teacher was my enthusiasm moved, finally agreed to allow me to enter the computer interest group, where I learned to use the computer's earliest mobile storage media (3-inch, 5-inch floppy disk), the practice of super fast Pinyin typing method (double spelling input), Learned all the DOS commands (no Windows 95 at the time), and became so out of hand, and fell firmly in love with the computer.

My understanding of the computer and use is more perceptual, I was poor math, although high school to learn programming, but also a little, not in-depth (although programming actually does not need much good math), compared to their peers, I just use a long time, practice makes perfect. Real contact with the Internet is 1998, I visited the first site in life: Sina, just know that the original can be so play, I stayed in the Internet café all night, in Sina's search engine can find I am interested in photography and a lot of information, I am excited. A blink of an eye to the three, the pressure of learning to my computer gradually away, the next three years, I and other people, the same face the pressure of the college entrance examination and Professional choice, before the college entrance examination, CCTV-2 's "dialogue" program I basically will see every week, every Sunday 22 o'clock in the evening I must be waiting in the TV, when the program group often invited Charles Zhang , ding lei these Internet elite to talk, they often mention a word: e-commerce, see more, natural to this industry is full of goodwill, the college entrance examination in the next few days, I still roam Sina, when "E-commerce professional" The word appeared on the Web page, I basically belong with it at first sight, I also understand that the original love of a person can be so simple:).

Very lucky, I entered the Xiangtan University has just opened this major, I was the school's first batch of E-commerce students, is the second batch of the country. I have said on many occasions that I thank my alma mater Xiangtan University, is it gave me a free and open environment. Freshman Day night, the class some students to study, some in the cards, I feel tasteless, ran to the Internet café, I thought that the E-commerce professional students should not be in the books every day, because the network has a broader knowledge of the ocean, I soon found a name "E-commerce forum" BBS, I registered members, Found I was the first member of the forum except the founder Administrator, naturally, I became a super moderator, I took this forum as their own forum, every day to think about how to improve the popularity of the forum, I sent more than n posts, half of my original, although I knew very little, But I can always try to write some seemingly reasonable posts. Gradually, efforts to return, the forum popular see Rise, to the final forum closed when the forum gathered nearly million members, once became the most popular E-commerce forum. I met in the forum in Beijing, Shenzhen, the industry friends, they let me know the enterprise in advance of E-commerce is how, I later with friends in Shenzhen, with the ambitious founder of the "China E-commerce Pioneer Organization" (Now you can visit the organization's Memorial website: www.21eb.org), known at that time, China's largest e-commerce private network organizations, the congregation. July 2003, the organization of Shenzhen party, at that time, the Overseas Chinese University E-commerce Association President Song Libin is a member of the backbone of the organization, in the deep, he encouraged me to set up in my school similar association, so, in Xiangtan University Liu Zhongong Teacher's strong help, Xiangtan University E-commerce Association was established, I am very happy and moved to see at that time Vice President Wen Yu and long assistant Yangfan at that time for the development of the association's dedication and hard, I think the interest of training in fact, the same as me, Wen Yu like me, graduated to now also love the Internet, Love E-commerce. With the platform of the Association, I know more about what I should do, I can easily contact with the outside world, this period I did a lot of things, do the association brand, organizing activities, association and so on, it is this time in practice to learn, let me understand more profoundly the electronic commerce, At least I'm not out of my profession anymore. Although later I became the initiator of Huaihua E-commerce Association, Vice president, and a number of other schools or city E-commerce Association consultants, and even later joint venture, there is no more than the Xiangtan University E-commerce Association of that year's experience.

This is the experience of my school days, not rich enough but also relatively wonderful, maybe some people will say that I have good conditions, 93 years Primary school can contact the computer, many rural university students to the university to learn to switch machine, the students will see it, after all, my experience can not be copied and no need to replicate, Everyone has their own life is wonderful, the interest is completely can nurture and striking. My classmates, as well as I contact the level 03-07 students, there are many of them do not know why to choose E-commerce Professional, and some feel that the professional name of the good, fashionable, some parents arranged, and part of the original filled with other professional volunteer, the result of that professional quota full, There is no way to be adjusted to the E-commerce professional, in my class, I estimate that perhaps only 1/5 of the students professional first volunteer to fill in E-commerce. University four years, I have almost no interruption to hear around the students complained, complain about the school, more or complain about the professional, complaining about professional curriculum unreasonable, complaining about professional teachers poor irresponsible, complaining about professional employment without direction. 6 years on, I now hear a 07 freshman complaining about the same as it was 6 years ago. I look back now, this phenomenon is really difficult to blame the students, but can not help but say that many students do not mind, do not want things. Said it is difficult to blame students because this is caused by the environment, the final analysis can be traced to primary and secondary education, our generation of primary and secondary education, especially in secondary education (after the primary school after the implementation of the burden of a lot better), students experienced 6 years of high pressure in the state of learning, High school teachers because of assessment and the particularity of the education stage is very responsible, not like students in the middle school education in the environment will be extremely responsible teachers every day to supervise the study. This high-pressure state, so that the adult students have to give up at least temporarily give up their interests, have to give up at least temporarily give up looking for their own interests. The teacher told us that we study so hard every day in order to enter a good university, there is a good professional, but did not tell us how to go to college, we thought that the university teachers will tell us, but no one in the university told us, although we know that the goal of the university is to find a good job, or continue to study. But no one tells us how to get a good job. When it comes to this, there are a lot of students who are not thinking about things. The students worked hard for three years in high school, came to the university, the university's unprecedented relaxed environment and open education let us suddenly slack down, of course, I also feel that the university should be more relaxed than the middle school, at least can be fair to talk about the love: ", at this time the conscious students to attend classes every day, listen carefully, Leisure to go to the library to read and go to the classroom building self-study, follow the learning methods of secondary school. Unconsciously classmate because finally get rid of the bondage of parents and teachers, internet cafes became their dormitory, online games became their soul sustenance. Understandable, really understandable. The students who play online games have a little business thinking aboutIt is a precedent to be able to achieve a career. However, when we went through college for some time, familiar with the environment of the university, we began to complain about the school, complain about the teacher, complain about the professional, in fact, the university, professional and university teachers are not wrong, the university itself should be such, the University of our country at least the student's life to be managed (unified accommodation), Many foreign universities do not have the concept of dormitory, are their own rental. Of course, the national conditions are different, if let our university students are outside rental housing, security issues do not say, at least increased the huge buyer's market, that China's housing prices will be more high, said the topic off. Middle School 6 years, we are not easy, the crowd rushed out of the group, to the university, the environment has changed, leaving the parents, is not the way to learn and thinking things do not know how to change it? Think, think for yourself!

Also, I think there are too many people do not know how to Thanksgiving, some of their own subjective choice of E-commerce professional students, read a few years found that E-commerce is a virtual thing, can not see touch, more feel the original professional cheated, and then to the side of the students to spit out the bitter, the professional scold for nothing. I really want to say, what qualifications do these people have to abuse the profession? The original intention of these people is not correct, always looking forward to school, professional and teachers from the sky still a little real practical knowledge down, if the sky does not fall, so dry all day looking at, but never think of themselves sitting on a huge piece of knowledge cake, I said how many times, said how many back, the school is a platform, professional is a shell, Don't expect undergraduate education to teach you a lot of practical skills, if the pursuit is this why didn't you report a vocational college or technical school? Learn some car repair or cooking skills or something, and you might be able to cook a good meal when you graduate. The environment of the university, is to give every college students an equal and open environment, to cultivate quality and spirit, the University division of the professional, is to the students in a professional direction, learning is not counting on the teacher, not the textbook from beginning to end, not the final exam door 90 points above, true, Good grades prove your diligence and effort, but you have to think for yourself at the beginning, your own goals and your own direction. I just said that students are sitting on a huge cake on the sky can fall off the knowledge of the pie, but do not know that they reach down to eat, the explosion of information and ubiquitous network has let us acquire knowledge more and more easy and fast, students can not be proactive? Don't you know you're starving? Either do nothing every day, or every day in the Internet café years, or every day to die in the library (I said that although the library is also a big cake, but it is a large cake after the period, but also can eat, but the taste is not good, not fresh AH). There are those who are adjusted to e-commerce Professional and do not know how to engage in E-commerce professional students, admittedly, E-commerce is a 2001 years to set up a new undergraduate major, many conditions are immature, teachers are not strong enough, but you are worth complaining about this? It's like all of us can't choose our parents, because our parents have no money and no right to abandon it? What is Thanksgiving? What do you mean self-improvement? Do we still have this spirit? University four years, no matter how, is this professional accompany us through four years, at least we see our teacher's efforts and dedication, see our professional progress, we should be grateful Ah! Just as your parents brought you to this world, it was hard to pull you up, not to complain about them, but to want you to be a success. Do we have the courage and confidence? Are we confident that after years of "E-commerce" this once controversial professional is because of my struggle to add luster? Just as we all know that we study hard and work hard to make our parents live better, to love us the same as the people we love. us toHave you ever been thankful to someone who has loved us, taught us, nurtured us, supported us? Unfortunately, I did not see everyone's gratitude and self-confidence, this kind of thanksgiving and self-confidence in our primary and secondary education to kill in the cradle of the exam-oriented?

I want to ask you, what are you doing in college? I think the answer will be thousands of species, there is to find a good job (I can understand it as a good job), there is in order to continue to study (study Bo Good, but your ultimate goal?) To get a higher diploma for a richer job or to have a face? Or is it really for academic research? If the latter, I admire from the heart), there are some estimates that reading University is a process, just like having to go to elementary school and middle school, life must go through the process of this kind of formula, so am I, after all, in China's big environment, clever is still very important, I have not the courage to drop out to do what I want to do, however, Did we find what we were really interested in in the course of the formula? Have you found our real interest? Is it through university education that we cultivate our self-reliance and our sense of responsibility towards ourselves, others and society? There is no interest in things, we are impossible to adhere to, without perseverance there can be no results. I have asked a lot of people and asked them what their interests are, boys can usually answer, girls often say that they seem to have no interest in anything, and then pressed, will say such as reading, watching movies, playing games, sleeping and so on, hey, this is not an interest, this is a hobby, but I think the hobby and interest in fact only a piece of paper, like reading, Why not try writing your own book? Why not let others read their stories when they always have to read their stories? Like to watch movies, why not consider making a movie or writing a script? Like to play games, why not think in the game industry and the field of the game to do something? Like to sleep, why not to do a little research in psychology? I exaggerate a little, but interest is the second soul of man! Of course, I'm not saying that everyone is going to do something earthshaking, this is also impossible, but there are always some things are worth our heart to do, the intention to pay, big to our contribution to the community, the pursuit of the cause, small to our parents filial piety, care for the lover, the child's love. These are the responsibility, the country opened a two sessions, all feel that with their own no relationship, but also to do what college students ah? What about our humanistic spirit? What is the social responsibility of our college students?


goes a little further and talks about China's educational system, also said that the point, may make a lot of students are not happy, oh, hurriedly said to our professional, I still talk about the professional problems, from the macroscopic, the university blindly added professional, with the problems brought by self-evident, I even saw a school that had a major in E-government, oh, no combination of their own situation blindly set up the first problem is that E-commerce professional positioning is unclear, some open in business school or management college, and some in the information Engineering college or other science and technology colleges, there is no authority to say. On the macro level, look, I'm talking about a major problem. From the macroscopic point of view, the Ministry of Education to open a new university major is the need to keep pace with the times, we advocate reform, promote innovation at the same time, there will be mistakes, there will be aggressive, e-commerce professional is the new era under the Times of the product A new profession was born without much preparation, the biggest problem is the lack of teachers and unprofessional, professional construction at the beginning, in order to have classes, someone to teach, colleges and universities have to draw teachers from other professions, teachers may not have the relevant theoretical basis and professional knowledge, but no practical experience, Teaching materials are also used for reference in some typical Western cases (in China may not be feasible) or some of the country's oldest large enterprises to carry out e-commerce cases (no use for reference). At this time, there has been a very boring debate, that E-commerce is biased towards technology or marketing management, the issue at least in China's e-commerce professional teaching industry controversy for a year, it is boring ah. Remember that the media has been wantonly exaggerated, but also in response to the needs of institutions and various types of admissions agencies, the media often have a number of such a talent gap to how many reports, that year the most widely disseminated news is: The next decade, China's e-commerce talent gap will reach 2 million. Such propaganda, has made many students who are studying E-commerce professional, however, they read more confused, finally lost direction. This kind of report is many, also can see its soft advertisement nature commercial purpose. Later, the so-called industry experts began to render our future logistics talent, network security and network games, such as the gap is even greater, some universities and social training institutions are also very compatible with, what is the heat of the community to open what major, regardless of the cultivation of students find to work, first recruit students, attracting students is the most urgent. In fact, a little thought will be able to see such a talent gap in the authenticity of the number and the credibility of the statistical data. Later, the media began to say that e-commerce professional employment rate of less than 20%, triggering a group of students in the online voice, our lovely students so all day by the media led by the nose, sad! The media utilitarian and irresponsible reporting, irresponsible opening, bring the problems imaginable.

E-commerce students may often hear the word "compound talent", we no matter how bright the word and how to explain it, but it is the word that led to the macro-electronic commerce teaching is a combination of computer and economic management, the equivalent of students to learn two professional fur. Macroscopic we scold school ignorance, professional garbage, but specifically to each of us? We are in it, professional fate and our destiny is closely linked, is not the professional rules we learn this way we really do? Professional rules We can't learn, we don't? So obedient? Think! Think autonomously! We learn economic management, computer technology, we know how to integrate? is not the integration of technology, but the integration of ideas, I think e-commerce students the most important thing is to learn and have a comprehensive use of various knowledge, reasonable deployment of various resources, and the ability to cultivate the key lies in practice, must be from the practice of middle school, learning to practice. We have a lot of students also one-sided think that as long as the computer network will do a good job of the Web site, even if you learn E-commerce, this is quite one-sided view. University education, the most important thing is thinking and self-study, may be many people think that e-commerce professional comprehensive, reducing the depth and precision of various courses, not conducive to students to study a direction. In fact, take a closer look at the university curriculum, which course is not superficial? I've seen a lot of computer majors who don't program, business Administration, marketing graduates are also hard to say what they have learned and what skills they have mastered. However, if the students majoring in E-commerce can be influenced by the university environment and the superficial of college education, and find a direction of their own interests in depth study, regardless of its positioning in the technology or business, according to the students themselves and the interests of their own preferences, the choice of this direction is best to set up before the opening of professional courses, In order to study in the future direction, but also have sufficient time. I strongly oppose the qualification of the profession by the university, which is like the standard 90-degree posture in the early 90 requiring primary school students to unify their sitting posture and raise their hands to ask questions. Then, the students are going to learn technology, the technology is divided into the bottom of the development and application techniques, the bottom development is the operating system and the language of the depth of study, the threshold is very high. Application technology is more extensive, low learning threshold, mainly for Web site development, database construction, server maintenance and management, learning technology must not ignore their grasp of the overall economic situation, the market trend of neglect, the results of such technology is in line with the social needs of technical products, is a new type of technical personnel. The students who intend to study business in depth will be able to carry out marketing, market research, channel contact, network trade, online customer service, network PR, product and raw material purchasing, business development, even strategic planning, strategy development and so on. But not completely do not understand the technology, at least to understand the basic knowledge of Web site construction, a variety of network programming language and database and the understanding of the emerging technologies, so makeManagement planning and marketing programs are more feasible and operable, when on the management post, will not be fooled by technical staff. This is what I call a composite, integrated e-business talent concept. Last year, I was arguing with a graduate student at my alma mater, and he had a professor of international economics and trade from our business school who stood on the same line with him, they advocated the abolition of e-commerce, and I firmly defended our professional dignity, which is my gratitude and my responsibility. Later I said: "I support the abolition of E-commerce major, but at the same time to abolish international economic and trade, marketing, business management and other major, business schools only retain the accounting profession is enough." I mean, I think the students understand that the professional to give us is not to use, I once again emphasize thinking ah!

Internet 10 years, although there have been bubble burst years, but also experienced the ups and downs of the process, but it is undoubtedly the brightest and most dynamic industry, I do not need any words to prove this, students? Hurry up and prepare, history waits for creation, waits for subversion, waits for you to challenge Authority!

Sometimes I feel my strength is limited, especially when I write this letter, I am not a renowned scholar professor, nor a successful entrepreneur, after graduation, but two times to return to his alma mater to share with the students, including Jinan University, Hunan Information College and Guangdong and Hunan, many vocational and technical colleges invited me to go, but due to the relationship between time, I have a lot of company and project things to be busy with, I am very grateful to these school teachers and students, I put most of my want to e-commerce professional students said in this letter, time is too short, there are more words can not be organized here, but also hope that the students forgive. Looking forward to having time to communicate with you, I will leave my contact form after the letter.

E-commerce Professional 7 years, I do not know it is from the fragile baby grew up strong? Or is going through the so-called 7-year itch, the passing of the age of the old, the sun and the younger. Boys and girls, come on!

Du Liang
March 28, 2008 in Shenzhen
Mobile: 15920025460
Baidu Hi:cnlone

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