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In "2011 China cloud Computing and Cloud Service Summit Forum", associate dean of Lenovo Institute Du Xiaoli did a lecture on "Mining the real value of cloud computing, grasping key industry opportunities" as the theme of the following text record.

Hello everyone! To talk about what cloud computing is, instead of trying to define it, talk about the core framework and architecture of cloud computing. Simply put, when we are going to use cloud computing, customers will ask what cloud computing can solve. Cloud computing can solve many problems, but some problems may not be solved by cloud computing, but there are two kinds of problems are the most valuable cloud computing, one is the processing of massive information, the second is the rapid integration of different application services, or effective integration, is to turn several services into a new application services, These two issues are difficult to do in the existing IT technology, but also the future of IT systems development direction and trend, so the cloud is so hot, it is to solve the future key problems.

Second, what kind of value will cloud computing create? Cloud computing lowers the cost of IT systems, which is certainly true, but a deeper look at cloud computing can change business processes and streamline business processes, and the value of these two points may be a key element in driving cloud computing's continued growth.

From the industry to the government is very hot, many people will question whether cloud computing is a bubble? The so-called bubble, is the attention of the unusually high, this is a very typical innovation curve, we see the platform as a service, it brings the potential of explosive power and potential is very large. But if the latter can be the development of this platform, and the value of digging out, it will become very normal innovation projects, will slowly grow, if the deviation, there is no follow-up, that is the real bubble.

Using this graph to describe our core view, the so-called cloud computing is not limited to it technology, we particularly want more non-it vendors to participate in, they may be more able to discover the benefits of cloud computing. The first level is to reduce costs, the second is to use cloud computing to improve the traditional business processes, if this step, the value created is certainly 5-10 times higher, if the use of cloud computing to build a new business model, into the past can not enter the market, to make the money that can not be made before, The value of cloud computing will grow by 5-10 times this time. Of course, the departments it affects are not the same, some companies may be transformed into a completely new company, its impact depth is not the same, the impact of size, value is not the same, we hope that more industry experts to study and focus on cloud computing for Business innovation brings value.

The current situation, large multinational enterprises for internal IT systems and business models, in fact, has been actively used, and good use. The biggest challenge is SMEs, whether they can accept and use cloud computing, whether can feel or discover the value that cloud brings to them, this is need to have certain threshold, need certain guide, need certain demonstration pilot, need certain process, this is our current market condition judgment. In this area, the Chinese government is very active, which can promote the adoption of cloud computing by government departments, promote the rapid acceptance of small and medium enterprises in the advanced IT service model.

Although today this forum is a more professional IDC forum, but cloud computing can not be limited to the IT itself, there are very large, called non-it cloud services, not to solve IT problems, is to solve the customer's business problems, customer business model problems, solve some market problems, this piece of future growth rate is very large, Instead of saying that cloud computing is just IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, there seems to be nothing else but these three.

To figure out the cloud, or to analyze it, everyone said that Amazon, really turned cloud computing into a third party to use, from the development process to see this is also a day piled up, is from 2005, 2006 began, is step by step to today, to today has a platform for Third-party services, With 500,000 of customers, the light can bring in 600 million dollars a year. Amazon is a more typical, complete cloud platform, or a public computing service provider, is a good benchmark, has a good reference value. It is now a very good situation, with 500,000 of small and medium-sized customers, these customers may not be able to invest previously, or no way to quickly expand, at the same time, there are 60,000 large enterprise customers, this is a very important change. These customers are rich, they used to invest their own IT systems, they also feel that transfer us to Amazon more efficient, but also better and partners to integrate.

This is Taobao and grand example, using cloud computing is not the IT problem, but to solve business process problems, very successful, very lucrative, is a win-win strategy for China's small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the software and services business development is very big help.

This case shows that because of cloud computing, massive data processing itself can bring new business, or a new service experience, is not traditional it technology, is to rely on data integration to upgrade. Of course, these examples are now more likely to be personal, but in practice this pattern can also be applied to businesses and organizations.

This figure is clear, reflecting the market trend, which is the hardware section, according to this analysis, by 2013, cloud-related background market capacity is 2.5 billion dollars. Hardware-related is far less than the ratio of software and services, after cloud computing, the market for software and services will be greatly improved, and the growth rate is very high, this is the global trend, this trend is very obvious. In the perspective of IT services, we think that the platform service is the whole industry chain strategic points, this thing is not to buy, must be accumulated, this is a big challenge, but must be done. From the current situation in China, the government has many actions, including a number of demonstration pilots, the local governments have set up a banner to do cloud computing, which is good, may also be troublesome, because the government's emphasis on cloud computing and enthusiasm has exceeded industry expectations, and in the current situation in China, The whole industry chain is still relatively fragmented, anything to do, but did not do a good job, so will appear more fragmented, which requires the government to play a leading role, the government's guiding role is very important. Combined with Lenovo's strategy, a brief introduction to Lenovo's strategy. Our strategy is also very simple, the past is that we are selling PCs, the future to do innovation plus services leading enterprises, we from three aspects, first, the main business itself to start to adapt to the requirements of the cloud computing era. Second, in the new mobile Internet, the mobile internet itself is a typical cloud computing, all-out breakthrough, quickly seize the commanding heights. Third, combined with the Chinese market and industry situation, we have to actively move to the high-end industry chain, the future to do service operations, which is very typical of Lenovo's business model innovation, because we want to enter a field that has not entered, to do things that could not be done before.

In order to achieve the previous strategic goal, now to build a comprehensive cloud computing model, not only to meet a link, a number of links, in other links to have. At present, we invest in the larger or at the platform level, there are now two external platforms, one is mobile Internet service platform, there is a large number of data cloud storage service platform, mainly to the Chinese users to provide massive data storage, because the data is more and more critical. In our internal focus on the development of enterprise operation is highly reliable, is the operation of the service platform, which is built within the enterprise, this is what we are doing now focus.

In the process of doing this, because a cloud is not serving a third party, it is not the cloud service platform we want. We now have a close interaction with the government, we are doing a trial, the enterprise and the government together to do a public service platform, adopt a more special way, as a terminal cloud computing industry Alliance, and Industry Alliance to do, this is conducive to the integration of resources, enterprises at different levels to play their own characteristics, We can innovate and apply services on the above, and we are moving forward.

We do this thing the core of ideas, the first stage, the first platform to build up, began to operate, and then to say, because a lot of things do not find. Then the platform to continue to improve, expand, the platform to play solid, the above application of natural easy to innovate. The core is still hope that by doing such a thing, the accumulation of real for third-party customers to provide services to the platform, this is our association with the Zhongguancun Management Committee now cooperation, the relevant enterprises are also more, this is what we are doing case.

Situation to introduce these, if it involves more specific issues, we can carry out more detailed communication, thank you!

(Responsible editor: Duqing first)

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