During the Olympic Games, the competition in addition to athletes in the field, as well as the electrical appliances business

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  Jingdong Mall spent 220 million yuan in the CCTV spots ads , Suning easy to buy launched a large-scale mobile games special events; Xun the "every gold, straight 100" discount; Amazon China launched the relevant activities before the Olympics. However, the electric dealer's second round of competition, does not seem to be recognized. According to the "Yangcheng Evening News" reported that in the Olympic marketing cycle, the electric business slogan shout loudly, do but passable, each big electric dealer has been exposed the advertisement false, the product quality does not pass the question and so on.

Consumers are not buying into questioning business gimmicks

According to the China e-Commerce Research Center released the "2012 (China) network retail market data Monitoring Report," the first half of the year, the network retail market transaction size of 511.9 billion yuan, an increase of 46.6%. Multi-field electric quotient price war has become the main reason to make the net purchase reach the peak. But consumers seem to be a bit tired of the wave of price wars. Some people said that the Olympic Games and the electricity business itself is not very close, the merchant so occasion, appears somewhat far-fetched. There are also some consumer questions about the way in which the electricity trader has not honoured its promises.

It is understood that Jingdong Mall during the Olympic Games launched "Gold Folding Fold", "Gold Hero Hall", "Sports brand Pavilion", "Sports star Pavilion" and other activities, of which the gold folding on the provisions of the activities in the area of products, China every day to obtain several gold medals, Beijing east on the drop a few fold. According to the Yangcheng Evening News, an Jingdong shopper on the internet said: "Jingdong in the CCTV ads did not say that some of the goods can not be discounted, and the website does not follow the advertising language to discount merchandise." I am dissatisfied with Beijing East's inability to honor the Olympic gold medal discount activities. ”

Another consumer said that the Beijing-East discount range is too small, and many are little things, there is no Jingdong said "big discount, Big discount", and said that when the hardware in China did not see the Beijing East official website to play 50 percent of the news. In addition, the day cat shopping has been the consumer, said that during the Olympic Games purchased discount appliances and other goods quality problems, and customer service has been delayed not to resolve.

Electric Business "Olympic Games" is actually a price war

Some insiders pointed out that the electrical business of a series of Olympic marketing activities in the final analysis is still "price war." Under the impetus of the electric business Olympic marketing strategy, the consumers who are infected by the Olympic atmosphere are unknowingly paying for the Olympic marketing.

Some experts analyzed the purpose of some enterprises to participate in the price war, "the main intention of suning price war is to quickly repaying some incompetent competitors by this means, so as to gain a greater market share in the field of electric business." "Chongqing Business newspaper," reported the State Council Development Research Center, Deputy director of the Market Economics Institute Lu Xianbo views.

Although the means of price war has not changed, but with the help of the Olympic Games, the electric business has certainly achieved certain effect. According to QQ online purchase data, during the Olympic Games, smartphone concerns grew 40% Year-on-year, small digital products and tablets of the proportion reached 29.45% and 22.4% respectively. The product of sports fitness equipment increased by 44%. In the face of the price war in full swing, there is analysis that, after the Olympic Games marketing, China's electricity business may usher in the largest, most tragic, the most comprehensive price war.

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