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With the rapid development of mobile Internet, a group of cloud-based services, represented by Google and Microsoft, are rapidly seizing the users ' smartphones. For the general consumer, cloud computing is the cloud storage and cloud services are the two concepts of the collection, in which Google Docs, Microsoft online Office is a collection of storage and editing of the cloud services, and the Jinshan network of such services is a simple cloud storage services. While cloud computing services have facilitated our work, we must at the same time endure the risk of service instability, limited space, hacker attacks, and advertising.

Although personal cloud computing server leasing services are already on the web, building personal cloud computing services is not only cumbersome but also expensive. And in the European market, there has been an easy to build a personal cloud computing center products--ouo company launched the phone baby i8. Recently, Ouo finally brought i8 into the domestic market.

In short, i8 is a network device that can connect smartphones to other storage devices via a home broadband network. Through the i8, we can remotely access the USB disk, the mobile hard disk and other storage devices on the smartphone, Tablet PC, PC, Remote Storage and downloading operation. At the same time, I8 also has the SNS attribute, we may share the file which oneself stores to the friend. Now let's take a closer look at this product.

Very easy to use

Ease of use, this is the most important definition of Ouo company for I8, which is also the basis i8 can be quickly accepted by users. Let's take a look at the hardware structure of i8 first.

Appearance, i8 is very much like a router, but it is lightweight, and there are black, white, red color models can choose, no matter what style of home style has a i8 can be integrated harmoniously. The front of the fuselage is provided with light, which is the power indicator, the wireless network indicator, and the USB connection led.

I8 interface is set on the rear side of the fuselage, respectively, Ethernet port and 2 USB interface, through the USB interface can connect u disk, mobile hard disk and other storage devices.

After familiarity with the structure of the i8, we can simply erect it. First through the network cable will i8 and home wireless router connection, and then the U disk or mobile hard drive connected to i8 that completes the erection of hardware.

Completes the hardware erection, we must install the i8 client in the local area network's PC, through the client can the i8 setup and the file management. At the same time we can also manage on the Web page, of course, either way is very simple.

Completes the PC end connection, next is the handset side carries on the operation. For Android smartphone users, a direct search of Ouo in the Android Market will find i8 clients, and Android 1.5 and above can be installed. Currently, i8 only supports the Android phone operation, and the iphone and Symbian platform smartphones will be available later.

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