Egyptian photographers record that they have been "killed" instant network sentiment

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The light network comprehensive journalist has always been considered a very dangerous occupation, especially in the field of conflict with the front-line journalists. The Monday incident in front of the Republican Guard building in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, was reported in the British > Daily Mail website. A 26-year-old Egyptian photographer, Ahmed Samir Assam, died, while his camera was just a record of his capture by a military sniper, and his camera footage remained in the moment of a bullet.

It is reported that during the conflict of the day, a large number of Morsi's support in the Egyptian Republican Guard building rally, and tried to rush into the building. According to Reuters, Egypt's emergency department said 8th in Cairo, the Republican Guard building in front of the violent clashes have killed 51 people, 435 injured. The Egyptian military says "a group of terrorists" tried to break into the building where Mr. Morsi was seized and led to the death of an officer. The Brotherhood's Liberal and Justice Party issued a statement saying the military fired on demonstrators who were praying, in violation of their duty to defend the country and the people. Who's telling the truth, who's lying? Egypt's transitional government has intervened to investigate the violence.

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